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new malaysia restaurant - short review


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new malaysia restaurant - short review

bigjeff | | May 16, 2007 09:26 AM

on the basis of recs for their hainan chicken over rice, we headed here for a late meal (also because we didn't feel like walking the extra block or two to get to sanur) and shared an excellent meal for two:

- roti canai x2 (they are of the school of small and thick, scallion pancake like, I prefer the big thin ones, but still good)
- curry mixed stuffed combo with egg noodle (an incredibly rich curry broth with the veg stuffed w/ seafood, e.g. bittermelon, tofu, eggplant, etc.)
- hollow vegatable with belacan sauce
- diced chicken and salt fish fried rice

we didn't end up getting the hainan chicken, just cuz we didn't feel like it, but great meal, and great price; total came to just over $22 for a decent amount of food. they have a hot sauce which is quite nice, watery, a bit sweet, not too hot. the only problem is, you have to keep asking for it, since they give you a small amount each time. the greens were excellent, the fried rice was great, and the noodles were good. the curry that came w/ the roti was excellent, not that spicy, but very rich. we had plenty of delicious saucy stuff left over that if we were maniacs, we'd have ordered a few bowls of the hainan rice just to kill the sauce, but we were stuffed by then.

next time, the hainan chicken.

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