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Food reasons to relocate to Dublin?

by vanderb 1 day ago

I'm contemplating a company move to Dublin and have a lot of factors to weigh in the decision, I wanted to know about...

The Case of the Mysterious Vanishing Breakfast Slices

by berbadeerface 7 years ago

I already posted about this on Yelp London, but I haven't had much response. THis is baffling me. Does anyone remembe...


spikefloof commented 2 days ago

[London] Fredor Zambian Restaurant

by deansa 6 years ago

Had a group dinner here last night. Vibe is more like a cafe than a restaurant. The owner (Dorothy) was wonderfully...


brokentelephone commented 6 days ago

Breakfast and Early AM Pastry in London

by uhockey 2 years ago

Hello all, Making my first trip to England at the end of June and will be spending 9 days in and around the city f...

prima commented 8 days ago

Newcastle restaurants?

by rockandroller1 8 months ago

Good friend is taking advantage of a great, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and has moved her family to England for a ...

prima commented 8 days ago

Desperately Seeking Borscht in London

by atwood 12 years ago

I've been living in London since January, and I can't seem to find any borscht around here. I live in Notting Hill, ...


ShekhaV commented 14 days ago

Kylesku Hotel, NW coast of Scotland

by DavidT 4 years ago

I recently had lunch with a large group at the Kylesku Hotel, on the west coast of Scotland, north of Ullapool. It is...


DavidT commented 1 month ago

Any new must-try places in Edinburgh, Inverness or Skye areas?

by lecker 9 months ago

I couldn't find many recent posts from Edinburgh, but reading older posts I have marked these restaurants to try when...


DavidT commented 2 months ago

Takoyaki London?

by galeg 5 years ago

Is there anyplace in London where I can get takoyaki-type food? I'm thinking, e.g., of octopus balls, grilled miso bl...


ShekhaV commented 2 months ago

Trip report: London

by nylocavore 4 months ago

A list of dinners to start, elaboration to follow: Rabbit The Jugged Hare River Cafe The Orange Public House T...


mr_gimlet commented 3 months ago

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Recent Pollen Street Social reviews?

by sake 3 months ago

We will be in London in a couple weeks and have made a reservation at Pollen St Social. Most of the reviews I find a...

Good Indian for lunch near Piccadilly or Westminster Abbey?

by sake 3 months ago

Looking to walk from our hotel in Piccadilly to WA with a stop for lunch. Indian is preferred but would consider othe...


brokentelephone commented 3 months ago

"Five of the Best: Edinburgh"

by DavidT 3 months ago

This weekend's Financial Times "Five of the Best" column features restaurants in Edinburgh. Those cited are: Edinb...


Harters commented 3 months ago

Dinner in Portsmouth - Urgent

by ShekhaV 4 months ago

So, we're getting on the ferry to France from Portsmouth tomorrow night and I've been told last minute to find the re...


ShekhaV commented 3 months ago

London - family of 6 - recommendations?

by yyc_mom 4 months ago

Hi, I've been working on trip planning and am feeling very overwhelmed. Any help would be much appreciated. My f...


LisafromCalgary commented 4 months ago

What's the name of that Chinese restaurant in South London again... help!

by Littlemoskito 4 months ago

I've heard repeated rumours about a restaurant where they do those amazing spicy stir-frys, you know, where you deter...


brokentelephone commented 4 months ago

UK-published Chinese/Indian/Thai cookbooks

by andrewesque 4 months ago

I am in the US and will be ordering Meera Sodha's new Fresh India cookbook from the Amazon UK site after it is releas...


brokentelephone commented 4 months ago

Best veggie Indian restaurant in London?

by yerbamate170 4 months ago

Title says it all really, looking for a good vegetarian Indian restaurant in London, particularly looking for somewhe...


Harters commented 4 months ago

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