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Bistro Paul Bert and Chez Dumonet still good?

by Torolover 6 days ago

I've been to Chez Denise and and L'Ami Jean, both of which I enjoyed. I would like to try another Classic Bistro....


Torolover commented about 4 hours ago

Dinner by Eiffel Tower-Paris?

by Hypnotic23 1 day ago

Next Saturday night I have a lay over in Paris. I'll be able to enjoy one evening near the Eiffel Tower. Would love s...

macdog commented about 4 hours ago

Poor college students in need of some help!

by veliz_b 2 days ago

Hello! My friends are I are traveling to Paris this summer and need some ideas of where to eat that is relatively che...

John Talbott commented 1 day ago

SF Fine Dining Questions

by SFDiner2015 8 days ago

Hi, I am currently living in Paris but will be returning to the states, SF in particular, next month. I'm currently c...

macdog commented 1 day ago

Help deciding 3 dinners and I lunch in Paris

by aperitivo 5 days ago

I had no idea that Paris had such a vibrant restaurant world, in London the bib gourmand list adequately supplies all...

Laidback commented 2 days ago

Bistros, boulangeries, kid-friendly restaurants and market recommendations (we're staying in Saint-Germain-des-Prés)?

by yehfromthebay 9 days ago

Hi all, Any suggestions for bistros, boulangeries, kid-friendly restaurants, or markets in or easily accessible f...

Parnassien commented 3 days ago

Paris Trip Report (L'Violin De Ingres, Le Jules Verne, L'As Du Fallafel, Spring, L'Atelier De Joel Robuchon)

by BSR84 about 1 month ago

Went with my girlfriend, and we are both adventurous food lovers who were extremely excited to see what the Paris foo...

Pariswat commented 3 days ago

Dinner report: Fontaine de Mars: Never Again.

by khornstein over 3 years ago

Hi hounders, I wanted to perform a bit of a public service and describe a recent meal I had at La fontaine de Mars...


sfcarole commented 4 days ago

Budget dining in Paris?

by bella_christina 12 months ago

First, apologies if I've somehow missed this in the discussions below, this forum is new to me. I'm going to Paris...

John Talbott commented 4 days ago

Paris Trip Report: Arpege, Chateaubriand, Avant Comptoir, Servan, Le 6 Paul Bert, Yam'Tcha, Clamato, Chouettes, Juveniles

by updose 7 days ago

I was in Paris for 6 days, and I made eating a super priority. I was there for work, so unfortunately wasn't able to ...


mikey8811 commented 5 days ago

Introducing the kids to French restaurants in Paris

by beauxeault 19 days ago

I am far from a veteran, but have visited Paris several times and have had excellent success seeking highly-recommend...

LulusMom commented 6 days ago

Paris & Provence

by Chicken Teriyaki Boy 8 days ago

My wife and I will be traveling to France from Toronto in early October. We’ll be in Paris for two nights staying at ...

boredough commented 6 days ago

Help for a too-short trip to Paris

by ejr 11 days ago

I'm hoping for help! We have just five nights in Paris and haven't been since February '14. On our past two trips, ...

John Talbott commented 7 days ago

Sunday lunch - Montmartre

by SergeA over 1 year ago

Hello all, We will arrive to Paris on Sunday afternoon, and it will be great to have lunch after voyage (french cui...

John Talbott commented 7 days ago

Les Climats: One, two, three

by Jake Dear 26 days ago

No experience is replicable of course, but here is how it worked for us: One. Make reservation on la fourchett...


onzieme commented 8 days ago

Best bistros in Paris? Please help!

by MDWest over 6 years ago

My husband, who has never been to France (but has otherwise traveled widely in Europe), and I are heading to Paris on...

John Talbott commented 8 days ago

Paris Restaurant Questions

by SFDiner2015 13 days ago

Hi, I will be in Paris for about a month and have created a list of a few restaurants I will be visiting for dinner. ...


updose commented 8 days ago

FAQ: Where is there good food where kids can also have room (in Paris)?

by John Talbott 9 days ago

The thread "Introducing kids to food, etc" reminded me that we're asked this periodically so I thought I'd throw out ...

LulusMom commented 8 days ago

NYT 36 hours on the right bank

by macdog 10 days ago

Don't know if anyone has seen this article that just posted in NYT. Restaurants mentioned are Poulette, Goust, lunch...

macdog commented 9 days ago

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