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Bourbon lovers - can someone explain to me why I like Rye much more than bourbon?


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Bourbon lovers - can someone explain to me why I like Rye much more than bourbon?

ncyankee101 | Sep 2, 2010 11:42 PM

I am primarily enamored of Scotch but have tried many liquors this year - aged rums and tequilas, as well as several bourbons and ryes.

Although I really want to, I just don't seem to love bourbon and I am not sure what flavor or combination of flavors are causing the problem.

I have tried a couple I don't mind, namely WT rare breed and Woodford Reserve Seasoned Oak. All the rest I have tried, have been just OK to me, These would be WT 101, Makers mark, JB Black, and Knob Creek. I have also tried Jack Daniels No 7 and Gentleman jack - the latter just was bland to me, sweet up front with no finish at all, just seemed to disappear in the middle of my tongue.

I do like all the ryes I have tried - Wild Turkey, Sazerac and Rittenhouse.

I was hoping someone who knows more about these than I do could tell me what characteristics are shared by the ones I like and don't like - my palate is not yet really able to discern the range of flavors in bourbon. My favorite Scotches tend to be the strongly flavored ones, especially the peat monsters - Ardbeg 10, Laphroaig 10, Also love Highland Park 12.

Oh yeah - forgot to mention, I generally drink them neat, though will experiment with a little water or ice. It has seemed to me that most bourbons when iced leave my mouth feeling rubbery.

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