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Location | Manhattan is home to some of the best food in the world, from haute cuisine at Per Se, to cheap street food like soft pretzels and hot dogs, and classic bites like bagels and black-and-white cookies. Chowhounds have tried it all. Get the best tips on where (and what) to eat, or share your own!

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How much does it really cost to have dinner at EMP?

by wincountrygirl about 9 hours ago

I need some help. We are going to go to the city with another couple in November and we were thinking of going to EMP...


wincountrygirl commented 10 minutes ago

Why is pasta so expensive?

by daves_32 1 day ago

I joined the gf on a work trip to nyc this weekend. We had a great time and I will offer my reviews at a later time. ...


fourunder commented 35 minutes ago

Time for an After Action Report

by mc michael about 3 hours ago

It's been a while now. Surely, there is data to be mined at this point. Nosh alluded to some re LA's DOTM and the r...

barryc commented about 1 hour ago

Quiet and relaxed sushi in Manhattan

by sherrib 1 day ago

Hi, I am looking for a quiet and not-stuffy place with excellent sushi. Any location and price point is ok. We jus...


ClarisaDoval commented about 1 hour ago

80th bday party/need a private room

by foodstud about 24 hours ago

Looking for a spot on the upper east or midtown for an 80th bday party. 14 people and we need a private room. Looking...

Ttrockwood commented about 1 hour ago

What happened to Financier Patisserie?

by UrsusArctos 3 days ago

I'm in NYC for just over a week. It had been 18 months or so since I was in the city with some serious time to focus...

Ttrockwood commented about 2 hours ago

Lincoln Ristorante - What a shame.

by BonVivantNYC 2 days ago

Now I understand why Lincoln Ristorante has received consistently luke-warm reviews. Despite its beautiful space, th...

Ttrockwood commented about 2 hours ago

Dimes Deli

by mitchleeny about 5 hours ago

In what was once the home of Dimes (which I blogged about 2 years ago), Dimes Deli has opened. The reopened Dimes is ...

Downtown light bites/tapas/small plates that takes reservations?

by kathrynanne 2 days ago

Hi everyone. I am looking for a place in the village, Soho, Tribeca or LES that would be good for small plates. Tapas...


mitchleeny commented about 5 hours ago

Help with Manhattan Midtown

by ClarisaDoval 1 day ago

Dear chow friends, I just found out I will be staying a few days in Manhattan for a conference next week, and it ...


ClarisaDoval commented about 6 hours ago

Please help with suggestions.

by shapsplace 2 days ago

Hello, My wife and I are visiting her sister (whom recently moved to Chelsea) at the end of October. We're coming ...

rnh17 commented about 6 hours ago

Help me decide-EMP or Brooklyn Fare

by UES Mayor about 10 hours ago

Trying to decide on celebratory dinner w two great foodie friends. Which would you choose and why?

ellenost commented about 8 hours ago

Menupages bought by Allmenus?

by sgordon 9 days ago

Ugh. With no fanfare, looks like Menupages ceased to exist and all links go to some awfully designed Allmenus page. ...


Jane A. commented about 16 hours ago

Mooncake Festival Lubolang in NYC

by Pookipichu 2 days ago

The chef from Lubolang visited NYC this past week and made mooncakes in NYC for the Mid-autumn Festival. Did anyone ...


Pan commented 2 days ago

2016 Michelin Stars Are Here!

by loratliff 4 days ago

rnh17 commented 2 days ago

afternoon tea manhattan

by pkkz124 4 days ago

looking for a good place for a romantic afternoon tea in manhattan, what are your recommendation if we're looking for...

coasts commented 2 days ago

Carnegie Deli "Dead or Alive"-

by mezritch 2 months ago

Has anyone heard rumblings about the status of the CD? Its been awhile since it was closed down (for good reason). H...


mezritch commented 3 days ago

Help Choosing a Brunch Spot in Manhattan

by spenno 3 days ago

This weekend I am rounding up some friends (group will be 11-12 people) for a little celebration over a brunch. Some ...

Ttrockwood commented 3 days ago

Branching out in the East Village

by Pan 3 months ago

I eat out and do takeout and delivery a lot. It’s easy to get into a rut, and I’d like your help to branch out. I’ll ...


gargupie commented 3 days ago

Chick-Fil-A opening Oct. 3rd in NYC

by nycguy20011 9 days ago

Chick-Fil-A will officially open on 37th St. & 6th Ave on Oct. 3rd. I wonder how large crowds will be Anyone going?


nycguy20011 commented 3 days ago

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