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Terrific Food to Go for Family Dinner at Home Redwood City Area

by MsMary 1 hour ago

Looking for terrific bulk food to go for a family birthday dinner at home. It is about 6 adult siblings family member...

The Best Hot Dogs in the Bay Area

by Gitmo6 7 years ago

Every year, a group of hot dog lovers rent a limo and visit five hot dog places to find the perfect dog. After two ye...


Malcolm Ruthven commented 7 hours ago

2 East Bay restaurants: Quick Review

by Multifoiled 1 day ago

We were in the Bay Area in California for a week with very little time to enjoy dining out so we were only able to hi...


sheriff commented 9 hours ago

Kombucha Cultures - where to buy?

by Shoefly 10 years ago

Does anyone know where to buy the Kombucha culture used to make homemade tea? All I found were websites but not an a...


kirky commented 1 day ago

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Corridor Cafe | Civic Center - San Francisco

by Melanie Wong 1 day ago

A couple weeks ago I dropped by Corridor Cafe for the morning bite. This is the breakfast and lunch grab-and-go compo...

Report: Tennessee Grill

by ML8000 9 years ago

I've been meaning to write about Tennessee Grill but it's one of those place half the people get and half don't...and...


farrago commented 1 day ago

Green Tea Soft Serve

by tifflopinsky 2 months ago

Does anybody know where I can get green tea soft serve ice cream in the San Francisco area or the Sacramento area?

hhc commented 2 days ago

Self-guided San Francisco Chinatown tour

by pflow1 6 days ago

Husband and I will be in San Francisco and want to put together a self-guided tour. Any suggestions? Open to pretty m...

moto commented 2 days ago

[Chowdown Report] Tortas GDL

by marssy 8 days ago

This past Sunday a few fellow Chowhounds gathered to try Tortas GDL — first spotted by Melanie Wong http://www.chowh...

grayelf commented 3 days ago


by klo4c 8 days ago

Thoughts about ALTA CA for dinner? I've only eaten there later in the night, drinks with a few food items. If it's no...

grayelf commented 3 days ago

Amaravathi | Andhran & Indo-Chinese in Sunnyvale

by Melanie Wong 9 days ago

Amaravathi opened two weeks ago serving up South Indian and Indo-Chinese vegetarian food. I slid in five minutes befo...

Melanie Wong commented 3 days ago

Markets & Stores Be the first to comment

Suncoast Organic Farm in Hollister

by Melanie Wong 3 days ago

Regulars to Sunday's Mountain View farmers market have recommended the breads and olive oil from Suncoast Organic Far...

Breakfast joints in Silicon Valley

by Marianne 14 years ago

Besides Hobbee's, I've yet to find a breakfast place I really like. Anyone have suggestions from Mountain View to Sa...


ML8000 commented 3 days ago

Caterer for small dinner party in Oakland?

by margjane 5 days ago

Can anyone recommend a caterer for a dinner party for 8-10 people in the Oakland hills? We are looking for Californi...


SanazEbriani commented 3 days ago

Where to buy Spanish limes locally?

by damian 4 years ago

Anyone know where I can buy Spanish limes (aka, quenapas, mamoncillo, mamón, mamones, chenet, guaya, gnep, ginep, ski...


Mikeysgirl commented 4 days ago

Pink Zebra Yakitori Pop Up @ Sutton Cellars | San Francisco

by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

On Sunday I checked out the yakitori grilled streetside by Pink Zebra's owner/chef Jesse Koide at Sutton Cellars in D...

Melanie Wong commented 4 days ago

Yemen Kitchen - Former Yemeni Restaurant Chef

by kairo 4 days ago

Yemen Kitchen aka Brooklyn Yemen Kitchen on Jones has been open for maybe a year now, but I finally went in. I am ha...


kairo commented 4 days ago

Portuguese Custard Tart (SF Sunset)

by Malcolm Ruthven 3 months ago

Mr. Bread (new Jan 2016) is at 1018 Taraval in the Sunset in SF, near 19th Ave. The bakery is owned by a family from ...


walker commented 4 days ago

Lafayette Coffee Shop returns to SF Tenderloin

by Cynsa 6 days ago

Read more about Stanley and Stefanie Yang's July 19 reopening of Lafayette Coffee Shop in their new location on hoodl...

moto commented 4 days ago

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