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St. Malo, Rennes, Paris report [long]

by Londonlinda about 17 hours ago

So, since the France board still seems to be quite active, think it's worthwhile posting a report! Just had a fabulou...

macdog commented about 1 hour ago

Before Sunday Matinee at the Opera Bastille: anyone tried the renovated Grandes Marches?

by John Talbott about 22 hours ago

A friend is going to a Sunday matinee at the Opera Bastille and is looking for food prior. I have not been to Les Gr...


GreyFloors commented about 7 hours ago

Early Sunday Brunch in Paris

by MJPierce 4 days ago

Can someone suggest a good place for an earlier-than-usual Sunday brunch, say around 11 AM? Most of the places mentio...

John Talbott commented about 8 hours ago

Poor college students in need of some help!

by veliz_b 6 days ago

Hello! My friends are I are traveling to Paris this summer and need some ideas of where to eat that is relatively che...


yvrbakes commented 1 day ago

More NY Times/Lobrano on Paris Restos

by onzieme 3 days ago Not clear what date ...


UPDoc commented 1 day ago

SF Fine Dining Questions

by SFDiner2015 12 days ago

Hi, I am currently living in Paris but will be returning to the states, SF in particular, next month. I'm currently c...


bnowell commented 1 day ago

Help deciding 3 dinners and I lunch in Paris

by aperitivo 10 days ago

I had no idea that Paris had such a vibrant restaurant world, in London the bib gourmand list adequately supplies all...

John Talbott commented 2 days ago

La Villette dining options

by sergad about 1 year ago

We are attending a jazz performance at 8PM at La Villette. Seems like the pre-concert dining options are slim. Any su...

John Talbott commented 2 days ago

Favorite Desserts in Paris

by SFDiner2015 4 days ago

Since I have a sweet tooth I thought I'd just put this out there. What are some of your all-time favorite desserts in...


ferret commented 2 days ago

L'Astrance reservations

by jbruner over 5 years ago

I'm two months out from a Paris trip and a lunch at L'Astrance is at the top of my list. I have read about 10 differe...


ARobinson1976 commented 3 days ago

Bistro Paul Bert and Chez Dumonet still good?

by Torolover 10 days ago

I've been to Chez Denise and and L'Ami Jean, both of which I enjoyed. I would like to try another Classic Bistro....


Torolover commented 3 days ago

Dinner by Eiffel Tower-Paris?

by Hypnotic23 6 days ago

Next Saturday night I have a lay over in Paris. I'll be able to enjoy one evening near the Eiffel Tower. Would love s...

Hypnotic23 commented 4 days ago

Dinner report: Fontaine de Mars: Never Again.

by khornstein over 3 years ago

Hi hounders, I wanted to perform a bit of a public service and describe a recent meal I had at La fontaine de Mars...


sfcarole commented 8 days ago

Budget dining in Paris?

by bella_christina 12 months ago

First, apologies if I've somehow missed this in the discussions below, this forum is new to me. I'm going to Paris...

John Talbott commented 9 days ago

Introducing the kids to French restaurants in Paris

by beauxeault 23 days ago

I am far from a veteran, but have visited Paris several times and have had excellent success seeking highly-recommend...

LulusMom commented 10 days ago

Paris & Provence

by Chicken Teriyaki Boy 12 days ago

My wife and I will be traveling to France from Toronto in early October. We’ll be in Paris for two nights staying at ...

boredough commented 11 days ago

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