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Kuala Lumpur - Teochew Fried Koay Teow at Kiew Yee (Est. 1952)


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Kuala Lumpur - Teochew Fried Koay Teow at Kiew Yee (Est. 1952)

klyeoh | | Jan 13, 2013 03:54 AM

I finally found a Teochew-style fried koay teow here in KL which closely approximated the fried koay teow which we have in Singapore - at the 60-something year-old stall, Kiew Yee, this afternoon. One of Petaling Street, KL Chinatown's stalwarts, Kiew Yee has been purveying its famous Teochew fried koay teow since 1952.

Its similarities with Singapore-style fried koay teow:
- they used a mixture of flat rice noodles or "koay teow" (粿条) and yellow wheat noodles (whereas Penang-style fried koay teow, on the other hand, uses *only* the flat rice noodles)
- only cockles ("see hum") were used, which is fairly typical of Teochew-style cooking, since the Teochews *loved* their cockles. No prawns, Chinese waxed sausages or any other meats were used here.
- eggs, thinly-sliced fishcakes, beansprouts and chives were also added.

However, Kiew Yee's version also has some marked difference from Singapore-style fried koay teow:
- like any other Malaysian-style fried noodles, *no* sweet dark soysauce were added - a distinct characteristic of Singapore fried koay teow.
- Kiew Yee has a unique self-made ground peanut-sesame paste which was added during the frying process - giving their koay teow a subtle, nutty flavor unlike any other.
- Kiew Yee's flat rice noodles were finer and thinner than the type used in Singapore, and its yellow egg noodles were also the thinner than the type used in Singapore.
- It's also fried till fairly dry-ish, whereas in Singapore, the fried koay teow has a fairly gluggy, mushy texture as 1/3 cup or so water will be added at the end of the frying process to the noodles.

Lard was used liberally, as is the practice in Chinese street-side cooking here in KL, and this adds a deliciously-rich flavor to noodles, enhanced by a smoky, "wok hei" aroma. Such a simple dish, but one which came together perfectly.

Address details
Kiew Yee Teow Chew Char Kueh Teow
Tang City Food Court
Jalan Hang Lekir, off Petaling Street
50000 Kuala Lumpur