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Find the best restaurants, bars, coffee shops, ice cream, and more in the province of Quebec. We also have tags for many of the individual cities in the region, which you can browse here.

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Decarie and Jean Talon area

by meagain 2 years ago

Any good weekday lunch spots near there? All I can think of is fast food from driving past. Really not familiar with ...


JerkPork commented 5 hours ago

24 hour / Late night restaurants

by karela 16 days ago

Looking for ideas on late night/all night restaurants! Ideas for anywhere in Montreal welcome as I will be likely al...


Mr F commented 1 day ago

Lattuca Barbecue

by EaterBob 1 year ago

Finally, Triple Crown has some competition. Lattuca Barbecue at 15 de la Commune W makes a mean brisket. As far as I ...


JerkPork commented 1 day ago

Looking for donuts in the West Island

by DanyR 2 months ago

Hi! Are there any places to get great donuts in the West Island (not Timmies)? Or a place that would deliver 1-2 doz...


JerkPork commented 1 day ago

Commercial kitchen for rent for a one-time project?

by melani1 1 year ago

I've searched high and low and can't find the resource such as this : http://alimentaryinitiatives.com/hot-kitchens-t...


ShahinMuttalib commented 3 days ago

Dutch chocolate letters in Montreal?

by deadchildstar 5 years ago

Is this a futile search? I'm looking for Dutch chocolate letters in Montreal, for Sinterklaas. Yes, I can order t...

lacagna commented 4 days ago

Coffee & Tea Be the first to comment

Loose linden flower tea?

by hungryann 4 days ago

Where can I find the loose leaf form of this tea and not the flavorless teabags?

Openings and Closings: October, November, December 2016

by lagatta 2 months ago

Someone has to do it. I hate winter, but this board aims to keep apace of changes (Openings, Closings, changes in voc...


lagatta commented 4 days ago

Restaurants & Bars Be the first to comment

Medusa, Bis or Ferreira for lunch?

by remdog99 4 days ago

Which of these 3 is best? Or is there another downtown lunch spot that is even better?

Christmas cake or plum puddings

by yeggy 5 days ago

What is the best Christmas cake and plum pudding sold in supermarkets. Thanks


C70 commented 5 days ago

The Best Tourtiere in Montreal

by finefoodie55 29 days ago

I used to pick up my Tourtiere's at La Binerie on Mont Royal, but I need a change, can you point me in the right dire...


OliverB commented 6 days ago

3 Dinners In Montreal

by Ciao Bob 25 days ago

Got a long weekend coming up, Saturday Night to Monday Night, leaving on a Tuesday morning. Have not been to Montrea...


williej commented 7 days ago

SAQ Wine and spirits

by CaptCrunch 1 year ago

Since the sale of alcohol is controlled by a central governmental agency, I thought it would be interesting to share ...


CaptCrunch commented 9 days ago

Le Mousso wines

by hungryann 15 days ago

I was at Le Mousso two weeks ago and really enjoyed the wine pairings with each course. I particularly liked a Greek ...

hungryann commented 10 days ago

Pheasant breast in mtl

by whiteben 11 days ago

hey yall hope everyone is doing good. I just saw this awesome recipe from scott rea (my idol) and it called for a bac...


Mr F commented 10 days ago

Where to find fresh jackfruit in Montreal?

by Luca94 12 days ago

Any ideas where i can find fresh jackfruit on the island of montreal or possibly even outside the island? Thank you

heybaldy commented 11 days ago

Killer Shrimp

by heybaldy 5 months ago

Who has a shrimp entree that will blow me away. I already know all the local haunts famous for seafood. I now search ...


lagatta commented 13 days ago

Markets & Stores Be the first to comment

Where can I find Talenti Gelato in Montreal?

by OliverB 13 days ago

There's a seasonal eggnog flavor that I'd really like to try while I'm in town next month. Are there any local market...

ISO Lactantia foaming dairy blend for cappuccino and latte

by hungryann 1 year ago

Hi folks, I found this product in Mourelatos last month and bought it a few times. They have since stopped carryi...

hungryann commented 15 days ago