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Any recent experiences at Bistro Daisy

by nynola 11 hours ago

Hello all Has anyone been to Bistro Daisy recently - I was there 5 or more years ago and am considering it for d...

Dante's Kitchen or Brigsten's

by villadeste92 4 days ago

Arriving in early April for my second visit to New Orleans. My traveling companions are visiting for the first time. ...


Isabella commented 21 hours ago

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Echire Butter

by rondl 1 day ago

I will be in NOLA twice over the next couple of months. Does anyone know if Echire Butter is sold in New Orleans a...

Jazz Fest is coming! Need kid-friendly recos...

by j.ho 1 day ago

Hello! We're headed down in April for Jazz Fest with our five year-old...I could use your help. We're staying in the ...


Blumie commented 1 day ago

Nice dinner alone

by cgh 6 days ago

I would like a recommendation for a nice dinner in New Orleans. I will be dining alone, and would like to be somewhe...


saeyedoc commented 1 day ago

Casual Inexpensive lunch for 20

by ChewzyByNature 8 days ago

I will be coming from NYC to New Orleans for my wedding and already have all those details set up. However, I would l...

TaTee commented 5 days ago

Ahhh Too Much on my Plate - NOLA Trip

by saradoesmakeup 23 days ago

My boyfriend and I are going to New Orleans this coming Friday, January 22nd - Wednesday, January 27th. We haven't re...


hazelhurst commented 6 days ago

Long weekend trip report - Friday Galatoire's, August, Peche, Commander's, Herbsaint and others

by walker42 8 days ago

Our first trip to NO went well. We had a great time and had some memorable experiences making friends and seeing grea...

walker42 commented 6 days ago

Pantry Items

by RoamingLocal 15 days ago

I'm trying to find food items made in New Orleans that can be shipped to California. Does anybody have any suggestions?


hazelhurst commented 7 days ago

New Orleans trip with Kids

by Kinyo 8 days ago

Good afternoon, Were are a family of 4, one baby girl of 6 month and my other girl is 3. It will be for my wife an...


hazelhurst commented 8 days ago

Help with 4 day weekend Mardi Gras Lite in January

by walker42 4 months ago

Curious about: Sylvain Angeline Galatoire’s Herbsaint R’evolution Root GW Fins Commander’s Palace August ...

walker42 commented 8 days ago

French Quarter Fest 2016

by dallarose23 10 days ago

A group of friends and I are thinking of heading down to NOLA for the French Quarter Fest. Can someone tell me if th...


Blumie commented 9 days ago

A Food Transition

by Hungrierthanever 25 days ago

Moving to a new city is stressful. 2 years ago (Jan. 31st) I landed in LA with everything I had looking to further my...

nannygoat commented 10 days ago

Weekend before Mardi Gras restaurant recommendations

by bblonde 15 days ago

My husband and I will be in NOLA for a short trip from late Friday evening February 5 to late evening February 7, the...


Blumie commented 14 days ago

Food for the airport

by ellkayem 1 month ago

Staying at the Loews next weekend. What's the best sandwich to travel with and eat on the way home?


LorenzoGA commented 15 days ago

First Time Visiting from SoCal, 4 lunches, 4 dinners

by jacknhedy 30 days ago

Hi all! My real first visit was on a company trip 25 years ago, when I was flat broke. Tastiest thing I remembered ha...


hazelhurst commented 16 days ago

Antoine's, Galatoire's or Arnaud's

by gabino 1 year ago

Dear residents of NOLA familiar with the above troika: Will visit in April for 4 days: M,T,W,Th. only. First time fo...


Big Easy commented 16 days ago

Help with "CLASSIC" New Orleans dining

by OliverB 1 month ago

Hey folks, To help steer the conversation, I want to make it clear that the primary interest and focus is on "Old ...

Snoopyoo commented 17 days ago

"No Menu Tuesday" at Coquette

by Blumie 20 days ago

Coquette is one of my favorite New Orleans restaurants in the "upscale casual" category. The food is great, the serv...


Hockey19 commented 17 days ago

New Orleans School of Cooking?

by sammyo 3 months ago

Can anyone opine about their demos and food? A friend recommended it highly.


Momeaux commented 19 days ago

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