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Flippin' Burgers - new burger place in Newton Center


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Flippin' Burgers - new burger place in Newton Center

Prav | | Aug 22, 2007 11:07 AM

Flippin' Burgers is a 1-week-old, small storefront with a few tables inside. Their menu is small and focused on burgers only, which to me, is a good sign. The only options I saw were onion rings instead of fries.

I had the Italian Burger, which had the "house dressing" (slightly sweet mayo-based sauce), strips of roasted red pepper, provolone cheese, and a slice of prosciutto ($7.95).

The burger patty was formed by hand, and was large and hockey-puck shaped. I'd say it was slightly thinner than an RF O'Sullivan's burger, whose burgers are too thick for my liking. Though there's no sign indicating otherwise, I asked if I could have mine prepared to order, and the chef (who I think was the owner) was very kind about agreeing to make mine rare.

The menu warns that burgers can take 12-15 minutes to prepare. I believe it came out earlier than that, though I was chatting with a friend all that time. Burger arrived as ordered - nice and rare. Had a respectable level of beefy taste, and the outside of the patty had a good amount of sear. I appreciated that the fixins' weren't abundant enough to cover up the taste of the meat.

The bun is plain, no sesame seeds (thank god - as I am deathly allergic) and I decided it was the correct thickness/chewiness as not to overpower. Nothing worse than too much bun. The roasted red pepper strips were a nice touch, but I could not really taste the prosciutto. I'd skip on the proscuitto next time, as it ads a dollar or so to the cost.

Each burger comes with a side of fries. They're slightly thicker than I like, and were sort of mealy. They seemed to be unsalted, so I gave it a liberal shake of the salt shaker. think cooking them longer would have improved them greatly. I tend to like them well-done and crispier. My friend's onion rings were good, if unremarkable. Fresh taste of oil.

Definitely worth trying again, though I might stick to the classic cheeseburger (they had cheddar, which I love on burgers). Glad to have a small, independent shop in the neighborhood near my office that sells honest, no frills burgers.

I regretfully didn't jot down the address, but it's in the Beacon Street area in Newton Center, next (I think) to the Coldstone Creamery.