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Location | Manhattan is home to some of the best food in the world, from haute cuisine at Per Se, to cheap street food like soft pretzels and hot dogs, and classic bites like bagels and black-and-white cookies. Chowhounds have tried it all. Get the best tips on where (and what) to eat, or share your own!

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NY Signature Sandwich (or food)

by rikk 42 minutes ago

Just about every city has a signature sandwich or signature food... Chicago is famous for its pizza and Italian beef....


thegforceny commented less than a minute ago

Chick-Fil-A opening Oct. 3rd in NYC

by nycguy20011 18 days ago

Chick-Fil-A will officially open on 37th St. & 6th Ave on Oct. 3rd. I wonder how large crowds will be Anyone going?

Multifoiled commented 2 minutes ago

Dinner suggestions near King's Theatre in Brooklyn

by JunieB 7 days ago

Would like to catch an early-ish dinner before a concert on Saturday. Would be nice to be within walking distance of ...

JunieB commented about 3 hours ago

Looking for Regal Crown Sour Cherry Candy

by Diane K over 14 years ago

Looking for a candy that was popular in the late 1960's and 1970's called Regal Crown Sour Cherry Candy, it was sold ...


paulace commented about 3 hours ago

Lamb chops?

by rikk 3 days ago

Daughter has a craving for lamb for tomorrow/Sunday night dinner. Any recommendations for restaurant preferably in mi...

Motosport commented about 3 hours ago

Tasting menu where whole table participation isn't required?

by seatripnotes 1 day ago

I'll be passing through NYC for 24 hours in late December (the 23rd, so I imagine some restaurants may be closed that...


pernodoj commented about 4 hours ago

New Owners, Chef, at Salumeria Rosi on UWS

by JoanN about 4 hours ago

The "West Side Rag" has a quote from Cesare Casella, the chef at Salumeria Rosi since it first opened, about the new ...

Late night dining - Midtown East

by r32nissan about 14 hours ago

Hi all, I work in public accounting and am quickly finding my days and evenings taken up with work. What I usuall...


comiendosiempre commented about 5 hours ago

New York Restaurants for Bay Area Foodies?

by andreab1966 4 days ago

Hello: my family is planning a visit to NYC in December. We are foodies here in the Bay Area. We discovered Taim in...


Skippy1414 commented about 11 hours ago

Nightmare in NYC

by Fine about 18 hours ago

I bought a smart phone to avoid running to the library when I traveled, but this app is torture. Trying to take...


gargupie commented about 15 hours ago

Traditional Italian Restaurant in Manhattan?

by mjo217 about 21 hours ago

Hi guys, I will be visiting the city in December with some - very Italian - family. Could you all recommend a rest...


thegforceny commented about 15 hours ago

Need an amazing solo dining recomendation in Manhattan

by bostonpilot 7 days ago

Hello all- I'm a guy from Boston, who currently lives in Asia. I get back to the U.S. Regularly on business and ...


Simon commented about 16 hours ago


by rikk 3 days ago

Any suggestions for good Mexican in Manhattan? Something different, high end, and good?


thegforceny commented about 17 hours ago

Dinner for Group of Seven?

by brew991 3 days ago

Hi everyone, Does anyone have a recommendation for next Saturday Oct 17th that would be good for a group of 7 (in...


brew991 commented about 18 hours ago

crawfish boil

by namreb 6 months ago

I will not be able to make it down to NOLA this year. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good crawfish boil local...


Ando228 commented about 19 hours ago

Need a restaurant like The Eddy . . .

by financialdistrictresident 6 days ago

I need a restaurant like The Eddy for a Sunday night. One person doesn't eat seafood, and yours truly only eats poul...


drew22 commented about 21 hours ago

Looking for old style Chow Mein in Manhattan

by cricket290 13 days ago

I grew up in Brooklyn and loved chow mein. I can't find a restaurant that makes chow mien like they did in the 1950s,...


plf515 commented about 21 hours ago

NYC Steak and Football

by jumbolaw 2 days ago

Hi all, where would you go in NYC, preferably midtown east/west to get a good steak dinner while being able to watch ...

Motosport commented about 22 hours ago

Manousheh--Middle Eastern in the West Village is alive and well.

by ZaZa 6 months ago

Manousheh, on Bleecker St. (bet. Macdougal & 6th Ave.) has only been open a month. I was there a couple of times this...


tazerowe commented 1 day ago

The Happiest Hour and Slowly Shirley; put them in the rotation

by Spiritchaser 2 days ago

Just a real quick note to say our first time at The Happiest Hour and Slowly Shirley was a wonderful success. Tiki/be...


kathryn commented 1 day ago

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