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Great American Baking Show

by Multifoiled 1 month ago

Anyone watching this season? I knew nothing about this last season so I am new to it. I find it a respectable America...


DowntownJosie commented 16 days ago

What's for Dinner #398 (December 2016) - The Merry & Bright Edition

by ChristinaMason 2 months ago

The winter holidays are upon us - and whether that means Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, or even Kramp...

Berheenia commented 19 days ago

Caramel problems

by LNAWalters 28 days ago

I've made candy before, successfully, including caramels, toffee, marshmallows, and fudge. But it's been a few years....


LNAWalters commented 25 days ago

What's for Holiday Dinner?

by zackly 27 days ago

Just my wife and I today for Christmas dinner. Having my favorite beef entree, roast prime rib. Got a nicely marbled ...


masha commented 25 days ago

Christmastime Food Festivals

by daves_32 3 months ago

Looking to spend a weekend in NYC between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I know it's a zoo but the gf wants to see the C...


small h commented 27 days ago

Open New Year's Day

by prima 30 days ago

Whole Foods Yorkville Most restaurants in Chinatown Most hotel restaurants The places taking reservations on Ope...


youdonut commented 27 days ago

Pannetone in Toronto

by hungry_pangolin 1 month ago

T'is the season. I'm looking for recommendations for bakeries (if any) in Toronto that make their own pannetone. Fail...

prima commented 28 days ago

Home tasting menu

by offtoanywhere 1 month ago

I've experienced tasting menus in restaurants but wanted to try it at home with friends and family over the holidays....

hotoynoodle commented 28 days ago

Any suggestions for Christmas main courses that can be made in advance?

by kevinweeks 1 month ago

This year at Thanksgiving, it was agreed that Grandma and Grandpa are getting too far along to continue hosting famil...


Foxeyblue commented 29 days ago

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Dec 21: Native American Heritage Night - San Francisco

by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

San Francisco City Hall Rotunda Dec 21, 2016 5:30 to 7:30pm "The American Indian Cultural Center of San Francisco (...

Home Cooking Dish of the Month: December 2016 Nominations

by L.Nightshade 2 months ago

Welcome to the nomination thread for December’s Dish of the Month! Time to decide what dish we’ll be cooking together...

LulusMom commented 1 month ago

Lyle's Golden Syrup

by Grubster 1 month ago

Any truth in the rumour that it's been discontinued in Canada? If true, what's my alternative to drizzle on my hot o...

MonsieurGhislain commented 1 month ago

Thanksgiving 2016: Hits and Misses

by TorontoJo 2 months ago

Didn't see this started anywhere, so here goes. How was your Thanksgiving dinner? What worked? What didn't? What was ...


NicoletteT commented 1 month ago

Where can I get the best bagels & lox for the Holidays?

by gutreactions 3 months ago

Who carries the best lox & bagels for the coming Holidays? Do I have to split stores? What are your favorites?


Blumie commented 1 month ago

Fun Cooking Projects With Friends

by ZellaBella 2 months ago

I'm looking for ideas for fun kitchen projects to do with friends visiting over the holidays. Not meals, per se, but...


The_Libster commented 1 month ago

Best Seasonal/Holiday Trader Joe's items for 2016

by GraceW 5 months ago

It is almost that time of year... Autumn-oriented foods and winter-holiday treats will soon be arriving at Trader Joe...


Tabby2 commented 1 month ago

Homemade Gift Exchange: Is Imitation a Form of Flattery or Rude?

by sushee 2 months ago

My budget is shot for the month. I had two genormous bills and will only be giving homemade gifts. One friend that I ...

Ttrockwood commented 1 month ago

12/11 El Mercado, a holiday market supporting La Cocina, SF

by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

"For one day in December, La Cocina will transform The Women’s Building into a pop-up holiday bazaar, creating a vibr...

Melanie Wong commented 1 month ago

Presentation Ideas for Christmas Dinner Pot Roast

by mmgoose 2 months ago

For the past few years, I've taken full responsibility for choosing and cooking the Christmas menu at my in-laws' hom...

Ttrockwood commented 2 months ago

Holiday Treats 2012

by stak 4 years ago

just wondering if there are some delicious Christmas/ Hanukkah/ solstice/ whatever treats to try around town (Montrea...


stak commented 2 months ago

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