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Any Recent info on Ferrara?

by jen kalb 25 days ago

Its possible that I will be in Ferrara with time for a lunch in a week or so - this would be in the center, we have n...


allende commented about 2 hours ago

Leaving tomorrow to Rome! Dining Itinerary Critique/Recs Please!

by JBG89 about 8 hours ago

Extremely excited to be headed to rome for the first time. Could I please receive an itinerary critique for this exci...


lisaonthecape commented about 4 hours ago

Cheap eats in Venice!

by veliz_b about 11 hours ago

Hello! I'm going to Europe this summer and will be stopping by Venice. Does anybody know of any relatively cheap rest...

Pizza in Turin

by choc_luver about 17 hours ago

Hi there, returning to Turin next week, and looking for the best pizza place. I saw Gramsci last time I visited, revi...

Venice for 5 nights/days - rate my choices!

by tennisboy 20 days ago

Two of us in Venice in late October; we don't drink alcohol, but we're all about the food! We like fish, and know tha...

Multifoiled commented 1 day ago

Booze Traveler ~ Sicily

by chris2269 1 day ago

One of the best food shows I have seen. I am just speaking to this episode but such a great balance..and good host wh...

chris2269 commented 1 day ago

Da Vittorio Bergamo

by allende 4 days ago

A decent restaurant in Bergamo. That wasn’t enough, so now and in the past, Singapore, Kazakstan and Terme di Saturni...

jen kalb commented 1 day ago

Venice recommendations E of Arsenale, etc

by jen kalb about 1 month ago

I will be accompanying my mother to Venice on one of those flaky but luxe "river cruises" that mainly moves around th...

PBSF commented 2 days ago

No red in bolognese

by newmarket2 6 days ago

A few years ago we spent a short week in Bologna. As a foodie, I was very much looking forward to enjoying what many...

JTPhilly commented 2 days ago

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osteria la porta, monticchiello, tuscany

by howler 3 days ago

just inside the archway entrance to monticchiello is la porta; its terrace commands a superb view of the countryside....

Cinque Terra/Florence: looking for Italian-brand canned tuna w/ cannellini beans in red sauce

by MyLovelyGourmet over 2 years ago

Searching for Italian-brand canned tuna with cannellini beans in red sauce I was in Cinque Terra, Italy some years...

minchilli commented 4 days ago

2 dinners in venice

by richb1 10 days ago

First, would like to thank several in the community for suggestions for the past few months. Just back from weekend ...


jangita commented 5 days ago

Sicily on my Mind

by Ziggy41 about 1 month ago

Safe to say my one day spent in Taormina years ago didnt add much to my Sicily knowledge base. Considering now two w...

Ziggy41 commented 6 days ago

Good food, casual prices

by Lisaquilts 15 days ago

Hi. Will be in the lovely Milan, Venice and Florence soon and would enjoy delicious food where locals go. Not exp...


cmvbbay commented 6 days ago

aroma review

by loml95 12 days ago

aroma at palazzo manfredi looks lovely and has 1 Michelin star but I never see it mentioned. or perhaps I haven't gon...

minchilli commented 7 days ago

All Night Bakery in Rome

by Roseolson over 5 years ago

While studying in Rome umpteen years ago, we used to hit the all night bakery near Piazza Cavour while waiting for th...

Roseolson commented 9 days ago

Advice for: Emilia Romagna, Piemonte

by gvaz28 10 days ago

Hi! My wife and I are travelling to Italy starting this friday for 2 weeks. Our itinerary is as follows (I know it...


gvaz28 commented 9 days ago

October Istanbul/Italy vacation

by JohnyRI 12 days ago

My wife and I are visiting Istanbul/Venice/Bologna/Florence from October 4 - 15. We prefer small owner occupied rest...

PBSF commented 10 days ago

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