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[Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam] "Bánh mì Op La" from Hòa Mã

by klyeoh 4 months ago

Got a dining tip on this little gem of a place from fellow CH, foodfirst (Eating Asia): Hòa Mã is a busy breakfast sp...

Charles Yu commented about 1 hour ago

Taipei: Early morning beef noodles

by tofuavecfa 7 days ago

Hello! I'm in search for a beef noodle place in Taipei, preferably within a couple of stops of Taipei Main Station, t...


teriyakichi commented 5 days ago

101 Best Restaurants in Asia

by teriyakichi 18 days ago,2 Tim Ho Wan is No. 1. How can that be?

Charles Yu commented 12 days ago

Bangkok recs?

by Lau 2 months ago

Hey - my friends will also be in Bangkok for 1.5 days, what are a few must try recs? Thanks!


Lobstr commented 15 days ago

Jakarta's non-Indonesian and chinese restaurants

by patates 23 days ago

I'm hoping some people can help me here. I recently moved from London. I very much enjoy eating the endless places of...


BuildingMyBento commented 18 days ago

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hawker/ food court recs near Kent Vale?

by trueblu 18 days ago

Wow: not sure I know how to navigate the new chowhound site -- it's been a while since I've posted and I can't seem t...

Bangkok fine dining questions

by jkaww 26 days ago

I am traveling to BKK in February and March. Though we have done some research on casual dining amd street food, I a...


jkaww commented 21 days ago

Hairy crabs (大閘蟹) in Hong Kong

by kosmose7 about 1 year ago

Hairy crab season is back again! Most places in Hong Kong seem to offer the hairy crab menu from October 1, but a h...


SomeRandomIdiot commented 22 days ago

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Seeking Restaurant Suggestion in Kuala Lampur

by yb2015 24 days ago

Travelling to Kuala Lampur for one night and would like to try out an interesting restaurant with high end creative ...

New Chowhound Killed China/Southeast Asia Board

by M_Gomez 29 days ago

What is going on here? I have not seen a new post on China/Southeast Asia anymore. I also find the new site to be to...

marssy commented 26 days ago

Suggest food/snacks to bring from HK to Canada?

by Wench Foraday 3 months ago

Hi everyone, I've got some HK relatives coming to Canada (Toronto specifically) in August. They have asked if they ca...

Wench Foraday commented 28 days ago

Manila restaurants

by lossless 3 months ago

Hi, I'm visiting Manila for a little while. Any recommendations for restaurants? Prefer Makati area. Prefer Asian far...

pilinut commented about 1 month ago

Food Tour 2015 Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau

by pinballer about 1 month ago

Travelling to Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau for the first time. I booked the flights a year ago, so I've had time to...

pinballer commented about 1 month ago

[Singapore] Sembawang White Beehoon from You Huak

by klyeoh 3 months ago

You Huak is currently one of Singapore's hottest local eating spots - outrageously popular for its Teochew-inflected ...


yippy commented about 1 month ago

Singapore (36 hours) from NYC - Please help!

by gwh912 about 2 months ago

Okay, so I've been researching the board, and have narrowed down cuisine types but need some assistance on actual res...


BigDaddySing commented about 1 month ago

[Singapore] Hainanese Chicken Rice Lunch at Yet Con.

by klyeoh 3 months ago

Yet Con has always been my family's go-to place for Hainanese chicken rice. It may not be as swish as its newer compe...


BigDaddySing commented about 1 month ago


by trav over 3 years ago

Would you suggest dining at any of the high end hotels in Yangon and Bagan such as Governor's Palace, Strand and Thir...

pinballer commented about 1 month ago

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