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Location | Manhattan is home to some of the best food in the world, from haute cuisine at Per Se, to cheap street food like soft pretzels and hot dogs, and classic bites like bagels and black-and-white cookies. Chowhounds have tried it all. Get the best tips on where (and what) to eat, or share your own!

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Minetta Tavern or Balthazar

by wincountrygirl about 6 hours ago

Going into the city for dinner on November 7 and both are on my bucket list. The menus are similar and both look gre...


wincountrygirl commented 34 minutes ago

Vegetarian Options??

by IvoShandor about 6 hours ago

Omnivore seeks vegetables, not necessarily "non-meat". I'm looking for vegetarian options anywhere in Manhattan, any ...


kathryn commented about 2 hours ago

Help me decide-EMP or Brooklyn Fare

by UES Mayor 2 days ago

Trying to decide on celebratory dinner w two great foodie friends. Which would you choose and why?


villainx commented about 3 hours ago

Per Se - 10/23 Friday Lunch - Looking for a Dining Partner. Extended Tasting Menu?

by gumption about 14 hours ago

I realize this is a long shot... I'm heading to NYC for four days (October 23-26) to celebrate passing my architec...

Monica commented about 3 hours ago

Wildair (from the great team behind Contra)

by ellenost 4 months ago

Wildair is a terrific addition to the LES restaurant scene! From the great team behind Contra (2 doors away), Wildair...

ellenost commented about 3 hours ago

Oct 19-22 in NYC - What's my best bet in the neighborhood?

by kobuta 1 day ago

Taking a business trip to NYC from October 19-22 and looking for recommendations that are within a 30 minute walk fro...


MikeG commented about 4 hours ago

What happened to Financier Patisserie?

by UrsusArctos 5 days ago

I'm in NYC for just over a week. It had been 18 months or so since I was in the city with some serious time to focus...

Monica commented about 8 hours ago

6 open seats at Noma for Nov. 4

by hikariliang 2 days ago

Dear friends, I am currently in Copenhagen desperately trying to get a reservation at Noma for 1, and have failed mis...


hikariliang commented about 8 hours ago

Help with Manhattan Midtown

by ClarisaDoval 3 days ago

Dear chow friends, I just found out I will be staying a few days in Manhattan for a conference next week, and it ...

Motosport commented about 9 hours ago

Buy smoked turkey?

by smw380 12 days ago

I'd like to buy some smoked turkey to cook with and I'm having no luck in Brooklyn. Or anyplace I've tried in Manhatt...


UES Mayor commented about 9 hours ago

TriBeCa or Upper East Side for luxury hotel in NYC

by Chadsie 6 days ago

I am just wondering where to stay, loved the Mandarin and Broadway. But notice most of the hot 'dining' is in Tribeca.


VaPaula commented about 11 hours ago

Five Senses Korean

by Pan 3 months ago

My girlfriend and I had an early dinner today at Five Senses, a 2-week-old Korean restaurant on 32 St. It's excellent...


Pan commented about 16 hours ago

Anywhere in the city to buy real Danish/Scandinavian style bread?

by emma20 17 days ago

I've become enamored with Danish/Scandinavian bread following a trip to Iceland last year, and Copenhagen this year. ...

Ttrockwood commented about 17 hours ago

Lincoln Ristorante - What a shame.

by BonVivantNYC 4 days ago

Now I understand why Lincoln Ristorante has received consistently luke-warm reviews. Despite its beautiful space, th...

rnh17 commented about 18 hours ago

Sessanta was excellent!

by loratliff 1 day ago

After months of getting it mixed up with Santina, we made it to Sessanta last night and had a lovely meal. I was surp...

Ttrockwood commented about 20 hours ago

In Search of Food Events!

by rel1124 11 days ago

Hi everyone! I am interning for a gourmet peanut butter cup company, and we are currently looking for food festivals...


small h commented about 23 hours ago

Quiet and relaxed sushi in Manhattan

by sherrib 3 days ago

Hi, I am looking for a quiet and not-stuffy place with excellent sushi. Any location and price point is ok. We jus...

sherrib commented about 24 hours ago

Lucky's Famous Burgers - Bang for your Burger Buck

by blackbookali 1 day ago

Lucky's Famous Burgers is certainly not alone in the category of good n cheap burgers in NYC. But that doesn't mean i...

loratliff commented 1 day ago

A Quiet Little Table in the Corner.....

by Patti over 14 years ago

There used to actually be a restaurant by this name in Manhattan many years ago, with intimate, private tables cateri...


CathyRegina commented 1 day ago

Looking for old style Chow Mein in Manhattan

by cricket290 6 days ago

I grew up in Brooklyn and loved chow mein. I can't find a restaurant that makes chow mien like they did in the 1950s,...

Motosport commented 1 day ago

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