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Lunch @ Ginza Toyoda


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Lunch @ Ginza Toyoda

CWFOODIE | | Feb 8, 2013 09:08 AM

I wouldn't say the lunch here was stunning or impressive, (to be fair, you cant judge a keiseki restaurant on its lunch alone), there are some very good dishes. They also pandered to my dislike for grilled fish (a staple in most keiseki meals) and agreed to surprise me. I had the 10000 yen menu. I had
Appetiser: egg pudding with suppon. Excellent (I am partial to this seasonal dish)
Soup with Turnip, sea brea, sitting on fried taro
Ika, Hirame and mirugai sashimi
Deep Fried fugu (quite good actually)
Akagai in vinegared jelly

I was wondering at this stage what they would serve in lieu of the grilled fish, it turned out to be
slow cooked Japanese turnip . This is by far the highlight of the meal. The turnip was immersed in stock. It has totally absorbed thoroughly the fragrant stock. I recalled having a similar dish at L'Effervesance, only theirs is not half as good as this one
Rice Also surprisingly good. I suspect stock must have been added as the rice had plenty of flavour although it was only rice with vegetables

I note the restaurant serves a few crab courses in its dinner menu, was slightly disppointed there was no hint of crab in my lunch. I did saw the head chef prepare the chef at the counter though. (which was quite a performance)

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