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Comments please on Paris 3 day itinerary in September

by brammie 3 days ago

We as a couple will be in September for 3 days in Paris (long weekend). Based on research on previous threads on this...


shakti2 commented 1 hour ago

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Sete and Languedoc-Roussillon

by jorn77 1 day ago

Hello, Me and my brother have rented a house in Sete for two weeks. Is Sete a good choice? For me it sounds like a...

Paris Late August Visit

by Ciao Bob 7 days ago

Bonjour Paris-hounds, I am setting up some meals for a weeks visit to your city at the end of August. I know ma...

Ciao Bob commented 1 day ago

Paris trip in September (with shortlist of restaurants)

by ausfoodie1 20 days ago

Bonjour Chowhounders, I have spent the last few months reading the board and planning the food itinerary for our upco...


ausfoodie1 commented 1 day ago

Paris summer holiday experience

by hungryny 5 days ago

First time visiting Paris in the summer. Several restaurants I am considering are closing a day or two later for holi...

mangeur commented 2 days ago

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Paris Christmas Eve

by theactionisgo 3 days ago

I am interested in purchasing an assortment of cheese, wine, bread, meat/seafood and other delights for a family Chri...

Help with Paris is August, just 3 nights!

by darbi 16 days ago

Hello chowhounders! I will be traveling with my family (5 people total) first to Provence (which I already got numer...

Ciao Bob commented 5 days ago

Paris - Local eats in the 14th & 13th arrondissement

by schraminvan 15 days ago

I'm a chef coming to Europe for a few weeks this summer, with my wife and 3 year old. We've been to Barcelona & Paris...

John Talbott commented 6 days ago

Côte d'Azur in early July

by Kimosabe99 1 month ago

Hello all, was hoping for some advice on an itinerary with my wife sans enfants in early July on the Côte d'Azur. We'...


Kimosabe99 commented 7 days ago

Last min! Please critique my 8 days Provence/ Nice Itinerary!

by darbi 23 days ago

I want to thank all the contributors on this board for providing so much information on the region. After plowing th...


gooster commented 7 days ago

Paris birthday dinner?

by cherylmtl 10 days ago

I will be celebrating my birthday in Paris (again...) in October. However, this year my birthday falls on a Saturday...

John Talbott commented 8 days ago

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Luberon July 2016

by degustazione 9 days ago

Really no misses on this trip. The food in the Luberon seems at a very high standard. Veranda (Menerbes). One lu...

Where to dine in Paris

by AmySowder 2 months ago

I'm going to Paris in early July, and I'd love some casual eatery suggestions, as well as a couple fine-dining ideas....


Steve commented 9 days ago


by Kimosabe99 1 month ago

Has anyone been to Simone Tondo's new eponymous Tondo on rue de Cotte? His Roseval sommelier Martin Ho remains as hi...


VaPaula commented 11 days ago

Paris Lunches

by FitzRoy2016 19 days ago

Bonjour! My wife & I (mid 60's) are arriving at CDG Sunday morning July 17th and are staying in the 11th near Plac...


Steve commented 12 days ago

Restaurant Au Plat du Jour | Reims

by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

My October visit to Reims started rather poorly, foodwise, with an indifferent kebap place.


ferret commented 13 days ago

Le Havre & Rouen, any new news?

by John Talbott 29 days ago

Has anyone tested any new places? This and other threads are a bit dated. Many thanks, John

John Talbott commented 14 days ago

Help with l’Ambroisie

by tming 6 months ago

Is it possible and polite to go to l’Ambroisie and just order a main course and a glass of wine?Or 2 entrees and and ...


Bu Pun Su commented 15 days ago

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Fromageries and Traiteurs

by Steve 17 days ago

The idea of this thread is to focus on two important sources of Chow in France that often get overlooked when folks a...

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