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Location | Manhattan is home to some of the best food in the world, from haute cuisine at Per Se to cheap street food like soft pretzels and hot dogs, and classic bites like bagels and black-and-white cookies. And Chowhounds have tried it all. Get the best tips on where (and what) to eat, and share your own!

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Great soul food in Harlem that's not Sylvia's or Amy Ruth's?

by BigBrother 7 days ago

Hey guys, so I've been to the two aforementioned places several times now and have found them disgusting. It's all g...

DaveCook commented 4 hours ago

Anton's Dumplings

by nycguy20011 6 hours ago

Have any of you tried Anton's Dumplings? It's a food truck that sells pelmeni (Russian dumplings) on 6th Ave near 3rd...

DaveCook commented 5 hours ago

Seattle chef family first trip to NYC

by nrthwst 3 months ago

Me, my husband and our 3 year old daughter are traveling to NYC this summer and are trying to work out our itinerary ...


nrthwst commented 5 hours ago

April Bloomfield coming to the UWS?

by gavspen 11 days ago

Came across this..... I really, really hope this...

erica commented 6 hours ago

What are the Best 2 dishes $30 total and under before tax and tip?

by Torolover 18 hours ago

What are the BEST 2 dishes you can get $30 total and under before tax and tip, that is big enough for a meal? Please...

Ttrockwood commented 7 hours ago

Great sandwiches at Frankies Spuntino

by Blumie 9 hours ago

It's been awhile since I've posted about Frankies, and awhile since I've eaten there, but I've been twice recently. ...

Squash Blossoms in NYC farmers market or store?

by Licia829 12 hours ago

I moved out of NYC a year ago and it's been impossible to find squash blossoms- none at the farmers markets around he...

erica commented 9 hours ago

Manhattan with a Toddler - mini-report

by jovialetr 14 hours ago

Hi all, I usually travel to Manhattan 1-2 times per year on food focused trips. This was my first time going with...


nrthwst commented 10 hours ago

Favorite smoked salmon at Russ & Daughters?

by nycguy20011 2 days ago

Every time I go to Russ & Daughters, I always get the Gaspe Nova smoked salmon because that's the one I'm most famili...


small h commented 15 hours ago

Luke's Lobster!

by Motosport 15 days ago

Let me sing the praises of Luke's Lobster!! Chunky lobster, simple dressing, tasty, lobster rolls on a top split toa...

Motosport commented 16 hours ago

Remember Hobeau's?

by Linda 13 years ago

When we lived in NY, our favorite neighborhood restaurant was Hobeau's, which sadly has closed. Has anyone found ano...


bocon99 commented 1 day ago

Corn Nuggets in manhattan?

by thestarriseshine 5 years ago

So I went to college at Cornell in Ithaca, where a few restaurants serve a dish called corn nuggets. They're basical...

sadie commented 1 day ago

Omakase in NYC in the Fall

by yumfactr 22 days ago

Hello! I have looked through lots of posts here on the best omakase, the nicest omakase, cheapest, most expensive...


Bkeats commented 1 day ago

Uptating an old article I found on a "Tasting tour of Chinatown/little Italy"

by WCBowman 8 days ago

Greetings all, My wife and I will be in Manhattan for a week in September and are looking for some help revising a...

_emilie_ commented 2 days ago

Laurie Colwin's Black Cake

by Caitlin Wheeler 15 years ago

I have been rereading Home Cooking and my imagination was caught by the chapter on West Indian Black Cake. The recip...


chervil9 commented 4 days ago

Where can I buy Campari Sodas?

by asdfhjkl1 7 years ago

Does anyone know where in Manhattan I can buy Campari and Soda in those great little bottles? I'm having a dinner pa...


mitchleeny commented 4 days ago

Family Pizza

by jefpen2 7 days ago

Looking for a place for 8 where we can make reservations and maybe has a few other things on the menu. Needs to be SO...


nycguy20011 commented 4 days ago

Hunan House @ 45 Mott St.

by Stuart Thalblum 17 years ago

For almost 20 years, I frequented Hunan House at 45 Mott Street in Chinatown, a great little dive of a place with s...


aschkrutz commented 5 days ago

NYC restaurant where we can speak Mandarin?

by the Sparrow 7 days ago

Hi there - my son is getting quite good at speaking Mandarin and wants to go to a restaurant where he can converse wi...


UES Mayor commented 5 days ago

How do these cities compare for non-European food?

by chowhoundy 15 days ago

These are the 10 largest urban agglomerations in North America according to Wikipedia: Rank Name 2015 population 1 ...

estufarian commented 5 days ago

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