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Early August report from Europe


Cocktails & Spirits

Early August report from Europe

johncb | Aug 7, 2011 06:57 PM

Just back from France (the Isere and Lyon). A few notes and queries:

Aperol appears to be the subject of a big push -- there were large displays in all the duty-free shops and even in the Carrefour/Monoprix type supermarkets. I wonder what kind of market share it has in France -- in the region I was visiting, as one would expect, Suze was the dominant bitter aperitif spirit.

Any suggestions for drinks containing Suze? I also acquired various varieties of Genepi (which I love in itself, but would appreciate any suggestions for incorporating it in a cocktail).

I also stopped in Voiron to pick up some of the lesser known varieties of Chartreuse -- the 1674 Liqueur of the Elixir (a recent variant of Green Chartreuse) and the Liqueur of the 9th Century (a recent variant of Yellow Chartreuse). Along with the Chartreuse Genepi and the Chartreuse "elixir vegetal" itself, I'm interested in others' impressions of these spirits and how they might be appropriately used in cocktails.

Any suggestions or impressions? At the moment I am too jet-lagged to trust my own impressions, but I will follow up on this post with my tasting notes and comparison with regular and VEP green and yellow Chartreuse.

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