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4 Nights to eat NOLA - list validation/suggestion seeking

by shecktor 18 hours ago

Celebrating 20th anniversary over long weekend (10/27-1031) with my fellow food loving wife. We have visited the city...


al b. commented 3 hours ago

A little New Orleans help please

by saffrongold 7 days ago

I have a trip to New Orleans coming up in early November for 5 nights, which will play out to 10 meals. We are not g...

saffrongold commented 4 hours ago

Where to spend morning/midday in New Orleans with car?

by MrsPatmore 8 days ago

I'm arriving in New Orleans a week from tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. Unfortunately my air B&B rental will not be available f...

MrsPatmore commented 10 hours ago

Need your thoughts quick!! Coquette or Brigsten's?

by twentyoystahs 6 days ago

Ok, so we will be arriving in New Orleans tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon and I have a group of 5 having dinner togeth...


hazelhurst commented 2 days ago

A question about Galatoires

by twentyoystahs 2 months ago

So......coming from Boston with some friends for a big birthday celebration in October. (Hi Blumie -- didn't you used...


twentyoystahs commented 6 days ago

Mr. B's BBQ shrimp recipe? (New Orleans style)

by Torolover 6 years ago

I was at NOLA and had Mr. B's incredible BBQ Shrimp. I found Mr. B has the recipe online. Anyone make this recipe o...


ktmtp commented 7 days ago

Taste of New Orleans - which area should I spend my evening eating and going to shows/bars?

by wendy 11 days ago

I'm going to New Orleans Thur-sun right before Halloween with a group of ladies. It's our first time in New Orleans ...


collardman commented 7 days ago

Oceana torched!

by sanglier 5 years ago

I have no use for Oceana for a litany of reasons, but I still can't believe they'd be willing to air their extremely ...


collardman commented 7 days ago

Upcoming trip

by ellkayem 1 month ago

Have been to New Orleans over 20 times. Will be there in January for the now annual Radiators reunion at Tips. I'm a...


ellkayem commented 12 days ago

New Orleans in November

by meggan 13 days ago

I am headed to NOLA for a few days in November and have come up with the eat list below. Does anyone have any experi...


Celery commented 12 days ago

Oysters and Crabmeat

by pups224 13 days ago

I am going to be in NOLA for a few days (not my first time). Could you suggest a restaurant/bar that has the best fr...


collardman commented 13 days ago

Toups South

by collardman 17 days ago

I had a nice light lunch there last week. I like the atmosphere better than Purloo. The service was good. I only had...


hazelhurst commented 14 days ago

Chef visiting - must hits in New Orleans

by RobConnoley 22 days ago

I'm coming in for a signing at Maple Street books for my cookbook tour (Wed @ 6), and am a Loyola Grad ('90), and hav...


mushroomaffairs commented 18 days ago

Current Top Five

by The Chowfather 1 year ago

I'm planning on heading back to New Orleans in October. I'm very familiar with the food scene but haven't been back ...

The Chowfather commented 18 days ago

Casamento's or Willie Mae's? Please help me pick!

by liebersh 1 month ago

I know, they are completely different. But here's the deal. 10 of us will be travelling to New Orleans for my wife'...


liebersh commented 18 days ago

New Orleans - Off the beaten path?

by MrsPatmore 1 month ago

Heading to NO to eat for 5 days next month. Haven't been there since pre-Katrina. Looking for recommendations for bre...


kittyfood commented 18 days ago

Restaurants & Bars Be the first to comment

Going to NOLA for five days

by pups224 19 days ago

I am going to NOLA for a five day conference. And will dining alone most of the time. I've been quite a few times 30 ...

New Orleans Dinner Reservations in December

by dadetigl 26 days ago

We are coming to New Orleans on the first and second week in December. First time in 7 years. Do you think I have to...


Blumie commented 19 days ago

Has New Orleans just become another ok food town?

by joedontexan 1 month ago

Last Saturday night I was having a meal at Dickie Brennans steakhouse, room temperature creamed spinach, subpar baked...


sammyo commented 25 days ago

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New Orleans Bakeries

by BerkeleySQ 27 days ago

Can anyone suggest a bakery in the New Orleans area that sells pullman loaves of bread, preferably sliced lengthwise?

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