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Brixton Station Road?


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Brixton Station Road?

JFores | | Nov 3, 2007 10:02 AM

Hello there,

I do my weekly shopping in Brixton and I've taken note of the stands and shops on this particular road off the market. Running between Electric and the High Street, it has around 6 food carts, a Portugese restaurant and Bush Man's Jamaican kiosk. The last store seems to do serious business with the locals. I tried a large griddle cooked bread lathered with garlic and herb butter (LUNCH FOR TWO POUNDS! IT DOES EXIST!) from the Portugese cart. It was quite tasty, but the cart man speaks basically no English so explanations will have to be in Spanish if you don't speak Port. I'm meaning to get into Bushman which has some reasonably priced full meals. Another place in the area that I want to try is a Ghanan restaurant inside Brixton Village which looks interesting. Howabout the Portugese restaurant on the same street? It seems like more of a hang out cafe for the local Portugese workers. The outside of Bush Man's also looks more like a marijuana store than the exterior bench of a restaurant during parts of the day. Some iiiiinteresting people hang out on that bench!

Any other locals recs? Where is Momo's Kitchen? I still haven't found this place and no one I've asked knows!