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Urasawa - Cost of a single Omakase experience including drinks, tax and tip?

by BinarySmurf 2 minutes ago

I've been reading about Urasawa off and on for the last decade. I may be in LA around May 2017, and I was wondering w...

Buying LOTS of shrimp, anyone know a good place?

by noahm 9 years ago

I am hosting a shrimp boil next week and need a source for a large quantity of raw shrimp, ~40 lbs or so. These are n...


sfe_music commented 1 day ago

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Ant. (Downtown LA)

by seanwlee 2 days ago

Tied for my favorite/best meal/restaurant in town. If you haven't been yet you need to run there for the word really ...

Nobu Malibu

by digital_spoon 10 days ago

Nobu in Malibu remains a spectacular seaside venue. We have dined there weekly since they opened a the little mini-ma...


Clyde commented 3 days ago

Restaurant in South OC with Private Room for 13

by justinlovesfood 3 days ago

I have a meeting in August that I need to book a restaurant for. It will have 13 people and we need some degree of pr...

Midlife commented 3 days ago

ISO fresh aji limo peppers and peruvian limones

by msa 6 years ago

Hi, I'm looking for a couple of Peruvian ingredients for ceviche. Does anyone know where I can find fresh aji lim...


Merjolie commented 5 days ago

Foodie recs in LA with kids

by pkkz124 15 days ago

wife and I are foodie coming from NY for a few days in LA. Only thing is on this trip, we are with our 3 kids (ages 7...


BirdieLu commented 5 days ago

The definitive office catering list (L.A. proper)

by Chowpatty 9 years ago

Our office has dinner catered in every Wednesday night for about 30-40 people. Naturally, I've been asked to help the...


foodieguy9 commented 5 days ago

Best general Chinese food restaurant in Irvine?

by ns1 2 years ago

Our current default is Sam Woo, anything better? Assume Irvine is the only option. Must be sit down, suitable fo...


Foodnut8 commented 5 days ago

Searching for best Monte Cristo sandwich in L.A.

by lynnjordan 8 years ago

hey there, wise food folks of the Los Angeles area....who has the digs on the best Monte Cristo sandwich in the area?...


Okolehao commented 6 days ago

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Brick Macaron Ice Cream

by Melanie Wong 7 days ago

Brick Macaron Ice Cream from Southern California is making inroads in the Bay Area. I first spotted the cooler at The...

Who remembers La Barbera's pizza in West L.A.?

by jerry200 8 years ago

Back in the 70's, I used to frequent a nice Italian restaurant called La Barbera's. It was on the north side of Wilsh...


bigd9999 commented 8 days ago

Lalibela Ethiopian on Fairfax

by intuitivelyobvious 10 days ago

Anybody have any comments on this new place? Breathless prose in LA Weekly but they also only gave it two stars? No...


teriyakichi commented 9 days ago

Big thick New York strip steak!!

by zelmo2001 1 month ago

Hi looking for the best place to go for a celebration dinner when the person favorite thing is a thick and I mean thi...


tritecliche commented 9 days ago

Toothpick lamb?

by Rosiepigs 9 days ago

I ventured out the Chengdu Taste two weeks ago and had Toothpick Lamb for the first time. It is easily one of the top...


teriyakichi commented 9 days ago

Best Pizza SFV

by Jrvra14 3 years ago

Best pizza in San fernando valley, barones and Uncle Ernie's are pretty good but I want to try something new..


donniart commented 10 days ago

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Vegetarian-friendly, unique to CA restaurant for 40th bday

by rovingfoodie 11 days ago

Hi all - I'm trying to pick a restaurant for my 40th birthday trip to LA in August and hoping Chowhound can help! ...

Good place to have dinner by Geffen Playhouse?

by Lov2Eat 1 year ago

I will be seeing a play at the Geffen Playhouse tonight, and am looking for a good place to dine beforehand. I am ver...


hawtmama3 commented 14 days ago

Valley Chicken/Veal Parmesan & Calamari appetizer?

by Hypnotic23 19 days ago

I gave up on this site ever since the new format changed. Decided to give it one last shot with this post. I'm still ...

Hypnotic23 commented 14 days ago

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