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High protein cookies?


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High protein cookies?

Emmnemms | | Nov 11, 2011 02:27 PM

Hey :)
So, recently my grandmother has came to stay with us (for a month or two) She is starting to show signs dementia and one of the main problems we have is she doesn't want to eat and she won't go to the doctors.
BUT she LOVES sweets (she was raised in an orphanage so sweets were not available when she was young) I am hoping to find a recipe for a cookie that tastes sweet but will have some nutrients. They need to be soft due to her having teeth problems. Recently I made some No-bake cookies with pb and oats in them, and she gobbled those up.

Does anyone else have any recipes or ideas that might help us out? and please no judging, we are honestly doing the best we can do to get her to eat, but we can't fight this way everyday.

Thanks :)

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