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What are you baking these days? May 2016 edition!

by Caitlin McGrath 3 days ago

While strolling through the kitchen one day In the merry merry month of May I was taken by surprise By a pair of h...

TorontoJo commented 3 hours ago

MAY 2016 COTM - Made in India: MEAT, FISH

by Allegra_K 4 days ago

Use this thread for the following chapters: Meat- p. 85-122 Fish- p. 123-142 If you are the first to report on...

MelMM commented 3 hours ago

Alternatives to Buddakan/Tao

by hellodominick 2 days ago

looking for a Asian restaurant to celebrate my graduation date. I have a expected party of 10-15 people. Prices Budda...


Pookipichu commented 3 hours ago

Strong Wakamoto in Portland

by mnajji 1 day ago

Hello 'Hounders. I am intolerant to lactose and generally have the weakest stomach of anyone I know. Strong Wakamo...

stevewi commented 3 hours ago

BYOB in Philly Burbs for special occasion

by Stevefood 4 days ago

I was wondering if anyone could recommend some great BYOBs for my wife & I 10th anniversary? Thank you!

CindyJ commented 3 hours ago

Dinosaur BBQ, Stamford still hits the mark for us...

by gutreactions 3 days ago

We travel from Westchester to get there, just a 20 minute drive, because we feel it is the best BBQ in Westchester or...


valerie commented 4 hours ago

Union Square Farmers Market suggestions

by cbgb 6 years ago

Recently working in this area......any suggestions in terms of best produce, best cookies ,etc...Looking for some gu...

thegforceny commented 4 hours ago

May 2016 openings and closings

by total13 7 days ago

AKA Bistro in Lincoln closing on Mother's Day I think.

hotoynoodle commented 4 hours ago

Need ways to use up minced olive salad

by inlovewiththedusk 20 hours ago

I have an absurd amount of olive salad leftover from something my husband made. I could use suggestions on using it ...


Dogboa commented 6 hours ago

Baking with hops

by pulled pork 4 days ago

Does anyone know about baking with hops? I can see using an IPA style hops as a flavoring in baked goods but not sur...


pulled pork commented 6 hours ago

Anyone have experience with Schwan's (food truck) [moved from General Topics]

by queensgrt 4 years ago

I'm seeking information and/or experience on the food quality from Schwan's. I know it's more expensive, but is the ...


SheXy commented 8 hours ago

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