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fredid | | Mar 8, 2009 12:46 PM

Well, the Crew had a feast at Izzy's yesterday, which was enjoyed by all. Small things: tostones w/wonderful garlic dressing, empanada w/chicken and cheese, cassava stuffed w/beef (OK, but not great), cassava w/garlic, and maduros/fried plantains. Big plates: Tasty oxtail and goat, a simple, fresh octopus salad (seemed like a ceviche, but didn't taste any lime) and the hit of the lunch: pernil (pork) w/ a mustard sauce. Accompanied by salad, rice, beans.

The other hit of the meal: Izzy's homemade ginger beer!

The main dishes were specials; Izzy's offers a couple of these a day, and on Sat seems to have most available - so call ahead if you have your eye on something in particular. Final bill, for 6, including tip: $10 each!

Quick note: Our Crew has gotten too unwieldy to offer an open invitation, but here's a link for creating one of your own:

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