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Restaurants open Easter Sunday in Venice, Italy

by magiesmom 18 hours ago

Does anyone have firsthand knowledge about places open this year for Easter? Excellent food a plus.

PBSF commented 4 hours ago

Trip Report: Venice

by JohnTalbotWannabe 1 month ago

In the fall of 2015, my wife and I spent a short part of our honeymoon in Venice. Thank you to the many of you who g...


JohnTalbotWannabe commented 5 hours ago

Sicily pistachios, supermarkets

by Cornetti 5 months ago

Anyone know the price on Bronte pistachios in Sicily and where the best place to buy it is? I'm headed to Sicily for ...

jen kalb commented 1 day ago

Dinner in Rome at Piperno or Cesare al Casaletto?

by flyfishchick 1 month ago

my daughter and I will be in Rome for a week in March. I have most of my restaurant reservations set based on input f...

sidcundiff commented 5 days ago

Rome - Dinner Plans

by hyampolsky 6 days ago

Flying into Rome in June and staying for 3 nights starting Saturday night. Family of 5, all appreciate great food. ...

sidcundiff commented 5 days ago

Emma on a Sunday eve?

by jrabbit2727 7 days ago

Looking to eat at Emma on Sunday eve in Rome but I can't find any info on hours. Is it open Sunday eve? If not, can a...

mbfant commented 5 days ago

Help on my restaurant list for Rome

by AntonioA 1 month ago

Hello friends, We are going to Rome next week for my birthday (by now it is a tradition of mine, this will be the...

sidcundiff commented 5 days ago

Is American Olive Oil About to Have Its Moment?

by Melanie Wong 12 days ago

"...When California, with one-tenth of 1 percent of the world’s market, adopted chemical standards stricter than the ...

Ttrockwood commented 7 days ago

Cheap eats in Venice!

by veliz_b 4 months ago

Hello! I'm going to Europe this summer and will be stopping by Venice. Does anybody know of any relatively cheap rest...


comiendosiempre commented 8 days ago

Going to Rome in late April (what's new)

by Maximilien 27 days ago

Girlfriend and I will be going to Rome in late April. I was there alone in 2012 (report:

vinoroma commented 9 days ago

Need recommendation for Piedmonte

by linjudy 12 days ago

We are planning a 10 day trip to Piedmonte this Sept, and I have been perusing Chowhound and starting to compile a li...


allende commented 10 days ago

Memorable Meal in Milan at Tre Cristi

by fress 16 days ago

I'm not sure if anyone reads Chowhound anymore, but for the sake of the nice people who run Tre Cristi in Milan (and ...

thetfoodie commented 10 days ago

Events & Festivals Be the first to comment

Piedmonte events - Festa delle Sagre and Douja d'Or

by linjudy 10 days ago

Hello, Piedmonte experts, I have more questions. I really promise I will write a report when we return :) We will ...

Kosher Butcher in Florence or Rome

by kurtdwill 14 days ago

We will be staying in Florence and Tuscany for about 2 weeks this summer. We will be doing a lot of our own cooking ...


Baum010 commented 11 days ago

Venice in March

by mitched5 11 days ago

I am traveling to Italy with friends in March. We only have 2 days in Venice. I need restaurant recommendations for V...

jen kalb commented 11 days ago

Recommendations for Piedmonte and Liguria in June

by dostrovs 16 days ago

Somehow I manged to arrange a second trip to Italy within 10 months. My recent trip was in September 2015: http...


DavidT commented 13 days ago

One day in bologna... suggestions?

by kevinucci 25 days ago

we will be in bologna italy for just 24 hours. any recommendations for a classic meal? hotel recommendations also we...

Ziggy41 commented 14 days ago

Tuscan places to visit and eat in, after Lucca?

by curioussheridan 16 days ago

We will be in Lucca for ten days in early May, then have another six on our own. Where should we go to experince more...


Michaelspont commented 14 days ago

Italy in August (long): Florence, Bologna, Venice, Milan

by ninkat 18 days ago

First, let me say a warm thank you to all of the advice and help from Chowhounders near and far. This was my first t...

Ziggy41 commented 14 days ago

Fall Italy Trip

by turbowine 1 month ago

Went to Italy for the last week of November through mid-December. Trip was originally planned for earlier in the year...

Ziggy41 commented 14 days ago

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