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Where Old Packaging Goes to Die

You don't want to just throw away the box those scalloped potatoes came in, do you? READ MORE

World Tour, Starring Shrimp

Quick dinners start with the easy-cooking crustaceans. READ MORE

Using the Cool Crunch of Jicama

Raw, crispy strips to soak up your dressing. READ MORE

Contrast and Conquer

This week's mission: A salty snack marries its sweetie. READ MORE

One Simple Trick Makes Perfect Cheesecake

Look, Mom! No cracks! READ MORE

Overheard on the Home Cooking Boards

Squash blossom dip, cooking freshly dug potatoes, how much pasta to cook per person depends on what you're making. READ MORE

Denny’s Is Japanese for Awesome

The Japanese version of Denny's is stepping it up. A lot. READ MORE

The Basics: How to Make Hummus

It's embarrassingly easy. READ MORE

Ayote: Butternut Squash on Steroids

The pleasures of ayote, a black-skinned squash with kelly green flesh. READ MORE

Lovely Skate Wing, Disgusting Ammonia Fragrance

How to get rid of the (completely normal) ammonia smell of skate wing. READ MORE