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Your Rice Cooker Is a Multitasker

Make the whole meal in one plug-in gadget. READ MORE

Patience Pays Off in Better Food

Let it sit if you want the flavors to mingle. READ MORE

What Is Miner’s Lettuce?

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It's a favorite among foragers. WATCH THE VIDEO

Grow Your Own Beer Garden

A tiny tiny beer garden that will fit in your kitchen. READ MORE

The Top Grocery-Store Etiquette Gaffes

Bad things happen with low blood sugar. READ MORE

Salami, On and Off the Antipasti Plate

The savory meat perks up salads, bread, and eggs. READ MORE

How to Fake Sous Vide Sausage

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Sounds fancy. Isn't. WATCH THE VIDEO

How to Crisp Up a Sausage

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Use a chef's favorite technique to get the perfect snap. WATCH THE VIDEO

Overheard on the Home Cooking Boards

Crispy-skinned roast chicken, tempura chive blossoms, best uses for avocado oil. READ MORE

Coffee’s Broken Fix

Coffee, one of the primal forces organizing the universe, may be less powerful than we collectively hoped. READ MORE