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The Depot in Miami, is this still there?

by Larry G 13 years ago

About 20 years ago, my parents vacationed in Miami and dined at a restaurant called "The Depot" in Miami, that they j...


Habibb commented 17 hours ago

Pre-Cruise Breakfast in Ft Lauderdale

by starbucksbrew 7 days ago

Driving into Ft Lauderdale early before boarding cruise at 11 am. Where is a good place for breakfast? Doesn't have t...


tlubow commented 1 day ago

Orlando convention area - Dinner options March 2016?

by pombetom 22 days ago

Will be at a meeting in early March in Orlando. Staying near the convention center, no car, but know about i-drive tr...

scottca075 commented 3 days ago

Foodie Spots in Orlando

by robhandel 2 years ago

Hi guys I'll be spending a few days in Orlando and I'm looking for some must try foodie spots to keep me busy. Caf...

scottca075 commented 3 days ago

Chuan Lu Garden - new authentic Sichuan style Chinese place in Orlando's Mills 50 District

by TastyChomps 3 years ago

Hellow Fellow Chowhounders! Just wanted to share with you this great new place that just opened in the Mills 50 di...

CFByrne commented 4 days ago

Sarasota--Authentic Chinese and bahn mi

by Panski 1 month ago

Husband and I are spending a week in Sarasota in February. Seems like there are some Vietnamese restaurants in the a...


Indy 67 commented 6 days ago

Kraft American Cheese in a BLUE BOX? Where?

by thakrza 9 years ago

This is an integral recipe ingredient for a dip that I crave every once in awhile (Pancho's Cheese Dip--they sell it ...


epearson101 commented 7 days ago

Palm Beach Restaurant Recos

by KNYC99 8 days ago

Heading down to Palm Beach in a few weeks (staying at Breakers) and haven't been in years. Would love some lunch and ...


Alfred G commented 8 days ago

Request for restaurant recommendations for SW Florida

by newmarket2 4 months ago

We're foodies who will be in Tampa, Sarasota, Naples and Sanibel for 2 weeks and are looking for recommendations. Ha...

MidwesternerTT commented 8 days ago

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Eggstrordinary Sunday breakfast take out for the family.

by cereme 11 days ago

I bought breakfast to go Sunday morning, omelets and quiche meals for the family from Eggs-trodinary at Cattleridge. ...

Jupiter, Tequesta, Palm Beach Gardens Restaurants

by myprizeis 2 months ago

Can people weigh in on these restaurants. food quality, ambience, service pricing- do they have a happy hour ? thank ...


shiloh15 commented 11 days ago

Key West Dining Recomendations

by RRANDY 19 days ago

Will be in KW the last week in March (2016) and I'm looking for good dining recommendations. We will be staying in Ol...


Coribdx commented 17 days ago

Charcoaled burgers Tampa Bay Area?

by RibDog 6 years ago

Anyone know of any burger places in the Tampa Bay area that cooks their burgers over a charcoal fire?

meatn3 commented 17 days ago

Orlando - top tips

by nod9889 19 days ago

Hi i am coming to Orlando with work. i am looking for some good food. Specifically any tips for top quality: 1. Cuba...


nod9889 commented 18 days ago

Chow near Englewood, FL

by phdfoodie 2 months ago

What are good places to eat near Englewood (+15 mile radius)? Looking for healthy but not necessarily fancy food - br...


Johanna23 commented 18 days ago

Business Dinner near Universal

by Nate1212 2 months ago

Hi- I'm looking for recommendations for a business dinner near the Universal Park. It's a group of between 15-20. A p...

Sandwich_Sister commented 20 days ago

Key West - TRIP REPORT - January 2014

by sweetlowcountry 1 year ago

This list is months in the making. Mainly because once I got back to real life, a Key West Trip Report was not on the...


rpsloan commented 23 days ago

Amelia Island update

by sal_acid 3 years ago

DAVID'S is a two month old restaurant near the old Beech St Grill. It is an ambitious place with the clear goal of e...


janbo19 commented 25 days ago

Key West end of January

by dudleycat 1 month ago

Looking for really good dinners and an excellent breakfast place or two. My husband and I. New York City native, s...


kempshark commented 27 days ago

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