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Beef Wellington

by NattyNat almost 10 years ago

Where can you get a reasonably priced and decent Beef Wellington in LA?


lisarbell commented about 6 hours ago

Los Angeles Restaurants in the 80's

by dtm323 over 2 years ago

Can anyone tell me where City Cafe was located on Melrose before it moved to La Brea?

Midlife commented about 6 hours ago

Dallas Chowhound Spending a week in LA

by LewisvilleHounder about 20 hours ago

My wife, my 3 yo and I will be coming to LA for a week starting Oct 21. The only restriction I have is we try to avo...

macdog commented about 8 hours ago

Recs in the San Fernando valley

by carln 3 months ago

Just moved to Encino and don't know any places to eat in the valley. Looking for anything from hole-in-the-walls to f...

Ashibi commented about 10 hours ago

Sweetbreads! I need sweetbreads!

by Hughlipton almost 9 years ago

I was just up in San Louis Obispo for the Vintner's festival and attended an open house at Saucelito Canyon Winery wh...


abbyjj commented about 11 hours ago

Help identify the Bakery responsible for these cupcakes please

by daintysharky about 12 hours ago

Hello, Each year in west Hollywood we attend a holloween party and a bakery supplies these amazing cupcakes (see p...


schrutefarms commented about 11 hours ago

Hawaiian poke

by Papuli 6 months ago

I read something somewhere, and now I can't find it anywhere, about poke (the Hawaiian tuna dish) having a moment in ...

Savour commented about 13 hours ago

Kinjiro in Little Tokyo (former b.o.s location). Anyone been?

by Porthos 10 months ago

Friend has tried it and says it's pretty good. Any other reports? Nice Yelp picture of them breaking down a who...


teriyakichi commented about 21 hours ago

Hello los angeles, goodbye los angeles, i miss you

by Thi N. 19 days ago

Oh god, Los Angeles, I miss you. It's been three years. I've moved to Utah. Did I tell you this? I think I forgot....

mpken commented 1 day ago

Astronomical egg prices

by iheartcooking about 1 month ago

I used to be able to get eggs for $1-2 a dozen and now can't find them anywhere less than $5! Even in bulk quantities...


aimeekm commented 2 days ago

Best 'Crinkle Cut Fries'? Crispy! Mmmm :~)

by Pineapple099 over 6 years ago

Ok Chowhounds, I LOVE LOVE LOVE 'Crinkle Cut Fries! (Crispy). Do you have or know any good/favorites places? Los...

Ilovetoeatso commented 2 days ago

Fresh stinking beans?

by swannee 9 months ago

Anyone know of a place to buy fresh (as opposed to frozen) petai/sator/臭豆?

xox commented 3 days ago

PG Tips

by Kalivs 17 days ago

Does anyone know where I can find the big box of PG Tips in the valley? All the usual suspects (Indian sweets &a spic...


Googone commented 3 days ago

Lunch in Pasadena?

by medrite about 2 months ago

Hello all, Looking for recs for a business lunch in Pasadena, on or near Colorado Boulevard. My lunch companion sugg...

xox commented 3 days ago


by Barbara Ladden 5 days ago

What restaurant in Los Angeles has the best prime rib? Please don't mention Lawry's or Taylor's Steakhouse, both of ...


Barbara Ladden commented 3 days ago

Japanese Curry Laguna Beach

by toodie jane 4 months ago

my nephew's fiancé is in Laguna Beach for the day, looking for some Japanese Curry anywhere nearby. thanks hounds!


tinroofrusted commented 3 days ago

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