Location | Japan is home to fantastic sushi, incredible haute cuisine, and killer ramen. Follow the lead of Chowhounds who've eaten their way through the country and find out where to go for every meal.

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Japan Reservations (LONG philsophical post)

by jkaww 6 months ago

A few qualifiers before I get to the point: - I write this post as a person who has had the exceptional good fortune...

_emilie_ commented 1 hour ago

Where to locate a good cut of skirt steak.

by bad habits 7 hours ago

Hello. Would anyone be able to tell me of a butcher in Tokyo that can provide a good cut of skirt steak? I'm not lo...

Suggestions for Toyko, Kyoto, & Kanazawa for Pesactarian

by MiamiBeachMomma 8 days ago

Hi all!!! Its time for the family vacation and we are heading to Japan!! Woo hoo!!! And I'm hoping for some help...


prasantrin commented 4 days ago

Eating in Tokyo / MSG

by bonemarrow 6 years ago

Hey all, I'm going to be in Tokyo for quite a while this spring, and I'm quite concerned that I won't be able to a...


crouchingfeather commented 4 days ago

Novelties in Tokyo/Kyoto

by Jane_Frame 20 days ago

My husband and I are taking our 11 year old to Tokyo in August (hot and humid, I know). I've been reading tons of gre...


Jane_Frame commented 7 days ago

Tokyo/Kyoto/Kobe Dinner Itinerary

by BSR84 21 days ago

Would love everyone's thoughts on what I've booked so far, and still have two dinner in Tokyo available. Thanks in ad...


BSR84 commented 10 days ago

Japan Travel Tips

by ra0001 14 days ago

I'm planning a food-centric visit to Japan for next summer. Kyoto is high on my radar. Any tips on Kyoto? Any othe...


pottergal commented 13 days ago

Japan Trip (Tokyo, Kyoto, Naoshima, Hiroshima) - the best below the very best?

by philie 17 days ago

Dear Chows! I have read extensively by now and still i would like to ask you for your comments! Beginning of septemb...

Air_wick commented 13 days ago

Tsukiji Market

by gourmet wife 29 days ago

Quick question regarding the restaurants at the Tsukiji market. When the market is closed (example, Weds) , are the r...


Ninisix commented 19 days ago

Tokyo and Kyoto restaurants

by JosefK 2 months ago

I will be going to Tokyo for seven nights and Kyoto for three in August with my wife and am interested in getting som...

od_sf commented 21 days ago

"Tsukiji Wonderland" documentary

by od_sf 28 days ago

This documentary looks great, it is supposed to be a in-depth look at the market, as well as an "ode" of sorts to it ...


small h commented 23 days ago

Why the Japanese slurp their noodles

by E Eto 5 years ago

Recently on a variety TV program here in Japan, there was a segment on eating habits of Japanese viewed from a foreig...


rpomusic commented 25 days ago

Honeymoon in Tokyo & Hong Kong (Help needed - ball dropped)

by ariben12 27 days ago

Hi All! I am getting married July 9th and the morning of July 11th set out to Tokyo. I land Tuesday July 12 and will ...


edozanmai commented 25 days ago

Sushi Sawada Alternatives? (Sushi in Tokyo)

by leduarte 28 days ago

Hello Chowhound Japan, Hope everyone is doing well; I want to thank everyone once again for the helpful suggestion...


tigerjohn commented 27 days ago

Bringing butter to Japan?

by colettemomoko 1 month ago

Hello! I'm about to set off on a trip to see family in Japan and am trying to figure out what kind of omiyage to brin...

colettemomoko commented 1 month ago

Restaurant reservations made by hotels

by mllevy 1 month ago

Hello, my hotel made me a reservation for Sushi Sawada (and also send me a form asking for my credit card details), b...

findingresonance commented 1 month ago

Tokyo/Kyoto Itinerary Review

by LJN11 2 months ago

I'm going to Tokyo/Kyoto for the first time in the Fall, but I've already started mapping out where I want to eat. Be...


LJN11 commented 1 month ago

Good sushiya near Tokyo station open for lunch on Sundays

by od_sf 4 months ago

Hello, I'm visiting Tokyo again next month, and I'll be flying home on a Sunday afternoon from Narita. I plan on c...

findingresonance commented 1 month ago

How to get a reservation at Kikunoi?

by iheartfood149 2 months ago

I am going to Kyoto this summer and wanted to experience one kaiseki meal. I was told Kikunoi was the place to go but...

findingresonance commented 1 month ago

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