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Fulgurances l'Adresse: another dazzling chef using a spectrum of ingredients

by John Talbott 4 hours ago

Like A. Mere, Fulgurances l'adresse in the 11th, has opened with a chef, one Chloe Charles, who uses a variety of ing...

mangeur commented 2 hours ago

l'Arpège à la carte?

by johannabanana 8 days ago

Does anyone have experience ordering à la carte at l'Arpège at lunchtime? I also wondered if their à la carte prices ...


Maximilien commented 1 day ago

BBC: The Great Cheese Robbery

by Melanie Wong 14 days ago

"40,000 Euros worth of Comté cheese has been stolen in France - what makes it so valuable? "


ellabee commented 1 day ago

Warm croissants in Paris?

by la0426 5 days ago

Went to a well known bakery at 7:15 am and was told there is no set time for warm croissants. How is this true? Wh...

PhilD commented 4 days ago

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1st Anniversary Dinner in Paris - Recommendations?

by liza8402 4 days ago

Hi all! I know that there have been a ton of posts on where to eat (in Paris) for your anniversary dinner, but our tr...

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Lyon - good place for solo diner?

by dtopaz 4 days ago

I'll be in Lyon for a few days next month, staying in the Presqu'ile. Especially looking for places where a solo ...

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Any decent bagels in Paris?

by RandyB 4 days ago

I have some French friends who don't really understand the concept of a bagel, lox, and cream cheese for Sunday brunc...

Two days and dinners in the northern Beaujolais (Saint-Amour-Bellevue) — and a lunch in Macon

by Jake Dear 6 days ago

Following up on this post (


Steve commented 5 days ago

Good food, distinctive wines, and delightful traveling in the Jura

by Jake Dear 17 days ago

In light of changes to the dynamics of this site, including the less frequent participation by some of the contribu...


Steve commented 5 days ago

Christmas in Paris 2015 - Chowish family needs a little insight...

by Sam B 6 days ago

Travelling to Paris for Christmas this year with my wife and three kids , 20, 18, and 16 – good eaters all. Trying to...

macdog commented 5 days ago

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South-west France

by J Sheridan 5 days ago

If you find yourself in the beautiful village/small town of Lauzerte, drive a few kilometres to the small village of ...

Paris Trip Report - Dining Galore!

by GreyFloors 1 month ago

This is the start of my write up of another terrific week in Paris. As always, thanks to the folks on this site who ...

GreyFloors commented 6 days ago

Is the Burgundy Region like Chianti?

by zoemaslow 15 days ago

Hi there, my husband and I are planning our first trip to France. We're planning on renting a car, but unsure of whic...

sunshine842 commented 6 days ago

Lighter lunch fare? Amarante lunch menu?

by johannabanana 13 days ago

My husband and I are going to be in Paris for a couple of nights in mid-December. We were planning on Amarante for on...

johannabanana commented 6 days ago

Travel to French wine country in December, HELP!

by PinotPlease 8 years ago

Hi Hounders, my hubby and I are thinking of traveling to France in the winter (Have to be in the UK for Xmas and want...


collioure commented 8 days ago

Paris, for the month of September, where we went

by PeterCL 11 days ago

Here’s a list of restaurants visited during a one month stay in the 9th this past September. Listed in chronological...

mangeur commented 9 days ago

Paris dec 28 - jan 1

by trippeltretton 18 days ago

Hello. We are planning a trip to Paris over new Years. Will live in Les Marais. Have checked out John Talbot's fantas...

souphie commented 9 days ago


by macdog 11 days ago

There are some great photos on Instagram of people dining out in Paris tonight, to celebrate the city and not being a...

macdog commented 10 days ago

A quick visit to Paris

by rosepoint 10 days ago

My husband and I were able to get a week off of work without much time to plan so we decided to head back to Paris. ...

John Talbott commented 10 days ago

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