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Paris 9th Arrondissement... where to eat for five days?

by herzzreh 4 years ago

My Mrs, kiddo and I are staying in 9th arrondissement for a week. Looking for places to eat, something that won't bre...


PeterCL commented 3 hours ago

Lunch at Ledoyen

by buddhaz12 5 years ago

See pictures and read at Dining in a foreign country can...


allende commented 5 hours ago

Where to Eat in Monaco?

by chocokitty 1 month ago

Hello fellow 'hounders! I will be traveling with a friend to Monaco for the first time in early September for 3 ni...


sam1 commented 9 hours ago

Apartment in Paris

by Multifoiled 1 day ago

Within the last year, someone posted about a wonderful apartment they stayed in on (I believe) the Ile de la Cite. I ...

Multifoiled commented 10 hours ago

Table for One in Paris?

by exyalie 3 days ago

I have lived in Paris while doing my "stage" (apprenticeship) as part of my culinary education but that was many year...

Parnassien commented 1 day ago

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Fresh seafood lunches on the Cote d’Azur sans excessive bling?

by Jake Dear 1 day ago

In many trips to France we’ve never been to the Cote d’Azur, and I suppose in that sense we’ve voted with our feet. ...

3 days in Paris; Le Cinq, Ledoyen, Arpege, Guy Savoy, Astrance

by hkmilktea 10 days ago

Hello, My fiancee and I will be visiting Paris for 3 nights in early August. It is our first time. I was plan...

John Talbott commented 2 days ago

Lunch in Paris

by Dkelly1110 4 days ago

Thanks to the great posts here, my wife and I have chosen a number of places where we are looking forward to eating o...


Dkelly1110 commented 3 days ago

Trip Report: Cote d’Azur, Provence, and Languedoc-Rousillon

by JohnTalbotWannabe 2 months ago

In the fall of 2015, we spent part of our honeymoon in certain parts of the Cote d’Azur, Provence, and Languedoc-Rous...


Cosy Cool commented 4 days ago

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Nice/Eze/Antibes, France: Affordable food pleasures.

by Cosy Cool 4 days ago

Dear Chowhounds, We (family of four) are headed to Provence in a couple of weeks. I know there are several posts ...

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Splurge worthy lunch in Paris

by chocokitty 4 days ago

The last time I've been to Paris was in 2010 and my splurge lunch was Ledoyen when chef Christian le Squer was at the...

South of France, Provence Anniversary

by orenshapiro 16 days ago

Hello - While I have been reading, doing research and getting a lot of good suggestions on this site and others, I...

boredough commented 6 days ago

Paris in July with 6 YO

by Payton Chicago 8 days ago

Spending a few days in early July in Paris with our very adventurous eating 6 year old who shares our love of food - ...

ChristinaMason commented 7 days ago

Paris Food Itinerary

by MrGaglianos 11 days ago

Hey guys, I've done some restaurant research in Paris and just want to hear your thoughts or if you have any good ...

mangeur commented 7 days ago

Paris restaurant recommendations for November 2015, please (long intro)

by Multifoiled 9 months ago

Bonjour/Bonsoir! My husband and I will be in Paris the first week of November for 4 nights (11/3-11/7). This is my...

Multifoiled commented 8 days ago

Previous Post Paris Food Shops

by noradailey 13 days ago

There was a post recently in which the OP listed, by category, the particular shops, i.e., pastries, cheese, chocolat...

DaTulip commented 8 days ago

3-4 nights in Lyon

by MrGaglianos 11 days ago

Bonjour! I'll be visiting Lyon for 3-4 nights in June (12th-15th or 16th) for the Euro Cup. I'm a huge foodie, and...


MrGaglianos commented 8 days ago

Another List

by mikey8811 14 days ago FWIW


shakti2 commented 8 days ago

A Hint to the Wise

by onzieme 3 months ago

Clandé in the 12th -- 8 rue du Crozatier. I've been here a month this stay and have had many magnificent meals. Th...

John Talbott commented 8 days ago

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