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Help finding Pho and Banh Mi in West LA

by mcel215 2 days ago

Boston hound visiting (West) LA for the first time in many years for a week. I would love to find good Pho and a Bah...


Bookwich commented about 5 hours ago

Beverly Boulevard

by flowergirl 9 days ago

Any ideas for dinner near Beverly Boulevard in West Hollywood - on the casual side.


nannygoat commented about 6 hours ago

Alma to Close End of Month Despite Crowdfunding Success

by crocodileguy 1 day ago

Despite raising more money than expected, Alma will still be closing. Full interview here: http://www.grubstreet.com...


MikeG commented about 11 hours ago

Son of a Gun in West Hollywood

by middleagedfoodie about 14 hours ago

Still good? Worth going? We ate there twice on our last visit to LA in 2011. We'll be back in February for just 2 nig...

Maude - Tock online tickets

by js76wisco 2 days ago

It is a much more democratic and reasonable process to book a reservation. There are still some reservations availabl...

perk commented about 23 hours ago

Special Occasion Dinner

by Heidi 1 day ago

Hi All, We usually go to Providence or Patina for our anniversary dinner when we are not traveling. I am trying ...

perk commented about 23 hours ago

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Private dining for a group

by PrincessaMel1976 1 day ago

We are looking for a private dining space in the Los Angeles area that will acccomedate 30 people. We live in the Cal...

Rabbit in OC markets?

by OCEllen 2 days ago

Where can one frequently find whole cut up rabbit in Santa Ana, Tustin, Orange stores?

A5 KOBE commented 2 days ago

Help needed with a survey

by pzilaro 3 days ago

Hi everyone! I am doing a brief survey to get a better understanding of restaurant diners experiences. I would appre...


roux42 commented 2 days ago

West LA & Santa Barbara

by waylman 3 months ago

Hi all - My wife and I are coming down to LA from Vancouver at the end of July. I'm looking for a couple of good dinn...

macdog commented 2 days ago

Orlando hounds have three days and nights to eat well in Newport Beach

by Rona Gindin 5 days ago

We're headed west and would love tips on must-eat places. Send us to a dive with amazing guacamole or the fanciest jo...


set0312 commented 2 days ago

L.A. Dish of the Month, October 2015

by nosh 5 days ago

Due to recent developments, I do not plan to oversee nominations, voting or discussion for the October L.A. Dish of t...


TheCookie commented 2 days ago

L.A. Dish of the Month, September 2015 -- POTATOES

by nosh about 1 month ago

POTATOES is our Dish of the Month for September 2015. An impressive win in the voting, with 12 votes vs. 4 each for ...


TheCookie commented 3 days ago

Orochon v. Daikokuya

by Robert Lu almost 11 years ago

BROTH: Daikokuya's special broth has lots of pork flavor. Orochon offers miso, soy, or salt broth. Ordered level 4 ...


omarchino commented 3 days ago

Please update your profile with an email address

by Melanie Wong 4 days ago

It's not a field in the member profile. But it would be helpful if more of you would update your profiles with an ema...

marssy commented 3 days ago

Sunday Lunch in Malibu

by curiousgeo 4 days ago

Planning on doing a Sunday drive up the coast and possibly having lunch in Malibu. Was thinking of Duke's but they o...


Clyde commented 3 days ago

pick up catering?

by bunbun 5 days ago

Some friends are getting married in a house in Joshua Tree. We're doing mostly potluck, but we also wanted to get so...

Savour commented 3 days ago

Hello los angeles, goodbye los angeles, i miss you

by Thi N. 10 days ago

Oh god, Los Angeles, I miss you. It's been three years. I've moved to Utah. Did I tell you this? I think I forgot....

Savour commented 3 days ago

First LA Visit from New York

by Kid Dynamite 6 months ago

Hi All: I'm a lifelong New Yorker that has never visited California or the West Coast. My wife and I will be visit...


Mento commented 3 days ago

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