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Giovanni - Berkeley

by Robert Lauriston over 4 years ago

Walking by the other day, I noticed that they had posted an enthusiastic review from the Express. Apparently the orig...


nealjking commented about 11 hours ago

Business dinner recommendation - San Francisco

by GenkiYaso 4 days ago

Have a client coming to town and will be taking him and some colleagues to dinner. His only request is that it be som...


wellworld commented about 14 hours ago

Missing San Francisco Bay Area Tag - How many more like this?

by Melanie Wong 24 days ago

I just noticed that this thread is missing the San Francisco Bay Area tag. I know that it was on that board when it s...

smatbrat commented about 16 hours ago

Kemuri - RWC - Go while the getting is good

by bbulkow 1 day ago

Holy Nuts, this place is great. It's in a cursed location, it's on the wrong side of town, it probably won't succeed,...

bbulkow commented about 17 hours ago

Recommendations on Cantonese catering for event in SF

by mrhansel about 17 hours ago

I'm having an event at Stern Grove. We want half the food to be Cantonese. So we are looking for recommendations on...

Has anyone eaten at the Gorgeous Gorilla food stand?

by chocolatetartguy about 20 hours ago

They were at Rockridge Out and About yesterday. They had an interesting menu of seven entrees including some sort of...

Lobster Lo Mein and Surf Clams @ R and B Seafood in Palo Alto

by Melanie Wong over 5 years ago

Now that I’ve been to R&B Seafood twice now, a couple dishes stand-out: lobster lo mein and giant clams. Lob...

Melanie Wong commented about 24 hours ago

Chinese food near SFO Airport

by lwinkelman 1 day ago

I will be staying near the airport for one weekday night, and would love to get some chinese food in Burlingame, San...


lwinkelman commented 1 day ago

What happened to Shanghai Dumpling King? [San Francisco]

by OliverB 1 day ago

I just ordered in from Caviar and adjusted expectations for delivery service (especially for steamed dumplings, which...


sass commented 1 day ago

Wonderful --- a Hunan restaurant in Millbrae

by hyperbowler about 1 year ago

Wonderful opened a few months ago and serves Hunan food. Service was helpful and nice. A plexiglass wall separates...

Melanie Wong commented 1 day ago

Ladies app+drink tasting in SF

by yammers 28 days ago

Hi! Three ladies in their early thirties coming to San Fran in mid October. We love interesting food, cocktails and a...

macdog commented 1 day ago

Bún bò Huế, SFBA Dish of the Month, October 2015

by 12 days ago

Well, bun bo hue has enough votes in the nominations thread, and the weather is rapidly turning towards fall, so I de...

ssfire commented 1 day ago

Malaikottai | Indian Chettinad Restaurant in Newark

by Melanie Wong about 2 months ago

Keep forgetting to post the tip sent in by a shy 'hound a few months ago. Aachi Aappakadai (Sunnyvale and Santa Clara...

Melanie Wong commented 2 days ago

Almond Kringle at Trader Joes

by sheriff over 1 year ago

I picked up an Almond Kringle from O&H Danish Bakery at the Trader Joe's on Masonic in San Francisco. I think I got ...

ssfire commented 2 days ago

Grocery Outlet September, 2015

by Ruth Lafler about 1 month ago

Oakland, 9/4 Ritter Sport bars -- as usual they had some for 99 cents, but they had a package with 14 bars (four v...


Cosa_og commented 3 days ago

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