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How to cook a thick pork chop

by laredo 4 years ago

I need to cook some pork chops that are 1 1/4 inch thick tonight; in fact, in just a few minutes. I have oil heati...


JonGuerra commented 21 hours ago

Boston Chinese Pork Strips

by barbqman 7 days ago

If you love or loved Pork Strips in the Boston area here's how to make them really easily and they are great: get a...

TrishUntrapped commented 1 day ago

Defrosting pork

by kaysheh 10 days ago

I want to fully defrost my 3lb frozen pork shoulder for a slow cooker recipe. Problem is, I can't tell if it's fully...

alex9179 commented 10 days ago

chicharron prensado- how do I make it?

by churchka 9 years ago

I recently had something called chicharron prensado at a local Mexican restaurant. It was served as a gordita fillin...


pacman25 commented 11 days ago

pork chops in the oven- do you prefer a slow oven or a hot oven?

by prima 4 years ago

I find my pork chops dry out/toughen up if I bake/roast them at 350, and usually end up more tender if I bake/roast/b...


evans65 commented 12 days ago

Cryovac pork loin odor

by virtualmelissa 28 days ago

Hi, I've never cooked pork before and am trying to do so today. I bought a 2-pound pork loin roast about a week or t...


virtualmelissa commented 14 days ago

Does vegetarian pork belly exist?? Hmmm....

by codychop 6 years ago

I'm just tossing an idea around in my head-- I am making pork belly momofuku style buns for my chinese new years part...


rencelicous commented 16 days ago

Pork Hocks and Pickled pigs feet

by sonnymooks 9 years ago

I've always been a huge pork fan, but someone told me to try something different ( I don't know him well, and not to ...

paizley commented 16 days ago

Desperately seeking meat in Allentown

by tigerracing 4 years ago

I just moved here from Seattle and am at a loss to find some place to buy all the varieties I am so used to. I am loo...


mumum44 commented 16 days ago

Steamship of Pork...a.k.a, Fresh Ham - - Slow Roasted @ 210* for 12 hours, with Pictures.

by fourunder 3 years ago

I'm a fan of pork. I love it prepared in any ethnic version, but slow roasted and barbecue are my favorites. The Fr...


fourunder commented 19 days ago

Sweetmeat Empanadas with New Mexico influence

by Bourgeois 7 years ago

Please help me find a recipe for sweetmeat empanadas. My grandma, Teresina, used to make these at Christmas. She us...


RebaNM commented 21 days ago

Chorizo crawl - Pork salivary glands, lymph nodes & fat (cheeks)

by rworange 10 years ago

This is probably the scariest thing I’ve eaten in my life. I’ve been doing a little crawl of local SF Bay Area Me...


slayer666 commented 21 days ago

Dry roast pork - what to do with it?

by Bat Guano 8 years ago

I've about given up on commercial pork loin - it always turns out dry and flavorless. Yes, I know about brining, but ...


kake1606 commented 25 days ago

how long do i cook my pork shoulder?

by Danimal 10 years ago

i can't remember how big it is. is there a per pound rule? what temp? btw i'm roasting it.


giantfuq2yoo commented 26 days ago

Pork rib membrane - remove or not?

by Midlife 2 years ago

OK............. now I'm confused. The cooking shows I remember about making pork ribs all said to remove the membran...


zackly commented 26 days ago

Pork Shoulder or Pork Butt????

by Rippin200 7 years ago

Get confused with the two different cuts. I love slow cooked pulled pork but my grocery store only sells bone in pork...


branden22 commented 27 days ago

bon appetit archive recipe

by Brenda Dunlop 6 years ago

This mustard crusted pork roast recipe was fabulous and I've lost it. Does anyone have it, the magazine was from the...


kayaker129 commented 1 month ago

Best method to reheat pork tenderloin and not overcook it?

by grnidkjun 6 years ago

I have a pork tenderloin I need to reheat for leftovers.. what would be the best way to warm it up but try to avoid o...


obnancy commented 1 month ago

Frozen Pork Butt in Crockpot w/o Defrosting First?

by Tedmom 8 years ago

I have a 3.5 pound frozen, boneless pork butt in the freezer and was wondering whether I can simply put it straight f...


shelley4263 commented 1 month ago

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