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David Toutain or Restaurant AT

by nextguy 5 hours ago

I'll be in Paris early June and have time for only one meal away from the in-laws. I was wondering if anyone could p...

John Talbott commented 34 minutes ago

Lunch report: Papillon

by Kelly 2 days ago

Not breaking any new ground here, but in the interest of confirming what most already know: Yum. I leapt at the op...

John Talbott commented 36 minutes ago

Bringing Cheese Home

by foocray 1 day ago

Leaving Paris after one year and would love to bring some cheese back home (SF). Any chance it will last the flight t...

Jake Dear commented 1 hour ago

Paris with two young kids in July

by Monica 29 days ago

My close friend and her husband are visiting Paris with her two young sons (first time for all) this July and asked m...

Monica commented 3 hours ago

NY Times Article on Decline in Diners in High End Paris Restaurants

by onzieme 2 days ago The article says high end res...


cortez commented 7 hours ago

Pays Basque or Cahors? Also lodging/ food recommendations in/ around Uzes

by masha 18 days ago

My husband and are planning an 8 day road trip, beginning and ending in Lyon during mid-May. The first half of the t...


masha commented 7 hours ago

Three nights in Paris in June, how is this dining plan?

by shrakzam 2 days ago

Hello, Long time lurker, first time poster. I've scoured the site, and have been grateful for the Paris dining ad...


ferret commented 7 hours ago

Brief Opnionated Boulangerie Report

by Delucacheesemonger 2 years ago

Again this is my opinion, l like bread that if it hits your head you get a concussion. l have been back in Paris for ...


foocray commented 23 hours ago

Paris - Vegan-Friendly

by pamela18 2 days ago

We will be traveling to Paris for Roland-Garros at the end of May. We need recommendations for breakfast and dinner w...


foocray commented 24 hours ago

Paris in May

by foocray 24 days ago

Hi, I'll be coming to Paris this May and was wondering if I could get some advice/input on my dining choices for dinn...


foocray commented 1 day ago

Dinner report: La Table Lauriston

by Kelly 2 days ago

I’d been tasked with finding a restaurant for dinner for five visiting American colleagues. The criteria: open at 7pm...

John Talbott commented 1 day ago

ISO: Sunday outside lunch ?

by Maximilien 1 day ago

My parents are in Paris, and are looking for a nice lunch for next Sunday for their 51 wedding anniversary, preferabl...

John Talbott commented 1 day ago

Recommendations for a great 3* lunch?

by bose210 21 days ago

Hi, I will visit Paris in late June and would like to go to a 3* restaurant for lunch for a special occasion. I ha...


bose210 commented 1 day ago

Where to Eat in Monaco?

by chocokitty 5 days ago

Hello fellow 'hounders! I will be traveling with a friend to Monaco for the first time in early September for 3 ni...


sam1 commented 2 days ago

Getting to Paris From In De Wulf

by foodiebuddha 2 days ago

Hey folks, So we've got plans to grab dinner at In De Wulf in June and we've been exploring the best method to get f...


Nancy S. commented 2 days ago

Tour d'Argent Paris

by hsk 4 years ago

Anyone been there recently? It's on my list of must tries for my first trip back to Paris in almost 30 years.

John Talbott commented 3 days ago

An impossible task? Early dinner, on Monday, near Trocadero

by Kelly 6 days ago

Oh Chowhounders, don't fail me now! I've been tasked to find a restaurant for colleagues that meets the following cri...


Oakglen commented 5 days ago

Already too late for May reservations... oh no

by macdog 16 days ago

We are getting ready for our annual trip to Paris in May and I just checked online for a reservation to Le Bourse et ...

macdog commented 6 days ago

Burgundy Restaurant Review - Nov 2015 (Long)

by DaTulip 8 days ago

I still don't like the "new way" of Chowhound, so who knows where or how this will post. -------------------------...

DaTulip commented 7 days ago

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My experience with Paris and Tree Nut Allergies

by kj12 9 days ago

I just wanted to write a post about my experience while traveling with a 12 year old who’s allergic to tree nuts. Not...

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