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Canned Chicken ala' King? [moved from the South board]

by nathanac 9 years ago

After watching Top Chef the other night, I was reminded of a favorite childhood dish. We used to heat up canned chic...


jerryab commented 4 hours ago

Your favorite grilled chicken recipe...?

by CindyJ 16 days ago

I don't make chicken on the grill very often. I have one go-to recipe for grilled boneless, skinless chicken breasts...

junescook commented 13 hours ago

Can I marinate chicken breast in a buttermilk and garlic/herb/olive oil marinade at the same time?

by nycguy20011 1 day ago

Can I marinate chicken breast in a buttermilk and garlic/herb/olive oil marinade at the same time? Or is it best to m...

C. Hamster commented 16 hours ago

Leftover roast chicken suggestions - no dairy or pasta

by CarNut 5 days ago

I have almost a whole roast chicken in the fridge, and I'm looking for some new and interesting ideas. Only thing i...


Querencia commented 5 days ago

Chicken Veronique

by munchkin1 7 days ago

I am looking at a recipe (not Ina's cold chicken salad one) but the version that is served hot with the sauce. As som...


Madrid commented 6 days ago

Advice on feeding a crowd

by gailbv1971 9 days ago

I would like to make this slow-and-low BBQ oven baked bone-in chicken for an upcoming family reunion, but I don't kno...

hotoynoodle commented 7 days ago

Green chicken??

by mickie44 7 years ago

When deboning an organic chicken last night, I found the meat right next to and on both sides of the breastbone was l...


sweetypie185 commented 7 days ago

Canned Chicken

by Kelly 12 years ago

Ok - So I know this isn't very chowhoundish of me, but I bought a couple cans (6 to be procise) of canned chicken chu...


arkuda commented 8 days ago

San Francisco Dish of the Month July 2012: Asian Fried Chicken

by Dave MP 4 years ago

This is the thread for the first San Francisco Bay Area Dish of the Month. This month the focus is Asian Fried Chicke...

little big al commented 10 days ago

chicken on counter overnight?

by Bex714 7 years ago

hey guys - I'm a moron. I took two boneless chicken thighs out of the freezer last night, tossed them on the counte...


sandyleerice commented 11 days ago

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[Singapore] Soysauce Chicken Noodle War: Chiew Kee vs Chew Kee

by klyeoh 15 days ago

One of the famous foodie sibling rivalry is the Chiew Kee (younger brother Yu) vs Chew Kee (older sister Mdm Yu) on w...

does cooking kill bacteria? [moved from Home Cooking]

by toodie jane 10 years ago

I did the dumbest thing--left out a baggie of chicken thighs to defrost and forgot to put it away when I went to bed....


inflamatio commented 16 days ago

Chicken Soup

by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

Because this is one of the remaining cloudy and cool-ish days of the season and cuz the flu and cold season is runnin...

little big al commented 20 days ago

Smoked Chicken Carp: Anyone else have memories of what's commonly called Black Cod or Sable Fish?

by FlavoursGal 9 years ago

I just smoked a 3-pound fillet of black cod (aka sable fish) in my electric smoker. It's delicious - fatty, velvety ...


susanalexis1029 commented 21 days ago

Your secrets to crispy chicken skin

by ucanahdooit 6 years ago

Hi, I was wondering what your methods are for baking crispy chicken skin (no frying!) My chicken always comes out ...


ThanksfortheCrepes commented 23 days ago

Best Chicken Pot Pie in LA?

by thranduil 6 years ago

We went to Nichols in MDR last night and had their tarragon chicken pot pie (Friday night special). It was excellent...


oldusedcop commented 28 days ago

New cook - chicken question, help please!

by andy1010 7 months ago

Thank you for your help in advance. I cooked chicken in the oven tonight and one of the breasts did not taste quite r...


treb commented 29 days ago

Marinating Chicken Adobo

by SIMIHOUND 1 year ago

I made this recipe and I am wondering if I could marinate this a day ahead of time to get more flavor in the chicken ...


ronarcher commented 30 days ago

The Changing American Diet

by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

"...Each column is a category, and each chart is a time series for a major food item, represented as serving units pe...

paulj commented 1 month ago

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