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Some of my Singapore restaurants' reviews

by Bu Pun Su 7 months ago

Under the new Chowhound forums format, sometimes I got difficulties to find the old reviews of certain restaurants. B...


Bu Pun Su commented 1 day ago

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Yu C here the latest in Chinese cooking

by polishjeweatswonderbread 6 days ago

[Malaysia] Itinerary help needed by NYC Chowhound

by Peter Cuce 9 months ago

Hi folks I'm coming to Malaysia for 2 weeks in early March - it's coming up fast. I'm meeting a friend there who r...


felipeochoa commented 29 days ago

Michelin Shanghai Predictions

by Chadsie 1 month ago

Does anyone know if this will be for 2017 or 2016 and does anyone know how Shanghai will compare to HK?


Chadsie commented 1 month ago

2 Days in Hong Kong with a Vegetarian that is kinda cheap

by jaysbee 1 month ago

I have 2 days in Hong Kong (visiting from Canada) and want to make the most of it. But unfortunately, my friend is v...


jaysbee commented 1 month ago

Best restos in Vietnam?

by cityvu 11 months ago

Can you recommend restaurants in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh, Nha Trang, Hue, Hanoi)?


saniatan commented 2 months ago

5 days in HK - where to eat?

by thwysg 2 months ago

Hi! I'd be staying over at Cordis with my husband for 5 days during 2017 New Year's Day. As much as we would love to ...


thwysg commented 2 months ago

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What's new in Jakarta?

by Jim M 2 months ago

I'll be there for two weeks at the end of September. Saw an article about a place called Nusa Gastronomy in Kemang—ha...

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Zimmern Shanghai episode

by twon 2 months ago

Does anyone have any further information on the private restaurant that Andrew went to in Changning, Shanghai? The c...

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19hr layover in January

by Ottfoodie 2 months ago

Hey guys, I have a transfer in Shanghai on my way to Colombo and would love some restaurant suggestions during my sho...

[Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam] "Bánh mì Op La" from Hòa Mã

by klyeoh 1 year ago

Got a dining tip on this little gem of a place from fellow CH, foodfirst (Eating Asia): Hòa Mã is a busy breakfast sp...

klyeoh commented 2 months ago

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Recommendations in Shenzhen?

by swannee 2 months ago

Will be in Shenzhen for a few days in October. I know it is not really a Guangdong city even if it is in the provinc...

Where should we take our Hong Kong hosts for dinner?

by perwinkler 3 months ago

Hello Chowhound, I'm visiting Hong Kong for five days in September. To thank our friends to letting them stay with...

Charles Yu commented 2 months ago

Looking for suggestions for Shanghai

by RickBehl 2 months ago

Hi all, Will be travelling to Shanghai for a conference for one week in September and wanted to take that opportun...


Steve commented 2 months ago

24 hours in Bangkok - What would you eat?

by Dave MP 4 months ago

I'll be spending 24 hours in Bangkok in a few weeks. We'll be arriving the evening, around 4 PM, and leaving the next...

Dave MP commented 2 months ago

2016 Vietnam/Cambodia

by CGeats 5 months ago

This winter I'll be vacationing in Vietnam and Cambodia. There haven't been CH posts in a while. I am looking for ANY...


stephaniet commented 2 months ago

Cheap Eats in Singapore

by Chadsie 3 months ago

I am writing for an apprentice and he is wondering if there are any good cheap eats like under 20 dollars that he ca...


swannee commented 3 months ago

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Bangkok - 2.5 Days Restaurants/Sights (Researched!)

by cwong920 3 months ago

I am looking for some insight into our possibly itinerary for Bangkok. My fiance and I have 2.5 full days in Bangkok ...

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