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10 days in Tokyo with 2 kids

by mlee17 3 days ago

Itinerary below. Any feedback? Children are aged 1 and 6 years. Informal and inexpensive restaurant recos, goo...


mlee17 commented 13 hours ago

Mizutani - closing

by suzette82 15 hours ago

Hi fellow chowhounds, I've just been informed by our hotel concierge that Mizutani has decided to close at the end of...

Japan November Restaurant Suggestions

by sstout87 24 days ago

Hi Chowhounders! I am in desperate need of your expertise :) My husband and I are headed on our honeymoon in mid ...


BSR84 commented 1 day ago

Impossible reservation at Sushisho Masa - HELP

by Chili_Junkie 9 months ago

Hello dear Chowhound community, this is my first post. I am massive fan of Japan and specially its cuisine, being ...

mikeop34 commented 2 days ago

Help! Thoughts on Sushi Miyaba??

by cabernet10 1 month ago

We're booking our honeymoon from Canada and are trying to fit a good omakase dinner in at the last minute, we're goin...

mikeop34 commented 2 days ago

Tokyo lunch/dinner Itinerary

by josephs 29 days ago

Hello, I will be going to Tokyo in mid December for a week and planning to book these places for lunch and dinner....


nantokanaru77 commented 2 days ago

Tokyo / Osaka / Kyoto restaurants?

by mdiwan 5 days ago

Hello! We are planning a trip to Japan in late March & are huge foodies, would love recommendations for Tokyo / Osaka...


mdiwan commented 3 days ago

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Tokyo/Kyoto 'minimalist' ceramics, Katsuobushi etc to USA, kaiseki kids and knife sharpening

by happynarwhals 8 days ago

Hi Going to Tokyo and Kyoto on Sat for 10 days and just thought you experts out there might know the answers to a ...

Hashiguchi & Taichi but don't speak Japanese

by dwaynetrain 1 month ago

I am very excited to have reservations for Sushi Hashiguchi and Sushi Taichi (thanks to concierge). I chose those res...


Ninisix commented 10 days ago

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Kyoto Restaurants for Solo Diner at Counter

by vinominer 10 days ago

I am looking for restaurant suggestions in Kyoto (4 days/ nights). I will be traveling solo and prefer to eat at ...

Tokyo and Kyoto Restaurants for Solo Diner at Counter

by vinominer 15 days ago

I am looking for restaurant suggestions in Tokyo (6 days/ nights) and Kyoto (4 days/ nights). I will be traveling sol...


vinominer commented 11 days ago

Kanazawa Japan restaurant recs

by jpgood 1 month ago

We have a 3 day stay in Kanazawa and would love some help with restaurant recommendations.

Air_wick commented 20 days ago

Japan in March

by jeido 25 days ago

I am going to Japan this coming March for the first time and I am so excited. I love Japanese food and would like to ...


Steve commented 21 days ago

Osaka and Tokyo suggestions

by Bonniexx 2 months ago

I have the opportunity to travel to Japan in November. I'll have 2 days in Osaka and 3 in Tokyo although at least one...


sstout87 commented 24 days ago

Shimbashi Tsuruhachi

by od_sf 25 days ago

A few months ago I had the pleasure of having lunch at Shimbashi Shimizu, and it was one of the best meals I've ever ...

od_sf commented 25 days ago

Sushi Sawada Alternatives? (Sushi in Tokyo)

by leduarte 4 months ago

Hello Chowhound Japan, Hope everyone is doing well; I want to thank everyone once again for the helpful suggestion...

od_sf commented 25 days ago

Best Kobe beef restaurant with non-beef eater?

by jermain84 1 month ago

Hi all - I will traveling to Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto with my wife in November. I love eating beef, but my wife doe...

Robb S commented 1 month ago

Sushi in Tokyo on a national holiday

by od_sf 1 month ago

Hello, I'll be in Tokyo on Wednesday November 23rd, a Japanese national holiday (labor thanksgiving day), and I'm ...


Ninisix commented 1 month ago

Italian in Tokyo

by BaronDestructo 1 month ago

Could someone recommend a great Italian restaurant in Tokyo. Preferably somewhere with varied, inventive pastas. ...

BaronDestructo commented 1 month ago

Must Eat in Hokkaido?

by astroboychorong 3 months ago

Hi, so now I have finalised my itinerary, just some tweaking at the end. Now I'm reading on what to eat. Please...


jmatt commented 2 months ago

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