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BJ's vs. Costco - especially, rotisserie chicken?


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BJ's vs. Costco - especially, rotisserie chicken?

greygarious | Aug 14, 2008 10:29 AM

Thanks to CH, I'm now getting Costco's rotisserie chicken (just went up 50 cents) whenever I go. I also like Boston Market's, but it's not as good a value, and saltier than Costco's. There have always been two things for which I'd use the occasional one-day shopping pass at BJ's - Best Franks and Berkley&Jensen All-Natural Dog Biscuits(they are chicken flavor and my 3 greyhounds are addicted). No sooner did I join last year, on a promotion, than they quit carrying Best (previously they'd discontinued the 4oz Best Dinner Franks but still had the 2+oz. version). Best brand is all-beef and very garlicky.
I won't renew, but in the meantime might as well take advantage of the card, because BJ's is closer. How does their rotisserie chicken compare to Costco's? I love Costco's roasted garlic loaves and in general their breads look better than BJ's, which I have not tried. When I was at Costco yesterday, I looked in vain for several things recommended on CH. On the way out, I stopped at the service desk to ask if the store carried them, which they did not. I remarked that I am also a BJ's member and generally prefer Costco, but that the well-labeled aisles make BJ's more convenient. Not only are Costco's unmarked, but they periodically reconfigure them - a real problem for people with bad knees, like me. The manager said, ruefully, that Costco has a "scavenger hunt" policy for their inventory. I suppose they figure that if they can force you to go down more aisles, you'll see additional stuff to buy.

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