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Le Pier 66 (Plateau Mont-Royal)

by OliverB 13 hours ago

Hey friends, I'll be back in my beloved hometown in a couple of weeks and so I've been doing a bit of research int...


lagatta commented 2 hours ago


by jonny8 6 years ago

Hey, This may seem like an odd request but I am looking for any places that sell slurpees in Montreal. I'm origin...


ImSoBasic commented 10 hours ago

Montreal restaurants with walk in/bar eating

by neuman101 2 days ago

I will be up in montreal this weekend, its last minute and I have no reservations. It will prob just 1-3 diners. Does...


CaptCrunch commented 11 hours ago

joe beef wine prices discussed in globe and mail

by tdiddy23 3 years ago

I was reading this article the other day


CaptCrunch commented 1 day ago

Openings and Closings: April, May, June 2016

by lagatta 2 months ago

Café Pista has prowled about on triporteur cycles, and now has a fixed abode. Opening announced in April 2016 at 500 ...

cherylmtl commented 2 days ago

The Taco thread

by eatsfromtheeast 2 months ago

I thought it would be nice to have a single thread for all taco related discussions. Seems like there are many more o...

kpzoo commented 4 days ago

Food Events - Montreal 2016

by ylsf 3 months ago

Curious if people have tips or suggestions for food related events this weekend. I know the following but thought pe...


C70 commented 4 days ago

40th birthday meal/tasting menu

by FS4131 8 days ago

Hi All, Long-time lurker here, hoping you can give me some ideas/feedback on the best tasting menus (or celebratory ...


FS4131 commented 6 days ago

Best lump charcoal?

by Chocolatesa 2 years ago

I'm gonna buy myself a charcoal bbq today and decided I want to try using lump (natural) charcoal. It's been many yea...

heybaldy commented 7 days ago

Lunch stop on the 50 between Gatineau and Montreal

by sweettoothMTL 7 days ago

Hello, Any suggestions for a place to stop for lunch between gatineau and Montréal, leaving from Gatineau (Hull) aro...

ScoobySnacks20 commented 7 days ago

Jean Talon Market & Vicinity 2016

by JerkPork 3 months ago

I was about to reply in the midst of the discussion of Andrea Jourdan in the Opening/Closing thread but figured it wo...

heybaldy commented 7 days ago


by heybaldy 26 days ago

My favorite fishmonger was the poissonerie inside the IGA on keller street. Not your typical grocery store fish and ...


JohnnyGe commented 7 days ago

Piazza Tomasso's "Pizza Plus"

by Tatai 2 years ago

My sister and I, former Montrealers who grew up on Piazza Tomasso, Miss Montreal, House of Wong (dinner #4 for two), ...


MisterMike commented 10 days ago

Best Ramen in Montreal

by Siumaieater 1 year ago

With all the pseudo-izakayas opening, and ramen making a bit of headway, I thought it was time for this glorious crea...


eatsfromtheeast commented 11 days ago

Maris Piper Potatoes in Montreal

by C70 16 days ago

I'd love to try these spuds without having to cross the pond. Do we have a potato vendor here in Montreal who specia...


lagatta commented 12 days ago

surprisingly new Indian PIZZA PLACE called JARRY PIZZA

by maj54us 3 years ago

I took a gamble on Sunday. My favorite haitian griot and "riz collé" place LA VIDA was closed. Accros the street I no...


maj54us commented 13 days ago

Family Reunion Labor Day weekend

by DolceFarNiente 22 days ago

Looking for a place to hold a family reunion for about 50 people. The challenges are that it is the Saturday night o...


DolceFarNiente commented 14 days ago

Grocery stores with sales that require you to buy multiples

by stak 15 days ago

I seem to recall hearing years ago that stores were not supposed to do this, as it discriminates against those who ar...


JerkPork commented 14 days ago

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