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Vending Machines: Neanderthal Style

It's raining today in San Francisco, and this short created by Jason Figliozzi was just the pick-me-up I needed.

Gaga Sandwich with Beyonce on the Side

Some fine sandwich-making tips to be found in Lady Gaga and Beyonce's most recent video, for "Telephone." Also notable: smokin' sunglasses, half-naked prison dancing, and the Pussy Wagon from Kill Bill.

Friskies Cat Food Makes Your Cat Have Visions

Um. I'm not sure what to say to introduce this, but apparently the Friskies cat food company would have us believe that popping open a can of their animal-based protein slurry sends your cat into a sensory wonderland with floating cloud windmills, golden fish-shaped sailboats, dancing turkeys, and cows with bangs.


A Video History of Craft Beer

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a series of collaborative beers between Ken Grossman, and other craft brewing trailblazers like Fritz Maytag of Anchor Brewing Company and Jack McAuliffe of New Albion. The brewery recently released this video/mini-documentary about the project and these pioneers of craft brewing.


Powerthirst Will Make You Have 400 Babies

This video's been around the web for a while, but I still feel the need for its burst of Menergy for power sleeping, power dating, power lifting, power eating, and power laughing. This is safe for work, but wear headphones or turn the sound down.


When Sigg Battles Dasani

Capitalizing on Olympics fever, McDonald's offered a special promotion in Canada, selling an Olympic-themed custom aluminum water bottle with the purchase of a drink or meal. The funny part is the commercial featuring the bottles: Patrick Chan, the featured spokes-athlete, is shown drinking a Dasani bottled water, as if to say: "Yes, you can refill your Olympic-themed custom aluminum water bottle, little girl, but please don't forget to keep purchasing wonderful Dasani products such as Dasani bottled water."

It’s Not Stealing, It’s Unauthorized Takeout

Natalie, the star of this instructional YouTube video I Rob Food Buffets, says that pilfering from all-you-can-eat buffets isn't really thievery: "If you think about it, we're not really stealing their food, we're just, like, eating it at a different time and location." Her video is a bit slow to start, but at 1:46 she begins handing down some excellent tips, such as coming armed with resealable bags and storage containers, and sleight-of-hand techniques for emptying food into them.


Did Captain D’s Bite Mr. Spriggs’ Action?

Warning: Clicking on the following video will permanently embed the following phrases in your mind: "Baby I'm hongry, I say baby, you're hongry," and "saw-weet ... tender ... meat falls off the bone."


Beer Movies! (And Some Wine.)

We've seen a handful of interesting wine and beer documentaries popping up recently. First, there is Blood Into Wine, a film about the winemaking endeavor in Arizona of Maynard James Keenan (frontman of Tool, A Perfect Circle) premiering February 19 in Scottsdale, Arizona. (Check out the website for info on screenings in other cities.) Keenan is infamously reclusive, and just the fact that he was open to having a documentary made about him is pretty interesting. He's apparently trying to bring recognition to Arizona's wine industry, and from the trailer, the movie looks pretty humorous.

Last week, a somewhat mysterious trailer for what looks to be a documentary on the late, great beer writer Michael Jackson, put together by the Wine Travelers, was posted on YouTube. There isn't much info on the film, other than a 2010 release date.

And finally, the folks at Stone Brewing have been releasing a series of videos about their travels in Europe and collaborations with Nøgne Ø in Norway and BrewDog in Scotland. So far the clips have been really fun to watch, with surprisingly high production values. There are four parts; here is number one. Check the Stone Brewing website for the other clips as they release them (part two is also out).