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Around Taiwan Itinerary

by daveinmd 3 hours ago

Hi guys, I'll be taking a trip around Taiwan with my wife, parents, in-laws, brother's family + inlaws (11 people); ...

Peking Duck in Hong Kong, Mid-Afternoon

by eng3 16 days ago

Are there any good restaurants in the TST area open around 4-5pm where I can get a peking duck meal. Half duck prefe...


eng3 commented 4 days ago

Quick Bangkok trip reccomendations

by eng3 16 days ago

I will have a layover in Bangkok for for the first time but only for about 48hrs. Arriving on a Friday around 10am a...

Curt the Soi Hound commented 4 days ago

Will political change endanger Myanmar’s rich cuisine?

by Melanie Wong 6 days ago

"...Businesses, setting their sights firmly on foreign visitors, have made it as easy as possible. Take the new wave ...

Curt the Soi Hound commented 6 days ago

Steamed Turkey

by clgrochos 29 days ago

I'm looking for tips or first hand experience when steaming a whole turkey, or other ideas on how to cook a whole bir...


GTM commented 7 days ago

Chinese-based food/restaurant ranking website

by hiddenpalette 21 days ago

Hi, I'm looking for any good Chinese-based websites preferably also in English language that review/rates/ranks resta...


Steve commented 20 days ago

Dinner in Hong Kong?

by UTGem 20 days ago

Foodie Gurus, I have one evening in Hong Kong and I'd love to maximize the time with a great dinner spot. What would...

Charles Yu commented 20 days ago

26 by Liberty Hong Kong

by Mikeh20 4 months ago

Anyone heard more info on this or the chef coming over from Whisk? I'll be in HK in Sept. I know LPW was once 'the pl...


teriyakichi commented 25 days ago

Kuala Lumpur - restaurant and wine. Help!

by Asomaniac 27 days ago

I have been in KL for a few days with work and tomorrow night can finally explore the food scene a bit (leaving on Sa...


Asomaniac commented 26 days ago

3 days in Bangkok. Help us narrow the list down!

by Vadapao 1 month ago

We are a foodie family of 3 (includes a 5 yo kid) and will be visiting Bangkok for 3.5 days - so about 6-7 meals (we...

Curt the Soi Hound commented 27 days ago

Bangkok/Chiang Rai/Chiang Mai trip report

by MumbaiCentral 1 month ago

Might have been done before, but haven't posted in a while to give back to the community so here goes. I was in Ba...

Curt the Soi Hound commented 1 month ago

Books on Chinese wheat noodles

by hyperbowler 1 month ago

Are there any comprehensive books on techniques for making fresh Chinese wheat noodles and each noodle's history? The...

possumspice commented 1 month ago

[Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam] "Bánh mì Op La" from Hòa Mã

by klyeoh 5 months ago

Got a dining tip on this little gem of a place from fellow CH, foodfirst (Eating Asia): Hòa Mã is a busy breakfast sp...

vietnam84 commented 1 month ago

Taipei: Early morning beef noodles

by tofuavecfa 2 months ago

Hello! I'm in search for a beef noodle place in Taipei, preferably within a couple of stops of Taipei Main Station, t...


teriyakichi commented 2 months ago

101 Best Restaurants in Asia

by teriyakichi 2 months ago,2 Tim Ho Wan is No. 1. How can that be?

Charles Yu commented 2 months ago

Bangkok recs?

by Lau 4 months ago

Hey - my friends will also be in Bangkok for 1.5 days, what are a few must try recs? Thanks!


Lobstr commented 2 months ago

Jakarta's non-Indonesian and chinese restaurants

by patates 2 months ago

I'm hoping some people can help me here. I recently moved from London. I very much enjoy eating the endless places of...


BuildingMyBento commented 2 months ago

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hawker/ food court recs near Kent Vale?

by trueblu 2 months ago

Wow: not sure I know how to navigate the new chowhound site -- it's been a while since I've posted and I can't seem t...

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