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Hiddenjford salmon

by smilingal 1 year ago

I have been reading some old threads trying to figure out which way to go with salmon. We prefer milder tasting fish...


fishgirl12 commented 9 days ago

Making sushi-grade salmon?

by maxman190 3 years ago

I'm planning to buy some salmon that aren't sushi grade from the supermarket and it may be fresh, but I know it won't...


Aneeks commented 21 days ago

Salmon left out 45 min?

by coelomate 3 years ago

Forgot a salmon fillet, pretty thick, on the counter for 45 min at about 85 degrees room temp. When I realized I'd...


acgold7 commented 1 month ago

Cooking with cream--will it curdle?

by JennyH 8 years ago

I'm poaching salmon on a bed of sorrel with white wine. Can I add cream while it's cooking, or after, or will the wi...


saria commented 2 months ago

Help! My salmon cakes are soooo dry!

by ndesilva 2 months ago

I made salmon cakes for the first time yesterday and, while I followed the recipe exactly, they are very very dry. Th...

Ttrockwood commented 2 months ago

Can I make fish stock from salmon?

by pointybird 14 years ago

I bought a whole fish a few weeks ago and due to my inept butchering, I have a good pound-and-a-half of very meaty bo...


isafakir commented 2 months ago

Cedar Plank Salmon in the Oven - what temperature?

by fldhkybnva 3 years ago

I am planning to cook salmon on a cedar plank for the first time tonight. I know that they are traditionally used on...


food4mee commented 3 months ago

Where to find the best wild Salmon/Halibut/Seafood?

by figueroa579 5 months ago

Any suggestions on where to ship/order frozen wild salmon/halibut/seafood? I recently ordered the seafood sampler fro...


ArcticChar commented 4 months ago

Seattle: Smoked Salmon (as a gift)--Last minute!

by GraceW 4 months ago

I need a last minute gift of smoked salmon (maybe the kind in the wooden-boxes... or at least a box that looks nice)....


Jeri L commented 4 months ago

Bay of Fundy salmon

by EM23 5 months ago

Is this a wild, farmed or GMO fish? I don’t recall ever seeing Bay of Fundy salmon for sale before in the New York area.

EM23 commented 5 months ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

2 Quick Seafood Dishes for Your Christmas Dinner

by LargoBarandGrill 5 months ago

Its holiday season! Christmas is just round the corner! As much as we wait for the holiday festivities and fun with f...

Highliner frozen wild salmon fillets [moved from Ontario]

by Nyleve 6 years ago

So maybe I'm crazy, but I bought some frozen salmon fillets - Highliner brand - full sides, wild Keta salmon. Small p...


jessie123 commented 5 months ago

Sashimi Grade Salmon - Question it's Authenticity

by ShinjiCook 5 months ago

Hey guys, So I found this store down by Gerrard and Broadview that sells Sashimi grade salmon. The Place i'm ta...


Snarf commented 5 months ago

Sauce for Salmon Pancakes

by Jim Leff 6 months ago

These aren't anything like conventional salmon cakes...or, really, anything else I've ever seen. I broil or grill a s...


zackly commented 6 months ago

In search of mild salmon

by Florida Hound 5 years ago

My wife and I are discovering the joys of mild salmon, but when we realized our new delight was from China, we decide...

mcf commented 6 months ago

Please help me to like salmon

by jacquelyncoffey 8 years ago

I can eat salmon, but I don't love it. Any recipes/tips to making it taste less fishy? It's so healthy for you, I'd l...


Querencia commented 7 months ago

Garnishes for smoked salmon

by Suzie 9 years ago

I am getting a side of salmon for a small brunch I am doing and beside the regular egg, onion, dill, and capers what ...

perk commented 7 months ago

How to cook salmon?

by laraibcooks 10 months ago

I bought some salmon and marinaded it in lemon, olive oil and Rosemary. It has skin on it. How am I supposed to cook ...

semisweet commented 7 months ago

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