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ISO-Mikes pizza Garlic Rolls

by rooni 15 hours ago

After moving from SFV- looking 4 garlic rolls like Mike's pizza (in pan city or no ho) near Cerritos/Downey/Lakewood....

New Ramen place downtown across from Ace Hotel in the old Alma space?

by xxedgexx 2 days ago

Does anyone have any info? Excited to have another ramen place very close. I was sad when Anzutei bailed.


xxedgexx commented 1 day ago

Best Mole In Orange County?

by Hoc 14 years ago

I should first start by saying that I have never tried Mole. However, after hearing about what a complex sauce it is...

Midlife commented 4 days ago

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California hospitals take obesity fight to supermarkets

by Melanie Wong 4 days ago

"Enter a US supermarket and the dilemma is all-too common: Will what I buy be healthy? Fattening? A substitute? That'...

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What happened to Urasawa?!

by alwaysISO 5 days ago

I confess, I'm a long-time reader/lurker, first-time poster... but I've changed my ways because I'm just so curious: ...

Ring Pasta (Anelletti)

by jenniferw36 3 months ago

I'm looking for a place near Riverside California that sells ring pasta (Anelletti) it looks like spaghetti-o noodles...


maltafoodie commented 5 days ago

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Cheapest happy hour for well drinks/cocktails in Los Angeles

by nonpickyeater 6 days ago

Hi, I am just interested in the absolute cheapest place to get happy hour well drinks/cocktails. I am not interested ...

Looking for a seafood market in Santa Clarita/Valencia.

by sugarcanejane 10 years ago

Hi everyone, I recently relocated to the SCV and I would like to find a seafood market. I miss Fish King in Glend...


pthangar commented 8 days ago

Guinea Pig in LA??

by Charles Pepper 3 years ago

As many know, Guinea pig is a staple meat in South America, most notably Peru. I would love to try it. Has anyone ...


mayalavender commented 9 days ago

Cheko El Rey Del Sarandeado

by intuitivelyobvious 5 months ago

Anybody tried this place? As a lover of Coni's Zarandeado I want to know how this measures up. Are the places relat...

Melanie Wong commented 9 days ago

cajun - creaole

by kevin 9 years ago

i know , i know this isn't the place for it. but got a real hankering now. any info would be great, has anything ...


ACharlieG commented 10 days ago

10 Best Places For Smoked Fish In LA

by wienermobile 2 years ago

I love smoked fish. I think this might be a list just for me, but here goes from the LA Weekly … 10.Santa Monica S...


andreapandrea commented 13 days ago

I'm looking for a restaurant or somewhere that has stuffed sopapillas

by big_al78 26 days ago

I'm in Hawthorne, CA and I've been looking for a restaurant or anything that has stuffed sopapillas like I use to hav...


90024 commented 14 days ago

Sushi Burger

by aquafied 16 days ago

Hi y'all! Looking for sushi burgers in Los Angeles to add to my food bucket list. I know, for 12-14 bucks I could jus...


Feed_me commented 14 days ago

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Where can I buy Kizami Wasabi

by blueberry505 15 days ago

I've checked Mitsuwa, Seiwa and Tokyo Central, no luck. I'm new to Orange County and would love to find this condime...

Who remembers Arriba's in West L.A.? (It was called Arriba's, right?)

by PaulF 2 years ago

The La Barbera's thread reminded of Arriba's. Does anyone else remember a Mexican restaurant in West L.A. named A...


marinaiva commented 17 days ago

Memory Lane: Jacks at the Beach

by Bruin2 12 years ago

A post below mentioned abalone, and the poster had only had it as sashimi, finding it rubbery. It reminded me of the ...


calgirlblues commented 17 days ago

Good places for an informal wedding rehearsal dinner near Studio City

by gwyner 18 days ago

Looking for a place that: - Has a private room that can seat ~20-25 people - Serves alcohol or allows BYOB - Isn't...


BrianShaw commented 17 days ago