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courgette | | Sep 28, 2006 03:21 AM

Just had a fantastic meal at Barrio's tonight. Had the prix fixe as part of Leslielicious. Started with a divine mushroom and spinach crepe with mornay sauce, followed by trout almondine served with fingerling potatoes and a side of green and yellow beans. Absolutely amazing! My husband took the other Leslielicious combination: squash and roasted sweet potatoes with frisee and goat cheese dressing followed by the pork tenderloin on a bed of egg noodles with peas, leeks, and a dollop of fig coriander mustard. Unforgettable.

As if we did not have enough to eat, we were also treated to bread and dips (on the house) -- chickpea coriander paste and a black bean paste -- between courses.

By the time dessert came around (an incredible fruit tart -- more like a danish -- with a creme concoction on the side), we had to get it to go.

Overall: yummy flavours, generous portions, wonderful service and presentation. With beer and a nice bottle of wine, the bill for four people came to $200 with tax and tip. Worth every penny!

My only regret was that I was at Pop Bistro the night before. Pop's merely adequate food and nickle-and-dime-you-to-death approach ($9 for soup, $12 for a glass of wine, $14 for a bottle of San Pellegrino), was, in contrast, sadly pedestrian. It was unfortunate that I had the meals one night after the other: it merely heightened my regret that I bothered with Pop. I should have skipped right over that meal and spent my money at Barrio's.

Leslielicious or not, you must go to Barrio's Lounge. Queen Street East near Logan.

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