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Location | Manhattan is home to some of the best food in the world, from haute cuisine at Per Se to cheap street food like soft pretzels and hot dogs, and classic bites like bagels and black-and-white cookies. And Chowhounds have tried it all. Get the best tips on where (and what) to eat, and share your own!

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First kosher in Dumbo

by EvanM 7 months ago

The Rabbi of Chabad in Dumbo is giving hashgocho to the very first kosher place in what is a hopping new neighborhood...

queenscook commented 1 hour ago

Four Nights in Manhatten

by missdramabean 3 days ago

My boyfriend and are going to NYC for four nights in December. We usually go big one night, but since this is his fir...


VillagingEastly commented 1 hour ago

Roast Homestyle NYC (kosher)

by GilaB 1 day ago

My husband, toddler, and I had an early dinner at Roast Homestyle Chicken this evening. The restaurant, located on Le...


whitewater commented 5 hours ago

Alta, for a group

by abrocadabro 8 hours ago

Hoping to boost the number of posts on the site, and in thanks to all the Hounds whose posts I read over the past few...

New chowhound format

by pigbob 1 day ago

Have other chowhounders found the new site format extremely difficult to navigate?

The Chowhound Team commented 8 hours ago

Cosme or Estela ?

by Suthotrav 5 days ago

I am in town next week with my wife. We have already booked a spot at Momofuku Ko which I have always wanted to eat b...


H Manning commented 8 hours ago

Dinner with a 11 yr old kid

by stayathomesommelier 1 day ago

Staying in Murray Hill. Traveling with an 11 yr old somewhat picky eater. Would really appreciate a suggestion for ...

Multifoiled commented 9 hours ago

Whole roast pig

by saria 1 day ago

We'd like to get a whole pig for Christmas, and previous threads on this have listed various Filipino places, some Ch...


saria commented 9 hours ago

Freda's Caribbean Soul Food

by sarahmilne 5 years ago

This place has gotten some attention from a couple different blogs, and there are a bunch of very happy yelp reviews ...


churros commented 9 hours ago

Eataly Highlights?

by carbonaraqueen 14 days ago

Please share general thoughts about visiting Eataly- any "must-see" "must-taste" suggestions welcome. I have never b...


gargupie commented 1 day ago

ISO watermelon radishes on UWS

by BEmama 3 days ago

Spent Thanksgiving upstate and sister got some through her CSA. Anybody seen them in the city?


BEmama commented 1 day ago

Fun for 10 year old birthday girl?

by owen_meany 1 day ago

We'll be visiting NYC in the late winter for a quick weekend trip coincident with our daughter turning 10. Suggestio...

Ttrockwood commented 1 day ago


by iruag1 29 days ago

Hi all, I was hoping to make a reservation for Bohemian - but you need an in to get their phone number. It's my S...

Bob Martinez commented 1 day ago

Where Can I Purchase Sport Peppers for Chicago-Style Hot Dogs?

by NYChristopher 8 years ago

I looked on the boards already, and while I saw a lot about sport peppers, I didn't see anything about WHERE I could ...


superplex69 commented 2 days ago

Babbo Dress Code?

by gblcsw 3 months ago

Will be in NYC this week after a several year hiatus, so curious about restaurant dress codes. I know Babbo is bille...


mrnelso commented 2 days ago

Pre New Years Eve Lunch

by pigbob 2 days ago

For the past few years our party of 6 has taken advantage of "bargain" Prix Fixe lunches at Del Posto and Nougatine ...


thegforceny commented 2 days ago

Canned Smoked Salmon

by GaryUES 25 days ago

I have a great recipe using canned smoked salmon, but haven't found it at Fairway, Whole Foods or Zabar's. In the pas...

vikingkaj commented 2 days ago

Dinner close to the village vanguard

by icorem 18 days ago

Hi all Looking for a dinner spot for mid December within walking distance of the village vanguard (7ave s). Preferre...


DavyTheFatBoy commented 3 days ago

Help! NYC Italian for group of 10 not too pricey

by carbonaraqueen 14 days ago

Coordinating a group dinner in NYC on Friday Dec 18th. Three 19 year olds, 5 middle agers, a 30something and an 84 yr...

BrookBoy commented 4 days ago

Anson Mills Grits Where to?

by jcesar 8 years ago

Does anyone know where you can buy Anson Mills Grits retail in the NYC metro area? Thanks!

meatme commented 4 days ago

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