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Save Space by Making Cookware Part of Your Decor

Save Space by Making Cookware Part of Your Decor

It’s Sunday morning and you tiptoe downstairs to the kitchen, planning to greet your still-snoozing spouse with a plateful of pancakes and the results of your latest omelet experiment. After a full twenty minutes spent rooting around for the griddle, you find it—firmly lodged between those two cake pans you never use. You yank hard, sending a shower of pots banging down around you—and wake your spouse, who’s unsurprisingly grumpy at the rude awakening. READ MORE

Nixtamalization, the Process That Makes Corn Good for You

When corn becomes a staple food—like corn tortillas in Mexican cuisine—it must undergo a process called nixtamalization to make the nut... READ MORE

Authentic Leavening for Empanada Dough

Are authentic empanadas always made with yeast-risen dough? That's a tough question, wyogal says, since empanada styles vary from Spain ... READ MORE

Cube Steak, the Heart of Chicken-Fried Steak

Cube steak, the standard choice for chicken-fried steak, isn't a particular cut. Rather, todao says, it's meat that's been put through a... READ MORE

The Number 1 Tip for No-Cry Onions

Does slicing onions make you cry? Some Chowhounds go to great lengths to avoid getting weepy, including wearing goggles! But you don't n... READ MORE

Should Lamb Have a Strong Taste?

ns1 finds it confusing when people praise lamb dishes as "cooked perfectly, without a single hint of gaminess." Isn't the pronounced fla... READ MORE

The Holy Grail of Authentic Sichuan Cooking

Juan Cheng brand pixian doubanjiang broad-bean and chile paste is the "holy grail of authentic Sichuan cooking," eatahorse says. The place ... READ MORE

Can You Tell If Corn Is Going to Taste Sweet?

Is there any way to tell by looking if the ears of corn you're buying are going to taste sweet? Are white varieties automatically going ... READ MORE

Is a Shaken Martini an Abomination?

Is a shaken martini with lots of tiny ice slivers an abomination? JMF thinks so. While shaking is great for drinks containing juice or othe... READ MORE

Why Do We Need Tomato Paste Anyway?

Considering that we all have canned crushed tomatoes and tomato sauce in our pantries, achilles007 wonders: What's the purpose of tomato... READ MORE