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Franny's, I'm over it


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Franny's, I'm over it

carroll | | Mar 11, 2007 09:55 PM

I used to love Franny's. I was there the first month they opened, and loved how the pizzas changed frequently. I could even stomach the prices for the exceptional quality.

However, while the appetizers have gotten more interesting, it seems that the pizza menu *(the real draw) hardly changes. Well, there was the recent change where they took the very excellent provolone picante pizza w/ roasted onions, and stopped roasting the onions; now they are raw. Not worth ordering.

Further, they used to do fabulous things with pancetta that went way beyond the now-predictable meat pizzas that have been on the menu for ages.

Please, bring the pancetta back--especially the one w/ the fried egg.

ok, finally. Franny's has great wines...but $12 a glass? Some really solid $7-10 options would be much appreciated.

all that being said, amazing pizza and unusual and nicely selected wines...but please, please start listening to your regular customers.