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Why is the Montreal Board so Quiet

by JerkPork 1 day ago

Is it because of the new version of CH? Where are all the regulars, there are only one or two posts per day. What i...


C70 commented 27 minutes ago

Openings and Closings: October, November, December 2015

by lagatta 2 months ago

Starting this a bit early. Please keep September openings and closings in the sunnier summer thread. The new format r...


Glaff commented 4 hours ago

Le Moine Echanson (Quebec City)

by CaptCrunch 3 months ago

I'll start a discussion on Le Moine Echanson since there are still none. Le Moine Echansson is a Quebec City wine ...


CaptCrunch commented 19 hours ago

Brazilian in Montreal

by Ghostquatre 7 days ago

Are there any quality Brazilian restaurants in Montreal at all? Any price range is fine, but am absolutely not willi...


sweettoothMTL commented 1 day ago

P'Tit Plateau 2015

by mattlane 10 months ago

Restaurants have peaks and valleys - what's the latest on this venerable SW French resto? Anyone been in the last 12 ...


sweettoothMTL commented 1 day ago

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Bouillon Bilk or Europea

by Ajaxrunner 1 day ago

I am struggling with this decision for Boxing Day. Europea can only accommodate me at 9pm. Since I would like to a...

any good store bought potato latkes around montreal area?

by Matash 5 years ago

Ok ok I know home made is best but no time right now A lot of these are made with potato starches etc - never ...


finefoodie55 commented 1 day ago

Where to find cinchona (powder)

by estilker 5 years ago

Want to make my own tonic, but do not feel like ordering online and waiting and all that. Instant gratification is wh...


DowntownJosie commented 4 days ago

ISO Small glass bottles- around 250 ml

by karela 1 month ago

I am really into making my own liqueurs and aperitifs and I am always looking for bottles to use when I give them as ...

SourberryLily commented 6 days ago

Opinion needed: Quebec beer for Carbonnade Flamande

by CaptCrunch 14 days ago

Greetings gentlemen! I am working on a carbonnade flamande project for friends this weekend and I thought of using...


CaptCrunch commented 7 days ago

SAQ Wine and spirits

by CaptCrunch 4 months ago

Since the sale of alcohol is controlled by a central governmental agency, I thought it would be interesting to share ...


CaptCrunch commented 7 days ago

New-ish AYCE Sushi restaurants

by eatsfromtheeast 1 month ago

There have been some new-ish All you can eat sushi restaurants in Montreal recently that opened in place of former Al...


Mr F commented 8 days ago

Visiting Montreal for 6 days; What about my dining list?

by singleguychef 3 months ago

Hi chowhounds! I'm traveling to Montreal in October for the first time for six days. After perusing the boards and...

singleguychef commented 8 days ago

Dragon House restaurant (long gone) - chefs still around?

by Apple IIGS 4 years ago

Does anyone here remember The Dragon House (Maison du Dragon) restaurant? It was a Chinese food restaurant that h...

heybaldy commented 9 days ago

Kim Phat or Marche Fu Tai?

by meagain 26 days ago

Does any one have a preference? Heading over to that neighbourhood this weekend for some groceries.


Ghostquatre commented 12 days ago

Advice for 3 days

by snikpmot1 15 days ago

We will be in Montreal from Nov 19 to 22. Looking for advice for 3 evenings. 2 evenings for my wife and me. One eveni...


sweettoothMTL commented 12 days ago

Where to find Satsuma mandarins

by pkzilla 9 months ago

I know this may be a stretch but I was wondering if any of you might know if I can get Satsuma (Japanese) mandarins i...


pkzilla commented 12 days ago

Nice restaurant for lunch on a Tuesday?

by karela 16 days ago

Looking for a place to have a "fancy" ish lunch tomorrow- perhaps some place that would be much more expensive for di...


hrundbakshi commented 16 days ago

Nuts, Seeking best prices,Montreal

by AMETHYSTENERGY 18 days ago

In Montreal, C.d.N, NDG,Snowdon,Lasalle-besides Akhavan,are there any other lower priced stores to purchase fresh nut...


maj54us commented 16 days ago

Le Petit Alep report (long)

by CaptCrunch 22 days ago

TLDR: Great food, great service. Had a great time will be back. I have been meaning to make a report on Petit Alep...


CaptCrunch commented 19 days ago

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