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ISO 49th Parallel coffee around Vancouver

grayelf | Jul 2, 2008 04:20 PM

Having recently been indoctrinated into the goodness that is Epic Roast, I've been trying to find places (other than the flagship store on 4th Avenue) that dispense this liquid gold. I know that Cafe Medina, the Edge Cafe and Prado have it but surely there were others as well, I thought. So I went to the 49thP website and sure enough, a list of where to buy. But lo and behold, none of the three places I know have it are listed? What gives?

I called the store on 4th and was told that they are "particular" about who they list on the website" (!). When I noted that the places listed were selling the beans rather than brewing/making cups, I got a few more names, a mix of restos and cafes as follows:

Beans (on Cambie)
Bean So Good (on Heather)
Bin 941 (brewed)
Boulevard Company (UBC)
Bump'n'Grind (on Commercial)
Cactus Club (brewed)
Figmint (brewed)
Salty Tongue (brewed)
Chow (brewed)

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