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What is it in Ramen that I dislike?

by MoGa 9 days ago

Have had the chance to eat ramen at a range of different places in Tokyo and discovered that the more my husband like...


yimay commented 5 hours ago

Hiroshima / Miyajima Lunch/Dinner 2015 (December)

by JBG89 16 hours ago

Hello all, I will be travelling to Hiroshima and Miyajima next week from Kyoto as a day trip and would really appr...

killersmile commented 14 hours ago

Japan Trip Report Fall 2015 ( Part 2 )

by silverlim 7 days ago

1) Hirosaku--- 2nd visit for lunch. We got seated in the private room which is horigotatsu seating instead of zashiki...

od_sf commented 1 day ago

Kyoto/Osaka Best Value Michelin Starred Restaurants

by JBG89 3 days ago

Hello All, I'll be visiting Kyoto / Osaka and wanted to ask the board what your thoughts are on the best value mea...


Bu Pun Su commented 2 days ago

Tokyo in late October 2014

by ceadsearc 1 year ago

Going for my maiden trip to Tokyo in the last week of October '14; have made reservations for Sushi Ichikawa which ha...


asdfgttt2001 commented 3 days ago

Restaurant Recommendations

by quddous 8 days ago

I will be visiting Tokyo for 12 days in February. This will be my 5th trip to Japan and I am trying to have some very...


teriyakichi commented 3 days ago

Japan Trip report Fall 2015 ( Part 1)

by silverlim 9 days ago

Got to try out a lot of new restaurant on this trip 1) Sushi Nakamura , 1st visit---Shari is on the salty side but n...


silverlim commented 4 days ago

Christmas date --Shinjuku area or nearby

by royalmilktea 4 days ago

Hi, I am making reservations for Dec. 21 for a "Christmas date" with my girlfriend. I was going to make a reservat...


royalmilktea commented 4 days ago

Japan trip in (late) Sep & (early) Oct 2015

by Bu Pun Su 1 month ago

At the end of September this year, my wife and I visited Japan again; staying there for 10 days or so. Both of us lov...


Bu Pun Su commented 4 days ago

Tokyo on the cheap cheap cheap.

by lutzman 16 days ago

Does anyone have any tips on eating and drinking well on a low budget? Any actual places you like that are sub 2000 y...


lutzman commented 5 days ago

Italian in Tokyo

by jba256 6 days ago

Short and to the point: I'm looking for excellent japanese-italian meal (preferably tasting menu) in Tokyo. I had...


Gargle commented 5 days ago

Trip Report

by silverlim 12 months ago

This would be our fourth trip of this year to Japan. Just to share our dining experience so far Sushi Kiyota--Alread...


quddous commented 7 days ago

kushiage in tokyo

by Robb S 1 month ago

Does anyone have any favorite kushiage places in Tokyo? I usually find Kushinobo to be reliable. I was less imp...

Robb S commented 7 days ago

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Japan trip report in Autumn 2015 (outside Tokyo)

by Bu Pun Su 12 days ago

The tale of two Kitcho(s). Kitcho has been identical to refined kaiseki restaurants in Japan. After a wonderful m...

Japan Times article: "No reservations about eating in Tokyo"

by Wench Foraday 14 days ago

Good article by Yukari Sakamoto (Food Sake Tokyo) on how to be a food tourist in Tokyo. She summarizes many of the ti...


Gargle commented 13 days ago

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Fine Dining Kyoto Lunch "Deals"?

by JBG89 13 days ago

Hello all, I've decided to break up my 7 day stay in Tokyo with 2 days in Kyoto to see the sights. I've seen th...

Best Non-Sushi Options Japan

by JBG89 1 month ago

Hello, Could any fellow CH'ers recommend some gold standard Non-sushi restaurants in the categories below. Any hel...


quddous commented 15 days ago


by Asomaniac 5 years ago

We are booked to pay a visit to Ishikawa next month. It seems that the restaurant has not been discussed on this boar...


quddous commented 16 days ago

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Tokyo Trip Report

by curiousgeo 16 days ago

We spent a total of 6 nights in Tokyo, with a 2 day side trip to Kanazawa. Weather was quite warm for late October w...

Help with Dining in Kanazawa

by curiousgeo 2 months ago

My wife and I will be in Kanazawa for 2 nights in mid October, giving us 2 dinners and 1 lunch, breakfast is included...

killersmile commented 19 days ago

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