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Eulogy vs Monks

yankeefan | | Jun 18, 2008 12:05 PM

Took a while, but finally have become a much bigger fan of one over the other. Here are my thoughts and Im curious what others think:

- friendly staff/bartenders
- amazing bottle list (not as strong as Monks)
- outstanding brews on both taps
- above average food, specifically mussel pots
- great atmosphere

- best bottle list seen almost
- outstanding taps that have some rotation, often rarities
- rude/pompous staff (the killer)
- average menu dishes, seafood quite good
- stuffy atmosphere

In all, Eulogy has an amazing set of offerings with a staff that treats you well whereas Monk's acts as if they are doing you a favor in letting you have their business. I am truly convinced that Eulogy is the winner here and dont really have much interest in spending much more time and money at Monks.

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