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Location | Japan is home to fantastic sushi, incredible haute cuisine, and killer ramen. Follow the lead of Chowhounds who've eaten their way through the country and find out where to go for every meal.

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Tokyo and Kyoto restaurants

by JosefK 5 days ago

I will be going to Tokyo for seven nights and Kyoto for three in August with my wife and am interested in getting som...


prasantrin commented 8 hours ago

Best Sushi in Tokyo for 200 USD a person?

by Renegrenade 27 days ago

Our group of 4 is travelling to Japan in October and we've already put together our money for one high end sushi dinn...


nantokanaru77 commented 19 hours ago

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Dinners in Nara and Hiroshima

by Rho 1 day ago

Looking for nice sushi restaurant recommendations as well as top dining suggestions in Nara and Hiroshima.

Tokyo/Kyoto Itinerary Review

by LJN11 6 days ago

I'm going to Tokyo/Kyoto for the first time in the Fall, but I've already started mapping out where I want to eat. Be...

Air_wick commented 5 days ago

Trip to Japan in August

by JosefK 4 months ago

Hi! I will go to Japan for the first time in August with my wife and I am in big need of some help. We will arrive ...


JosefK commented 5 days ago

Jimbocho Den @ Food&Wine Chefs Club NYC.

by jba256 12 days ago

One of my favorite restaurants in Tokyo is relocating to NYC for 4 nights. Still some tickets available. https:...


AustinLineCook commented 9 days ago

"Serious" Coffee Shops in Japan

by prasantrin 2 years ago

There is a thread about espresso to go, one about coffee supplies, and another about coffee beans, but I couldn't fin...


prasantrin commented 11 days ago

Month in Tokyo (Shibuya), ideas needed

by ladydisdain 29 days ago

My husband, 9 year old daughter and I are spending June in Tokyo while he teaches in a summer program there. We are s...


ladydisdain commented 12 days ago

Japan Trip Report May 2016

by ceadsearc 15 days ago

Was a really good "foodie" trip back to Tokyo and certainly it was a treat to visit Kanazawa in Ishikawa country. The...


Ninisix commented 14 days ago

Looking for Restaurant Recommendations in Tokyo/Kyoto

by Anuta77 18 days ago

Our first trip to Japan is fast approaching, we are arriving to Tokyo the night of Monday, May 23rd. Spending the fi...

bundtlust commented 16 days ago

Japan with pre-schoolers

by sasicka 17 days ago

We'll be travelling with 4yo twins through Kyoto, Okayama, Kurashiki, Kochi, Kanazawa and maybe Ise / Toba. We'll mos...

Robb S commented 17 days ago

Good sushiya near Tokyo station open for lunch on Sundays

by od_sf 2 months ago

Hello, I'm visiting Tokyo again next month, and I'll be flying home on a Sunday afternoon from Narita. I plan on c...


Ninisix commented 21 days ago

Grounded coffee beans in Tokyo

by TBon3 2 months ago

I have moved to tokyo recently and I am struggling to find good ground coffee. I am not looking for the beans or a pl...

steamer commented 25 days ago

Trip report Tokyo & Kyoto

by jigri 1 month ago

Hope this is helpful, esp to first timers such as myself that relied heavily on the regulars to shed light on the whe...


PeterWang commented 29 days ago

Electric Flavoring Fork

by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

"...The handle of the fork incorporates a rechargeable battery and electric circuit. When the user inserts the head o...

drrayeye commented 1 month ago

Shibuya Station Sushi?

by lederhosen 1 month ago

Looking for decent cheap sushi around Shibuya Station. My normal go to would be Sushi No Midori in the Mark City buil...


lederhosen commented 1 month ago

Traveling with Spices

by livlaugheat 2 months ago

TL;DR: Can I travel with spices? Basic American pantry dried spices? (Tarragon, thyme, paprika, ground mustard, etc.)...


tastesgoodwhatisit commented 2 months ago

Japanese spices/extracts/kitchen knickknacks

by spatel99 2 months ago

Hello! Headed to Tokyo in t-2 days. Wondering if any Chowhounders have any suggestions for "must bring back to US" fo...


prasantrin commented 2 months ago

High end sushi in Tokyo with no reservation

by timshan92 2 months ago

Hello, A few friends and I will be in Tokyo at the end of the month and I'm trying to find a high end sushi resta...

od_sf commented 2 months ago

Tokyo & Kyoto Trip

by littlewazz 3 months ago

Hi everyone. This is my first post here after reading so many great suggestions from you chow hounders. This is our s...


prasantrin commented 2 months ago

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