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Japan is home to fantastic sushi, incredible haute cuisine, and killer ramen. Follow the lead of Chowhounds who've eaten their way through the country and find out where to go for every meal.

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Last minute high end lunch near Tokyo Station

by kristofereng 3 days ago

Looking for a reservation for lunch on 12/24/16 for 3 people at a good sushi restaurant (counter) near Tokyo Station....

od_sf commented 1 hour ago

ID a Pastry from Tokyo? Help! See photo

by OC Mutt 3 days ago

I had these in Tokyo, loved them. Two questions: What is the name of this? Where can I find them in San Francisco...


teriyakichi commented 3 days ago

Tokyo Sushi Suggestions

by greendx 5 days ago

Going to be in Tokyo in 3 weeks. Have 2 dinner reservations already at Masuda and Umi. Looking to add 2-3 more more s...


Ninisix commented 4 days ago

Michelin Tokyo 2017

by od_sf 5 days ago

For those interested: http://gm.gnavi.co.jp/restaurant/list/tokyo/all_area/all_small_area/all_food/all_star/


Ninisix commented 4 days ago

Need at least one for Yakiniku Nakahara

by seanwlee 20 days ago

Hi fellow chowhounders I was hoping to dine at Yakiniku Nakahara on Jan 5. Would anyone care to join or add on becau...


cocobinga commented 4 days ago

Name of Chewy Tofu in Japan?

by Vancity8 2 years ago

Tried a type of tofu in Japan that I can't seem to google. The two times I had it, it was a tiny small square as an a...


lunaea commented 4 days ago

Last Minute Lunch (Tomorrow) <$50 USD PP

by JBG89 12 days ago

Hi all, Could anyone recommend any great value lunch places (Up for anything) for ~$50USD PP Things that came t...


teriyakichi commented 8 days ago

Tokyo reservations

by jeffcanada 16 days ago

We will be going to Tokyo in mid-December (family of four including two adventurous kids aged 11 and 13) and are look...


teriyakichi commented 8 days ago

Unbelievably Good Nori - A Revelation

by omotosando 10 years ago

Until recently, I lacked a real appreciation that there is nori and then there is nori. But then about 7 weeks ago, ...


Madpenguin commented 11 days ago

Cocktail Bars! (Not Sushi)

by JBG89 19 days ago

Hello all, Could anyone please recommend a creativ/fun/sophisticated/unique place for cocktails in Tokyo? I will b...


JBG89 commented 15 days ago

Good Lunch Value with Vegetarian Options?

by JBG89 19 days ago

Hello All, I wanted to see if there are any recommendations for a good value lunch meal for a family of 5, with on...

Robb S commented 16 days ago

Tokyo lunch/dinner Itinerary

by josephs 2 months ago

Hello, I will be going to Tokyo in mid December for a week and planning to book these places for lunch and dinner....

od_sf commented 17 days ago

Amazing tiny foodie restaurant in Kyoto- Nakamura

by laurag2 1 year ago

Nakamura may have been one of the hardest to find restaurants in Kyoto but it was worth every walk around the block. ...


laurag2 commented 18 days ago

Mizutani - closing

by suzette82 1 month ago

Hi fellow chowhounds, I've just been informed by our hotel concierge that Mizutani has decided to close at the end of...


AustinLineCook commented 19 days ago

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Recommended Lunch <5000Y PP for Family of 5 (1 Veg)

by JBG89 21 days ago

Hi all, My family and I are visiting Tokyo for a short 2 days and would like to see if there are any recommended l...


by suzette82 26 days ago

Hi everyone! Although we were unsuccessful securing reservations at our top picks, we'll take what we can get and are...


Uncle Yabai commented 22 days ago

Tokyo Dinner Reservations

by josephs 1 month ago

Hello, I have finalised my reservations for Tokyo and would like to please ask all of you if the restaurants I boo...

whs commented 1 month ago

Any good sushi restaurants with quality craft beer?

by jermain84 1 month ago

Hi Chowhounds - Can anyone recommend a high-end sushi shop that also serves beer other than the mass produced lagers ...


jermain84 commented 1 month ago

Tsukiji advice!

by danoncanon 1 month ago

I'm headed to Tokyo for the first time; would love some advice on where to eat sushi at Tsukiji. I don't have particu...

od_sf commented 1 month ago

Kyoto Dining

by danoncanon 1 month ago

Heading to Kyoto (& the surrounding area) and am looking for some transcendent eating experiences. Begin!


danoncanon commented 1 month ago