MAY 2016 COTM - Made in India: MEAT, FISH

by Allegra_K 4 days ago

Use this thread for the following chapters: Meat- p. 85-122 Fish- p. 123-142 If you are the first to report on...


Blowfish commented 33 minutes ago

Need ways to use up minced olive salad

by inlovewiththedusk 15 hours ago

I have an absurd amount of olive salad leftover from something my husband made. I could use suggestions on using it ...


Dogboa commented 1 hour ago

Piemonte Restaurants 2016

by allende 15 days ago

Left our home in Tuscany, and we’re in The Langhe again for what we hope will be two months of eating, drinking, biki...


henjef85 commented 1 hour ago

Best Salsa/Salsa Bar in the City?

by mookied39 20 hours ago

So, I plan on munching on a lot of Mexican food when I visit the great city of San Francisco this July. Many people ...


mookied39 commented 1 hour ago

Union Square Farmers Market suggestions

by cbgb 6 years ago

Recently working in this area......any suggestions in terms of best produce, best cookies ,etc...Looking for some gu...

erica commented 1 hour ago

Baking with hops

by pulled pork 4 days ago

Does anyone know about baking with hops? I can see using an IPA style hops as a flavoring in baked goods but not sur...


pulled pork commented 1 hour ago

Three nights in Paris in June, how is this dining plan?

by shrakzam 3 days ago

Hello, Long time lurker, first time poster. I've scoured the site, and have been grateful for the Paris dining ad...


Steve commented 1 hour ago

What are you baking these days? May 2016 edition!

by Caitlin McGrath 2 days ago

While strolling through the kitchen one day In the merry merry month of May I was taken by surprise By a pair of h...

TorontoJo commented 2 hours ago

ISO Recipe for Portuguese Churrasqueria Rice

by itryalot 10 hours ago

We've had some great rice from authentic azores/portuguese chicken places. We are officially addicted. We've had tw...


mbgizmo commented 3 hours ago

Anyone have experience with Schwan's (food truck) [moved from General Topics]

by queensgrt 4 years ago

I'm seeking information and/or experience on the food quality from Schwan's. I know it's more expensive, but is the ...


SheXy commented 3 hours ago

Rosemary, Mary, Quite Contrary

by munchkin1 10 hours ago

I simply do not care for rosemary. Can it be eliminated from recipes or would that ruin a dish?


damiano commented 4 hours ago

Filipino Chef, Patrick Enage, expected to open Akinto in Fall/Winter 2016-2017

by malaplan 4 days ago

Just an FYI for those interested in a Boston Filipino restaurant...primarily a South East Asian culinary destination ...


treb commented 6 hours ago

Frank Pepe's vs. Stoked Brookline

by bakerboyz 7 days ago

This was a very unscientific comparison yesterday but I went to Frank Pepe's in Chestnut Hill and picked up an "Origi...


treb commented 6 hours ago

Oahu's north shore

by cozysmom 3 days ago

We are going to be staying on the North Shore and would love any restaurant recommendations. We want to stay away fr...

letsindulge commented 7 hours ago

2016 Cookware Deals, Spring Edition

by gooster 1 month ago

Here's the latest thread to post your latest cookware, cutlery and gadget deals, finds, savings, hacks, sales, etc......


randallhank commented 8 hours ago

Weekly Menu Plans - May 2016

by LulusMom 4 days ago

I don't want to step on MidwesternerTT's toes, but in case she is out of town or somehow not around to do the monthly...


Autumm2 commented 8 hours ago

Some new places I've noticed near where I live (Marlboro)

by MarlboroMan 9 hours ago

Completely random here... My wife noticed as we were heading southbound on Rt. 18.. Tilted Kilt is gone (never did...


MarlboroMan commented 8 hours ago

Chinese Garlic Oily Dip Sauce

by stefansky90 2 days ago

When I go to Chinese restaurants, I order a steamed chicken. With the chicken, they serve a sauce that, to my taste,...


stefansky90 commented 8 hours ago

South Beach ---Miami

by Barbarella 2 days ago

Headed to South Beach first week in June. Would love some recs on good restaurants. First choice would be great steak...

Frodnesor commented 9 hours ago

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