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Po' Boys near the New Orleans convention center

by sshuit 1 day ago

Hi folks. Dying to try a really good po'boy (type unimportant) somewhere near the new Orleans convention center. (b...


collardman commented about 2 hours ago

Heavy lunch, light dinner

by JohnInToronto 4 days ago

To save money I'm going to take advantage of the lunch deals available at many of the better restaurants in or near t...


JohnInToronto commented 1 day ago

Bday Halloween Trip

by lazy 5 days ago

This is my first trip to NOLA and my partner's 2nd (though the last time he was there, it was just post Katrina and h...


lazy commented 1 day ago

RIP Chef Paul

by collardman 2 days ago

I only met him a few times but every time he was a true gentleman and made you feel like he wanted to spend time with...


hazelhurst commented 2 days ago

birthday dinner and other affordable recommendations

by lorrtov 2 days ago

Celebrating the hubs 40th birthday the week of 10/19 in NOLA. I made a reservation at Emeril's for his bday dinner. I...


collardman commented 2 days ago

Mosca's and others

by dineomatic about 2 months ago

After two years I will be in NOLA for several days beginning on Oct. 1st and wanted to know if Mosca's across the bri...


collardman commented 2 days ago

Big Birthday Trip, Need Suggestions

by lsmutko 10 days ago

I've searched -- and maybe it's the redesign, maybe it's my bad -- and not come up with a whole lot of useful info, w...


Woobniggurath commented 5 days ago

What are some of the best cocktail bars?

by Matronix 16 days ago

My soon to be wife and I are coming to New Orleans in a week for our honeymoon. We are always up for a gook cocktail....


Woobniggurath commented 5 days ago

Casual Group Dining

by lmp1125 9 days ago

I am looking for a restaurant/pub/bar with food/beer/liquor for a group of 20-30 sailors holding a reunion in new orl...

TaTee commented 6 days ago

October Trip, Feedback Please

by gbailey75 20 days ago

Making a second annual trip to NOLA in October (17th-21) and looking for feedback from Chowhounders on our plans. As ...


Hockey19 commented 7 days ago

Willie Mae Seaton is gone

by nikkihwood 16 days ago

I tell y'all, I am not even sure where to post this, and it's kind of irritating. Miss Willie Mae passed away over...


chinnyttown commented 9 days ago

New Orleans trip in Nov for 6-8

by loraxc 26 days ago

A group of girlfriends and I are traveling to NOLA in early November for a fun long weekend--not totally set yet, but...

DrakeRemoray commented 11 days ago

Thanksgiving in New Orleans

by caitmarcopolo 11 days ago

Hi foodies, The man and I are planning on spending Thanksgiving Day in New Orleans this year. Any suggestions on ...


hazelhurst commented 11 days ago

Brunch or Lunch or dinner?

by ellkayem 14 days ago

Plotting out a quick trip to New Orleans ( I've been many times). Wondering where you think the better meal would be ...


collardman commented 11 days ago

New Orleans Thanksgiving 2015

by Sarasml 24 days ago

Hello CH people! We are running to NO for Thanksgiving and I am looking for personal faves for the following Sug...


Sarasml commented 11 days ago

New Orleans for Christmas 2015

by MrsTaylor212 12 days ago

I've not been in over 20 years + wonder which restaurants are being suggested on Chowhound, specifically places for l...

TaTee commented 11 days ago


by CinnamonKitten 29 days ago

Hello. We are going to New Orleans for the first time. Please give your opinions: is Antoines a not to be missed or s...

johnb commented 13 days ago

Best breakfast/brunch places around town?

by Matronix 16 days ago

We are big breakfast people and want to try out what New Orleans has to offer. What are some of the places that are m...

TaTee commented 15 days ago

New Orleans on NYE

by SUmoldoll 19 days ago

ok, we might be crazy! But the Gods conspired and we need to be in New Orleans on Jan 3rd, so we decided to arrive a ...


Nolapants commented 15 days ago

Need suggestions for food stops between New Orleans and Baton Rouge

by sweetspoiled over 3 years ago

We have no schedule so we can take our time getting to Baton Rouge, but have no idea where to eat or stock up on loca...


Monch commented 22 days ago

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