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Lunch spots near Nikko Hotel, O'Farrell and Mason?

by chocolatetartguy about 5 hours ago

May be attending a conference there at the end of the month. I could walk down O'Farrell to Brenda's or up Jones to ...

moto commented 30 minutes ago

viet herb garnish plates in sf

by augustiner about 15 hours ago

today i went to mong thu in the tenderloin in SF to try their bun bo hue. thought i might try to participate in the D...


bigwheel042 commented about 2 hours ago

Restaurants in Outer Sunset (and nearby)

by Tubulus about 5 hours ago

Spending a week in Outer Sunset and looking for places for dinner. We were last here about 1.5 years ago, our list ...


tranewreck commented about 3 hours ago

SF Fine Dining Questions

by SFDiner2015 10 days ago

Hi, I am currently living in Paris but will be returning to the states, SF in particular, next month. I'm currently c...

macdog commented about 3 hours ago

SF restaurant recommendations

by GuelphGwen 6 days ago

My husband and I will be in San Francisco for a few nights in October (Sat - Mon). We are already booked for Rich Tab...

grayelf commented about 4 hours ago

Thoughts on Park Tavern?

by macdog 5 days ago

We're taking some French business associates out to dinner in SF in October on a Sunday night. I picked Park Tavern ...

macdog commented about 19 hours ago

What happened to all the good deli's in SF

by Ed over 11 years ago

What happened to all the good deli's in SF. There was a good one on Geary called Herman's and one on Noreiga St. call...

Cynsa commented about 21 hours ago

Where to buy wild boar in the Bay Area?

by bobabear 1 day ago

Hi there! I'd like to make a wild boar ragu for my husband's birthday, reminiscent of our trip to Tuscany earlier ...


Ericruo commented about 23 hours ago

La Boulange Returns

by patsully 11 days ago

It's official: "The first location to return will be Rigo’s flagship bakery on Pine Street in Pacific Heights, wh...


oniontears commented 1 day ago

Favorite restaurants in Marin?

by Sharuf 4 days ago

Had lunch the other day at Chalet Basque in San Rafael on N. San Pedro. What a charming place! Great for meeting wi...


vespadoggie commented 1 day ago

Restaurants & Bars Be the first to comment

Sunnyvale - Great Finds Chile Verde and Al Pastor

by goldangl95 1 day ago

A short post on two meals I really enjoyed lately: Tia Juana - Has a great really flavorful, pork chile verde. Yo...

Sonoma - Healdsburg Suggestions

by elycohn 2 days ago

I am going to be in Healdsburg this week. I need some help in two areas... 1. I'm trying to decide on Vallete or B...


elycohn commented 1 day ago

Gum Kuo Dublin soft opening

by PeterL 14 days ago

The Dublin branch of this Oakland restaurant is now open (after about a year!). Last weekend the place is already pa...


pushslice commented 1 day ago

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Favorite Pollo Asado take-out in EastBay, CA?

by pushslice 1 day ago

There are a few mexican asaderos around the East Bay, but i've only tried a handful thus far. Any recommendations to ...

Quiet Restaurant for Group of 6

by JonDough 6 days ago

I am tasked with finding a nice quiet restaurant that can seat 6 easily and allow for easy conversation in SF for lat...


JonDough commented 1 day ago

Malaikottai | Indian Chettinad Restaurant in Newark

by Melanie Wong about 1 month ago

Keep forgetting to post the tip sent in by a shy 'hound a few months ago. Aachi Aappakadai (Sunnyvale and Santa Clara...


Ericruo commented 1 day ago

Xinjiang style skewer roundup

by hyperbowler 6 months ago

The Bay Area doesn't have that much food from Northwestern China, but we've got about a dozen places now that special...

hyperbowler commented 2 days ago

SF Michelin 2016

by sffoodie123 3 days ago

With the NYC Michelin Guide already out, SF in next in line, and I think we are in for an exciting year. My predictio...


SFDiner2015 commented 3 days ago

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