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Bacon makes everything better: fact. Chowhounds talk about the best bacon to buy, how to cook it, and where to find bacon dishes on a menu anywhere.

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Help with beef tenderloin leftovers

by mrjones15 12 days ago

A couple months ago I took my first attempt at slaying a whole beef tenderloin. I ended up cutting the filet mignon o...

outRIAAge commented 12 days ago

Stainless steel fry pan - how to fry eggs without them sticking!!

by Full tummy 8 years ago

Well, I've generally always used a non-stick fry pan for eggs, but I decided to try out my Kitchen Aid stainless stee...


Hamop54 commented 28 days ago

Bacon Jam

by mgs68 1 month ago

I want to make some Bacon Jam and give out as gifts. I have a standard recipe but any out of the box ingredients I co...

Ttrockwood commented 1 month ago

Where can I buy Benton's Bacon in Manhattan?

by Torolover 1 month ago

Where can I buy Bentons Bacon in Manhattan? I've bought it online before but the shipping is expensive. Any other...

Ttrockwood commented 1 month ago

Cooking bacon in a pure clay pot (stovetop)

by montisqu 3 months ago

Is it possible to cook just bacon in a pure clay pot on a stovetop? I would be using either ghee or lard for the oil....

drrayeye commented 3 months ago

Bacon sticks to my Lodge cast iron skillet

by brandygirl 2 years ago

My Lodge pan is about 6 months old. Although it came pre-seasoned, I added seasoning to it before using it--wiped oi...


reisod commented 3 months ago

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Men, bacon and puppies

by EM23 3 months ago

A perfect recipe! ETA: Mother dog smells bacon cooking in a cabin, stops by and then leads bachelor party to her l...

Recipe ideas for lamb, bacon and venison

by antihawk 4 months ago

Hi, all. I have leftover venison, lamb and bacon. I was wondering if anyone had any recipe ideas to incorporate th...


munchkin1 commented 4 months ago

Is there anything bacon DOESN'T go with?

by Bat Guano 8 years ago

I can't think of anything. I guess this makes bacon the perfect food. Any dissenters? Provide examples of what bacon ...


Chandler114 commented 6 months ago

How is commercial bacon jam preserved for shelves?

by iheartcooking 7 months ago

I'm doing some research for my business, where we want to sell and gift our bacon jam as a shelf stable product in ja...

Melanie Wong commented 6 months ago

How long does bacon keep?

by karykat 8 years ago

I have some really good bacon we bought about a month ago. We used some but have most of a package left. How long d...


MzStacy commented 8 months ago

Best PNW bacon?

by Booklegger451 11 months ago

I'm planning to make this recipe, and I want to source some truly outstanding local bacon. Thoughts on who's smoking...

paulj commented 8 months ago

Need home-cured bacon pointers (to keep my husband from divorcing me)

by cmailhot 8 months ago

Hello! I have a little mishap to fix. I recently ordered a whole butchered pastured hog and for some reason (despite ...


teesquare commented 8 months ago

What is 'canadian bacon' in the UK? [moved from the UK/Ireland board]

by relizabeth 9 years ago

I've just started eating meat again and am drooling for some Canadian Bacon. But what is it called?


Harters commented 8 months ago

OK to eat Benton's Bacon Raw?

by Torolover 11 months ago

I bought some Benton's Country Ham and Bacon. I know I can eat the ham raw. I'm wondering can I can the Bacon raw t...


Ryuthrowsstuff commented 11 months ago

Bacon not salty enough

by jtola18 12 months ago

Had my bacon done by a friend and it tastes like smoked side pork. Not salty at all. Is there any way of curing it ag...

rasputina commented 12 months ago

What is Reasoning Behind Southern Extremely Salty Bacon?

by opinionatedchef 2 years ago

This morning in Boston, I had a wonderful breakfast at a small artisinal charcuterie-driven bistro, Coppa. The bacon ...


gfr1111 commented 1 year ago

Uses for Bacon Scraps

by Bada Bing 1 year ago

I bought a three-pound box of quality bacon scraps--have never seen that product or packaging before. The contents a...


eatingjoy commented 1 year ago

Carcinogenic Bacon?

by Steve 1 year ago

By now I guess everyone has heard about the World Health Organization report that processed/cured/smoked meats cause ...

Zalbar commented 1 year ago

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Processed meat and cancer – what you need to know

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

"...a link between certain types of meat and some forms of cancer – notably bowel cancer – isn’t ‘new’ news – the evi...

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