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Location | Manhattan is home to some of the best food in the world, from haute cuisine at Per Se to cheap street food like soft pretzels and hot dogs, and classic bites like bagels and black-and-white cookies. And Chowhounds have tried it all. Get the best tips on where (and what) to eat, and share your own!

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Please help me translate this Chinese menu item

by small h 10 days ago

A friend is trying to translate this for me and says Butt means clam, G means scallop, and So means Cantonese style. ...

KWagle commented 4 minutes ago

Mala Project?

by sam1 22 hours ago

Was contemplating dinner here and was curious if anyone has been. It seems like you add a bunch of items to a dry pot...


sam1 commented 10 hours ago

Downtown group dinner for 30

by cstadler 14 hours ago

Looking for a good place for a work dinner: - on a Tuesday night - 30 people - where: anyplace south of Midtown -...

Multifoiled commented 11 hours ago

NYC - will be going in May for the first time ever!!

by darlenebnsn 6 days ago

Where is the best place to go for Italian Food? Also, I heard there was a great place to go for Ice Cream, do you ...

rnh17 commented 12 hours ago

ISO candied lemon zest

by BEmama 19 hours ago

New to the city - where can I buy candied lemon zest as a condiment for a dessert? TIA.

jen kalb commented 13 hours ago

Chinatown tonight

by jlix 15 hours ago

looking for a fun place to eat this evening that won't be TOO crazy because of the holiday--any suggestions welcome!

Cheapest place to buy local milk?

by quadomatic 1 day ago

I was at whole foods on the UES last week and saw that they were selling quarts of local milk from Ronnybrook farms (...


Alan Henderson commented 17 hours ago

God is my co-protein

by howdini 1 year ago

l think mushrooms might be my favorite food. Whenever l see a mushroom-based item on a menu, l'm sure to order it. ...


gargupie commented 1 day ago

Columbian restaurants - midtown

by kim2310 2 days ago

Bringing 30 high school kids to NYC in early March for the annual Model UN conference. Our country is Columbia so I'...


gargupie commented 1 day ago


by Pookipichu 4 days ago

Chinese New Year is right around the corner (CNYE is Feb. 7th and day is Feb 8th) A list of some happenings in t...


Pookipichu commented 1 day ago

Where/when to find shrimp at Union Square Greenmarket?

by nycguy20011 2 years ago

I've been to Union Square Greenmarket mostly on Saturdays, but never could find any vendor who sell shrimp. Anyone kn...


nycguy20011 commented 1 day ago

Brushstroke is Fantastic

by foodwhisperer 2 months ago

Let me begin with, I went out expecting to eat sushi at Ichimura. I didn't have a reservation and the restaurant was ...


foodwhisperer commented 1 day ago

soho area bagels?

by cambridge00 3 days ago

Hi all, Whenever I come to NY, I love going to Russ and Daughters for their fish, but they have terrible bagels -- s...


sugartoof commented 1 day ago

New menu at Hearth Restaurant

by citykid426 7 days ago

Recently ate at Hearth again (for like the thirtieth time), but this time around tried their new menu. I was really i...


citykid426 commented 1 day ago

Where can I buy a large bottle of unrefined Peanut Oil in Manhattan?

by nycguy20011 6 days ago

Whole Foods carries unrefined Peanut Oil, but the bottle is too small for my frying needs. (it's 16 oz.) It would be...

sgordon commented 2 days ago

Northern Spy Closing.

by jba256 4 days ago


Shirang commented 2 days ago

Lots of new Sushi in NYC, but the old guards might still be the best.

by jba256 1 month ago

So this year we got O Ya, Shuko, Ushiwakamaru 2.0, Kosaka, and now, Sushi Zo. (maybe others?) In 2016, we've got Ginz...


Gup commented 2 days ago

Valentine Weekend input!

by Gup 3 days ago

So last minute! Would love input on where to go. Wife and I are thinking of doing the valentine day weekend in Manha...

Ttrockwood commented 2 days ago

Where to eat for Cassoulet Week

by guttube 1 year ago

My two day solo trip to Manhattan happens to coincide with Cassoulet Week but the list of 33 participants is overwhel...


kevinucci commented 2 days ago

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