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Super Bowl City | The Embarcadero - San Francisco

by Melanie Wong 19 hours ago

Hearing from friends who work in FiDi that the traffic around Super Bowl City had not been bad due to locals steering...


poser commented 10 hours ago

Pink Zebra Yakitori Pop Up @ Sutton Cellars | San Francisco

by Melanie Wong 1 day ago

On Sunday I checked out the yakitori grilled streetside by Pink Zebra's owner/chef Jesse Koide at Sutton Cellars in D...


rebeccakinney commented 11 hours ago

Driving Oakland to Sacramento -- suggestions for wine tasting on the way? Possibly SE Napa?

by TexMcIdaho 1 day ago

In March, some friends and I will be driving from the Oakland area to Sacramento. On the way, we would like to stop ...


bclevy commented 11 hours ago

Leichi Japanese Cuisine | Santa Clara

by Melanie Wong 12 hours ago

Leichi opened a few months ago, taking over Hoshi's spot. The neon sign for Hoshi is still up. Inside, the interior i...

Melanie Wong commented 12 hours ago

Changsha (Hunan) stinky tofu in SFBA?

by koreth 12 hours ago

When I visited Hunan province a few years ago, one of my favorite discoveries was the local style of stinky tofu in C...

Din tai Fung comes to Bay Area

by superbigeater 11 months ago

It appears that DTF will come to Santa Clara's Westfield Valley Mall in October. It will seat about 200 people.

Discerning1 commented 14 hours ago

unusual yet hopefully fun request

by vulber 1 day ago

i'm no longer living in the bay area, but my girlfriend still does. she's a huge fan of offal, and with valentine's d...


sweethooch commented 16 hours ago

Okonomiyaki in Bay Area's East Bay?

by recycleit 2 days ago

So was at a party and someone told me there is a restaurant that has great okonomiyaki in the Dublin/Pleasanton area....


SeaEagle commented 16 hours ago

NFL Experience | Moscone Center - San Francisco

by Melanie Wong 1 day ago

I have not been to the NFL Experience, but talked to a couple about it when we were having coffee yesterday. They sai...


sfchris commented 17 hours ago

ISO: brioche slider buns

by Civil Bear 1 day ago

Anyone know where I can find brioche slider buns in SF or Marin? TIA


acgold7 commented 17 hours ago

San Francisco - Cocktails, Food, Beer & Kids?

by BobMack 3 days ago

Hi, I'm just looking for few good suggestions for food. I've described our situation below just to give you a better...

barleywino commented 18 hours ago

Wishbone Restaurant in Petaluma (Humble Pie reborn!)

by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Wishbone opened its doors on Friday, taking over greasy spoon, Three Cooks Cafe's space. The owners previously operat...


Andrew H commented 22 hours ago

Alfred's Steakhouse - Feb. 18, 2016

by Cynsa 23 hours ago

Opening day: Feb. 18, 2016 Alfred's Steakhouse 659 Merchant Street San Francisco, CA 94111 415-781-7058

Pliny the Younger

by LarzKe 1 day ago

I am hoping someone can give me some insight on the wait time time at Russian River on a weekday. I have read it can ...

Cynsa commented 23 hours ago

[San Francisco] Mensho Ramen

by od_sf 8 months ago

Has anyone heard a firm opening date for Mensho Ramen on Geary? SF Eater was reporting a target opening date of la...

barleywino commented 1 day ago

Good $49 Prix-Fixe at Cadence

by tjinsf 3 days ago

Just got done with a round of trying the new places that have opened in the last few months and Cadence's prix-fixe w...

Melanie Wong commented 1 day ago

Sheng Jian Bao SF?

by doubledeuce80 3 days ago

hi all, i was in shanghai earlier this year had shen jian bao at yang's fry dumpling that blew my mind. i much prefer...


vulber commented 1 day ago

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SFBA Dish of the Month February 2016 - Loco Moco

by marssy 1 day ago

Please excuse my tardiness! As suggested by ML8000, let's enjoy some Loco Moco this February! You know the drill, ...

Where to buy Wel Pac Lo Mein Egg Noodles?

by walker 3 days ago

This is what it looks like:


walker commented 2 days ago

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