Pan to oven-roast vegetables then deglaze?


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Pan to oven-roast vegetables then deglaze?

ChezButtons | | Jan 27, 2013 10:55 PM

I recently had some leftover chicken spines (hello, spatchcock!) and thought I'd try oven-roasting them along with some vegetables to make a stock. I'm relatively new to cooking and have discovered the magic of the deglaze for pan-fried meats. So I thought I'd try to make use of the brown bits from the roasted veggies and chicken spines, but was stymied by what pan to use. I realized my non-stick jelly roll pans would not be good for a higher temp roast and certainly couldn't be deglazed stovetop.

Since foods need to be spread out to brown, I thought I should buy a pair or three of heavy duty stainless jelly roll / sheet pans that I could rotate on the oven racks like cookies. I don't own any stainless sheet pans but am willing to buy some. (Aluminum was a contender, but I think the reactivity could be a problem, since I like acidic things. For example, I wanted to roast lemon slices, and I like balsamic roasted veggies; I want these pans to be as versatile as possible.)

I suppose I could just do the browning in a frying pan, but it seems tedious since a lot of veggies are involved and would require multiple batches and lots of hand-holding. The oven method is more appealing.

So about those brown bits on a sheet pan…could I just take the pans out of the oven, add a deglazing liquid to loosen up the bits, scrape, and pour it all into a pan if I wanted to reduce it? It seems like I usually need to boil a pan and scrape with a wood paddle for a while to deglaze, and I'm thinking even a heavy duty stainless jelly roll pan on my glass stovetop might get warped (maybe even from the shock of deglazing?).

Or should I give up this idea of using the fond, and just roast the veggies on some parchment on some aluminum sheet pans and be done with it?

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