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France in Spring

by SFDiner2015 2 months ago

Hi, I'll be visiting France this spring and have begun creating a list of a few places I'd like to dine at. I was i...

John Talbott commented 3 hours ago

Daniel Rose's Chez la Vieille, One More Perfect Pitch

by John Talbott 5 hours ago

I've been a Daniel Rose fan since his first Spring opened in the 9th and thus totally a fan of almost anything he's d...

Corsica Trip Report - Ajaccio, Calvi, Corte, Bonafacio, Porticcio

by francaise 3 days ago

My husband and I spent 10 days on the island of Corsica this fall and I felt compelled to post a trip report as there...


francaise commented 10 hours ago

The Crushing Disappointment of L’Arpège on Eater by Ryan Sutton

by therealdoctorlew 2 days ago

Just saw this remarkable pan of a three star temple. Wow!


SFDiner2015 commented 21 hours ago

South of France

by VivianD 3 months ago

We will be spending 5 weeks in the South of France this Fall and are looking for recommendations in Arles, Avignon, A...


Antoniad commented 2 days ago

Two Down and Two to Go, Plus a Lovely Little Lunch at Au Comptoir

by PH Rodgers 5 days ago

Thanks to all here who helped my wife and me plan our food itinerary on a short visit to Paris this week. We beg...

PH Rodgers commented 4 days ago

3 days in Paris; Le Cinq, Ledoyen, Arpege, Guy Savoy, Astrance

by hkmilktea 5 months ago

Hello, My fiancee and I will be visiting Paris for 3 nights in early August. It is our first time. I was plan...


totalcaramel commented 4 days ago

"L'Initial" rue de Bievre

by sumdumgoy 6 days ago

I have heard good things about this new place in the rue de Bievre from knowledgeable non- Hounds. Do any of you ha...


sumdumgoy commented 5 days ago

Fresh from CDG -- lunching with luggage

by lmcsherr 9 days ago

My sister and I will be alighting at the Eiffel Tower around noon on a Saturday in mid November. We can't check in to...


collioure commented 5 days ago

Dining Alone @ Tour D'Argent

by lmcsherr 16 days ago

I have a day to myself in Paris while my sister speaks at a conference and I'm seriously contemplating having lunch a...


collioure commented 5 days ago

Paris recap

by rab28 7 days ago

Had a wonderful trip to France and still reliving it. After a week on a canal barge traveling through Alsace-Lorraine...

Parnassien commented 6 days ago

Bistro near Opera Garnier?

by lbabic 11 days ago

Looking for a casual place within walking distance (20 mins or so) of Opera Garnier that might serve escargot, steak ...

Parnassien commented 10 days ago

Buying food in shops and markets

by hychka 14 days ago

We will have an apartment on Rue Montorgueil in Paris for a month next year and are looking forward to shopping in th...

hychka commented 10 days ago

Tomy & Co, Paris (7e)

by pierre 15 days ago

We dined recently at this 1 month old restaurant. The owner /chef is the ex chef of Pirouette. The modern interior wi...

John Talbott commented 10 days ago

Sunday brunch (preferably buffet)

by ah6tyfour 13 days ago

I'm looking for a Sunday brunch, buffet preferred. What are your favorites? Bonus points if its around the Champ El...


shakti2 commented 12 days ago

Verjus or Spring for first dinner in Paris?

by lbabic 13 days ago

Trying to decide between the two. They seem like similar experiences but I could be way off on this. Like the idea of...

John Talbott commented 12 days ago

One night in Paris... on Monday

by RipCurl 15 days ago

Greetings to the kind food-lovers in Paris. Asian-based Chowhounder, visiting for just one night in November, and it ...


RipCurl commented 14 days ago

Looking for a late Friday dinner and a Sunday dinner

by ah6tyfour 15 days ago

I'm attending a performance at Palais des Congrès on a Friday night and I'm guessing it ends around 10pm. Where coul...

Parnassien commented 14 days ago

Non-French restaurants in Paris

by rachelnyc1 3 months ago

Hi. My visits to Paris are generally short so I tend to focus on French restaurants but I will be there for two month...


rachelnyc1 commented 14 days ago

Best no-MSG buffet in Paris?

by polishjeweatswonderbread 2 months ago

Please recommend. Also the second best . Would love to hear from John. Please do not delete this post. It is a s...


polishjeweatswonderbread commented 17 days ago

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