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Girlfriends Weekend Reqs for hound-abees

Vel | | Jun 23, 2008 10:02 PM

I am traveling to San Francisco for a Girls Getaway in October (Thur nite/Fri/Sat/Sun am)and am looking for some specific reqs. My friend is not a chowhound, and I'm probably just a hound wannabe: while I always make a point to read the boards and try the reqs when I'm in a new city, but I'm not the type to spend $100 to try a quail egg and nettle salad with fiddlehead fern foam on the side (no offense to those who do--I've just a much less sophisticated palate!)

My friend and I prefer a moderate budget for our meals--appetizer, entree and a glass of wine/cocktail for under $50 each for dinner, lunch under $30 each with a glass of wine, and breakfast under $20 each. But willing to spend more for the right place. We are old friends who see each other a couple of times a year and like to spend our time together in conversation. Consequently, ambience is a big part of dining out for us! We prefer quaint/quiet/charming to hip/loud/trendy.

Anyway, we're excited to see that we are arriving in time for the Fleet Week and Columbus Day Italian Heritage Parade festivities. As a result, we're interested in exploring the North Beach area one evening for a great dinner and maybe dessert somewhere else after, also in NB. I'd prefer a place we can make reservations for dinner, as I'm assuming the festivities will result in a huge crush of tourists like ourselves!

We also would like to have a meal in the Mission district that, while representative of the local cuisine, doesn't consist of a giant, sloppy burrito...I know, I know, it's tradition, but burritos just aren't my thing. I love Mexican food of all kinds...I just like to see and taste the individual ingredients. (Not trying to hate on burritos, though!)

Another area of interest for lunch would be a lovely bistro, preferably with outdoor seating.

Lastly, any good breakfast reqs within walking distance of the Bush/Powell area...preferably AWAY from Union Square.

We are staying at The Orchard hotel and are comfortable with public transpo after dark.

So, any recommendations?

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