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Pooling Tips

al b. darned | | Jun 12, 2010 10:38 AM

In the various threads on tipping I often see servers posting something like, "At our restaurant we pool our tips. At the end of the night the pool is split among the bartender, servers, and bus persons."

At the one restaurant I worked at that had bus persons, each server tipped them at the end of the night, but there was no pool, and AFAIK, the bartender wasn't cut in. (But that was back in the days when he was known as a "saloon keeper.")

My questions are: (1) What is the incentive to be a good/better server if your tips are the same as a mediocre/bad one at the end of the day?

(2) Why should the bartender get a portion of my tip if I didn't order anything from the bar.

(3) Should I ask if tips are pooled and tip accordingly? Why should I leave a more generous tip for excellent service if the server will not benefit from it directly. Conversely, how will my "short tip" teach a server who gave poor service?

A second part to this question is this: Do the bartenders put their tips into this pool, too, only for those from patrons that ate at the bar, or not at all?

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