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Help with Dining in Kanazawa

by curiousgeo 5 days ago

My wife and I will be in Kanazawa for 2 nights in mid October, giving us 2 dinners and 1 lunch, breakfast is included...


curiousgeo commented about 6 hours ago

Eating in a sushi restaurant with a fish-hater

by CongaFury 28 days ago

Be prepared for a weird question. My husband and I will be in Japan for 3 weeks in November. This will be our first t...


grant.cook commented about 19 hours ago

Need some specific help finding a place in Tokyo with good sake and food

by killersmile 1 day ago

So like the title says I need some help finding a place with a good sake list and good food. There are a few require...

Robb S commented about 20 hours ago

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Kaiseki in Kyoto

by bractune 1 day ago

Hello everyone. I will be traveling to Japan in November. I will have two days in Kyoto. Naturally, I would like to h...

First time in Tokyo (staying 5 days)

by MrGaglianos 8 days ago

Hi guys, I might be planning a trip to Japan this November for 2-3 weeks, and from looking at my travel itinerary ...


lederhosen commented 1 day ago

planning japan trip (beach?)

by BSR84 4 days ago

looking to travel to japan next august and of course am most excited about the food. would love to do 2-3 days in tok...


lederhosen commented 1 day ago

November trip to Kyoto/Tokyo/Osaka suggestions

by chocomel 11 days ago

Hello, Sorry for yet another long request to comment on a Japan trip itinerary. We (group of 4) are visiting Japan...

Robb S commented 5 days ago

Tokyo: Shimo or Ebisu? Food tours?

by bolletje 4 months ago

I'm looking at airbnb and trying to choose between a place in Ebisu not far from the hospital and a place in Shimo-Ki...

bolletje commented 8 days ago

Tokyo restaurant advice for business travelers

by GreyFloors 21 days ago

Hi all. Heading to Tokyo for a week in less than two weeks for business. This will only be my second time in Tokyo ...


GreyFloors commented 9 days ago

One night layover at Narita airport hotel

by LloydG over 3 years ago

I am flying through Narita in a few weeks and I have a one night layover. I am staying at the airport Hilton but I'd ...


maarivekki commented 11 days ago

Reasonably priced yakinku restaurants for single person?

by Serious_Eater 21 days ago

Does anyone have any recommendations of reasonably priced yakinku restaurants in Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo for a single...


Johnny L commented 11 days ago

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In search of the best place for a dessert!

by Deidre7 12 days ago

I have a huge sweet tooth and I would love any reccos pertaining to dessert! I'm not very familiar with different typ...

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Hidden gems or must eats in Hakone?

by Deidre7 12 days ago

Hello again fellow food lovers. My boyfriend and I are staying 2 nights in Hakone, and one of the ryokans only server...

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In search of the most delish UDON!!!!

by Deidre7 12 days ago

I LOVEEEEEE UDON! I am visiting Osaka for the first time ever and was curious if there were any standout udon shops t...

gyumotsu nikomi + nihonshu

by Robb S about 1 month ago

I'm looking for places in Tokyo that have good gyumotsu nikomi and also decent sake to drink. It doesn't have to be ...


Gargle commented 13 days ago

Another Tokyo Sushi Report (Long)

by AustinLineCook 19 days ago

Well, I had a great experience in Tokyo for about a month. This community has been very helpful to me, and I wanted ...


Gargle commented 15 days ago

Hayashi (波やし) in Koenji

by od_sf 20 days ago

I have friends in Koenji (one of my favorite neighborhoods) and visit the area each time I'm in town, yet somehow hav...


Gargle commented 20 days ago

Sushi Saito - a review

by jkaww about 2 months ago

Given the number of threads devoted to reserving Saito on this board, I wanted to post an actual dining experience, a...


SickDuck commented 21 days ago

Guzman Y Gomez in Harajuku -- highly recommended.

by Tripeler 4 months ago

I finally made it to Guzman Y Gomez on the 2nd floor of La Foret in Harajuku. This place is a winner. Had a small bee...


tokyopix commented 21 days ago

Best Chahan in Japan?

by Serious_Eater 23 days ago

Are there any exceptional chahan shops in Japan? I'm traveling to Osaka/Kyoto/Tokyo next week and was wondering. I've...


prasantrin commented 23 days ago

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