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In the Wayback Machine: Trout Lappland at Three Small Rooms (moved from Ontario board)

by greygarious 7 years ago

Greetings from Massachusetts! In the early 1970's, I lived in Buffalo and sometimes stayed at The Windsor Arms Hotel ...


crownking commented 2 months ago

Good Boston Store for Fresh Trout?

by opinionatedchef 2 months ago

We both love fresh trout and FrPond WF used to occasionally have it from Idaho, but the Pakistani stuff was not so go...

hotoynoodle commented 2 months ago

Accompaniments for smoked trout (individual picnic lunch)

by MrsBridges 7 months ago

I just bought a piece of smoked trout at the farmer's market. I'm soliciting suggestions to make it the centerpiece ...


treb commented 7 months ago

How to eat canned smoked trout

by iheartcooking 8 months ago

My mom put various canned fish in my stocking because she knows I love kippers and sardines. The trout is from Trader...


Gail commented 8 months ago

How to stretch out a small amount of trout

by ludmilasdaughter 1 year ago

I small a small trout, about 10.5oz. Is there any way I can stretch that out to feed two people, one of whom has a he...


Raffles commented 1 year ago

Best way to cook rainbow trout?

by kezdenek 3 years ago

Hello fellow chowhounders. I am making Rainbow trout tonight for my man. I am thinking about just using salt, pep...


pgmrdan commented 1 year ago

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