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Pico Teriyaki House?


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Pico Teriyaki House?

PayOrPlay | | Feb 11, 2003 12:28 PM

There's a mysterious storefront at 10610 Pico in West LA. Ramshackle signs identify it as the Pico Teriyaki House, and the glass doors are covered by a decrepit white shade. If you try to peek in you will see some tabels and a bamboo screen, but it looks dormant and you might suspect that the place has been closed for some time, like the Spanish Kitchen. However, there's a "A" health placard on the door, and sure enough a check of the public health site on the internet reveals that this place received its latest inspection (a 92 rating) on 12/10/2002. And yet . . . I have never seen anyone go into this place, I have never seen anyone come out, I can't even figure out where the entrance is (the front seems blocked and I have walked around to the back without finding a marked door).

For a while, a few years ago, there was a hand-scrawled note on the door that indicated they served some sort of Japanese steak dinner, in the price range of $30-40/person, and required reservations. (Seemed pricey given the decor, but who knows what's really inside?) But that note has been gone for a long time. Maybe they just don't want any customers.

Has anyone been to this mysterious establishment, or have any information about it?