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Keep it weird. Find the best places to eat in Austin, from great cocktail bars to the perfect place for breakfast tacos.

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Unique private dining in Downtown Austin

by gtch4ever 10 days ago

I'm in need of a 'special to Austin' location for a group of up to 60 people. Not looking for a BBQ menu, but more u...


stellawine commented 2 days ago

24 Hours at Franklin Barbecue

by BiscuitBoy 4 days ago

Not a big fan of the mag or author, but found this interesting because...FRANKLIN!


tvchick commented 3 days ago

Torta Ahogada

by luckyfatima 6 years ago

I read about this on the Los Angeles Board Digest and I want to try one: http://www.chow.com/digest/71490/the-soak...


Brian Lindauer commented 6 days ago

Chestnut flour?

by Joe MacBu 23 days ago

Who carries chestnut flour in Austin? Whole Foods, Central Market, Mandola's, Trader Joe's?


jspancake commented 8 days ago

Bread for tea sandwiches

by beargrey 21 days ago

I'm trying to find a white bread that can stand up to spreading cream cheese and doesn't just disintegrate in the mou...

beargrey commented 15 days ago

Gordon ruined El Greco. Can it be saved from the RIP thread?

by slowcoooked 5 years ago

Hounds pardon my diatribe here. El Greco had a bad business model, those of you who have gotten a 17.00 lamb gyro o...


ChefAuteurGourmand commented 16 days ago

Lunch meeting spot for 35, Domain area?

by j_o_J 18 days ago

Looking for a meeting room for a lunchtime holiday get together for about 35, close to Braker/Metric. Moderately pric...


TerryMtz commented 16 days ago

Sea Dragon Gone?

by luckyfatima 6 months ago

Sea Dragon has always been one of my favorite places for Chinese-Vietnamese food. I loved their hieu tieu ap chao for...

luckyfatima commented 17 days ago

Headed to Lonesome Dove - What is Fettine?

by sweet100s 21 days ago

Visiting family has requested an outing to the new Lonesome Dove in Austin over Thanksgiving. What exactly is fett...

slowcoooked commented 17 days ago

Any Really Good Bagels in Austin Area?

by StevenW11 1 month ago

Seems most bagels here are the bready variety, with no crust, no chew and consequently, no flavor. Anybody aware of ...

beargrey commented 20 days ago

Austin Trip: Critique my Agenda

by gquest78 2 months ago

Hi Everyone, My wife and I will be traveling to Austin in early November for a wedding. This is our first trip tra...

PennyG commented 27 days ago

My favorite things from Central Market

by sweet100s 5 years ago

I treasure Austin’s grocery stores. My grocery shopping rotation includes: Central Market, DK Sushi Supermarket, Fie...

sweet100s commented 1 month ago


by klanch 1 year ago

I figured the last RIP thread was long enough to justify starting one new... It looks like 34th Street Cafe has go...


DanielNTX commented 1 month ago

What's up with Malaga?

by klanch 1 month ago

I haven't been active for a long time, so please forgive me if this is a dead horse. Anyway, I drove by Malaga recent...


DanielNTX commented 1 month ago

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Favorite Austin meals of 2016

by sweet100s 1 month ago

1) Favorite lunch of 2016: "Kawasaki Lunch - Sushi and Sashimi" at Soto. It's like a 10 course tasting menu...

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New place on East Cesar Chavez

by klanch 1 month ago

There's a place being built at the intersection of Cesar Chavez and Tillery street, a few doors over from Jacoby's. I...

If you can find Sheila Partin Hamburger Buns, you can find a great hamburger.

by tuckspop11 7 years ago

Sheila Partin Buns are sourdough buns. One is the regular bun and the other is the jalepeno cheese bun. I like the ...

slowcoooked commented 2 months ago

New Sauerkraut in Town

by sqwertz 1 year ago

For all you pickled food lovers, there's a new HEB brand of sauerkraut on the block. This is the only truly fresh/ra...

sqwertz commented 2 months ago

Dent corn for masa

by Umiel12 3 months ago

Does anyone know where I can get food-grade dent corn in Austin? I want to make my own nixtamal for tortillas, but I...

Joe MacBu commented 3 months ago

One solo dinner

by Nate1212 3 months ago

I have to be in Austin for work. I'm there for one night and will likely be solo for dinner. Could folks share recomm...


sarvey commented 3 months ago