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Pizza Margherita: SFBA Dish of the Month August 2015

by pamf 2 months ago

Let's all try Pizza Margherita during the month of August. There is always a lot of discussion on different styles of...


sugartoof commented about 2 hours ago

Pal's Takeaway [San Francisco]

by DavidForer over 6 years ago

My previous post on Pal's got deleted by the CH censors. I guess they didn't like that I humoursly (IMHO) joked that ...

Melanie Wong commented about 8 hours ago

SF Michelin 2016

by sffoodie123 5 days ago

With the NYC Michelin Guide already out, SF in next in line, and I think we are in for an exciting year. My predictio...

patsully commented about 11 hours ago

Ladies app+drink tasting in SF

by yammers 24 days ago

Hi! Three ladies in their early thirties coming to San Fran in mid October. We love interesting food, cocktails and a...


davidg1 commented about 12 hours ago

Bún bò Huế, SFBA Dish of the Month, October 2015

by 8 days ago

Well, bun bo hue has enough votes in the nominations thread, and the weather is rapidly turning towards fall, so I de...


Hop commented about 14 hours ago

Plain grilled fish?

by PeggyH 5 months ago

Will be visiting SF area in the fall and, due to serious diet restrictions, am looking for places that offer non-fuss...


ferret commented about 14 hours ago

Looking for bread and scone baker to come to my house in SF to help me bake...

by wellworld 2 days ago

I am looking for some help from a baker who knows how to bake bread and scones, You may want a day away from your reg...


wellworld commented about 15 hours ago

Gather, Berkeley report w/ pics

by hhc over 4 years ago

I went to try Gather in Downtown Berkeley on Mon 1/24/11. It's really close to Downtown Berkeley Bart - just walk So...

Melanie Wong commented about 15 hours ago

Salmiakki Ice Cream in the Bay Area?

by TLX about 19 hours ago

Hello! I really want to try salmiakki ice cream but I don't think any online store will be able to ship ice cream ...

SF restaurant recommendations

by GuelphGwen 9 days ago

My husband and I will be in San Francisco for a few nights in October (Sat - Mon). We are already booked for Rich Tab...

barleywino commented 1 day ago

Private dining rooms on the Peninsula

by Sushi Monster 2 days ago

Dearest Hounds, This feels unnatural, for me to be asking a question rather than providing guidance. Sort of like...

macdog commented 1 day ago

SF Fine Dining Questions

by SFDiner2015 12 days ago

Hi, I am currently living in Paris but will be returning to the states, SF in particular, next month. I'm currently c...


bnowell commented 2 days ago

Restaurants in Outer Sunset (and nearby)

by Tubulus 3 days ago

Spending a week in Outer Sunset and looking for places for dinner. We were last here about 1.5 years ago, our list ...


sugartoof commented 2 days ago

Where to buy wild boar in the Bay Area?

by bobabear 4 days ago

Hi there! I'd like to make a wild boar ragu for my husband's birthday, reminiscent of our trip to Tuscany earlier ...


Joel commented 2 days ago

Lunch spots near Nikko Hotel, O'Farrell and Mason?

by chocolatetartguy 3 days ago

May be attending a conference there at the end of the month. I could walk down O'Farrell to Brenda's or up Jones to ...

barleywino commented 2 days ago

viet herb garnish plates in sf

by augustiner 3 days ago

today i went to mong thu in the tenderloin in SF to try their bun bo hue. thought i might try to participate in the D...


bigwheel042 commented 3 days ago

Thoughts on Park Tavern?

by macdog 7 days ago

We're taking some French business associates out to dinner in SF in October on a Sunday night. I picked Park Tavern ...

macdog commented 3 days ago

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