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Location | Keep it weird. Find the best places to eat in Austin, from great cocktail bars to the perfect place for breakfast tacos.

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Where is the best Spicy Fried Chicken in Austin on par with Prince's in Nashville

by reddy531 4 years ago

I have recently been to Nashville, TN and fully..completely..utterly blown away by the hot chicken scene there. Tried...


Roguewave1 commented 5 days ago

5 days in Austin plus one large group dinner

by Erincc77 10 days ago

Hi! I'm heading to Austin in Mid-August and am looking for restaurant ideas. We fly in Tuesday morning and fly out ...


yimay commented 5 days ago

Where to find Dawn power dissolve?

by sweet100s 6 days ago

In the Austin area, our local HEB grocery store seems no longer carry Dawn Power Dissolve. I need some. I could o...


missybean commented 5 days ago

Why the 'Hot New Food Town' must die

by Melanie Wong 18 days ago

"...And around and around we go. The fact that you can basically write each of these food-city stories before you eve...

MplsM ary commented 14 days ago

Papa Donkasu is yummy

by sweet100s 23 days ago

Papa Donkasu - A new order at the counter Japanese place near Kin and comfort in the Hana world market. Eons ago I...


lixlix commented 17 days ago

One lunch/afternoon in Austin?

by jrmd 1 month ago

Hi! We are flying into Austin and will have about a half a day to eat lunch and see a sight or two before heading to ...


singlemalt commented 29 days ago

Leisurely Weekday Lunch

by ChelseaVC 2 months ago

Hello Hounds! My mom is coming for a visit in May and I'd like to treat her to a massage and a great lunch. I live ...

slowcoooked commented 1 month ago

Help with restaurants

by estarae 1 month ago

In Austin for 3 days, where do the locals eat? Best bbq? Restaurant not to miss? All suggestions greatly appreciated


lixlix commented 1 month ago

Restaurants & Bars Be the first to comment

Hut's Hamburgers - Bang for your Burger Buck

by blackbookali 2 months ago

If you don't fall for Hut's on the first date, Hell in the first five minutes you are inside the place, you might wan...

Diastatic malt powder available anywhere nearby?

by sweet100s 2 months ago

Hello Chowhounders, Has anyone seen diastatic malt powder available on the shelves of an Austin grocery store? ...

TroyTempest commented 2 months ago

Events & Festivals Be the first to comment

Colossal Curry Cookoff!

by Optimista 2 months ago

For those 'hounders who still hang out around these parts, the Austin Food Blogger Alliance is throwing a curry cook ...

Vegetarian options with live music in Austin?

by marynorris 2 months ago

We are heading to explore downtown Austin in April for a few days with our grown kids--one is a vegetarian. Any sugge...

TroyTempest commented 2 months ago

Best Store-Bought Salsa in Austin?

by Optimista 11 months ago

In a jar or on a salsa bar, I'm open to anything I can buy at a grocery store. What's the best? I would normally make...

malarkey commented 2 months ago

The "new downtown"

by girloftheworld 3 months ago

Has anyone else notice down on rock rose at the domain? it is as if every cool restaurant in downtown is going in dow...

malarkey commented 2 months ago


by klanch 9 months ago

I figured the last RIP thread was long enough to justify starting one new... It looks like 34th Street Cafe has go...

malarkey commented 2 months ago

Paul Qui - Chef, accused of abuse

by slowcoooked 2 months ago

I guess the quiet and demure looking dude on Top Chef might not be quite so. If the reported accusations are true, T...


ratgirlagogo commented 2 months ago

Anybody know what's up with Bullfight?

by klanch 3 months ago

I've never tried it. I'd like to but my restaurant dollars are very limited. Any input?


hairylegshoolihan commented 2 months ago

East Coast Hound Need Austin Advice

by mbasnack 3 months ago

I'll be staying with family in Steiner Ranch area but want to meet a friend who recently moved to Bartons Bluff area ...


Optimista commented 2 months ago

Gordon ruined El Greco. Can it be saved from the RIP thread?

by slowcoooked 4 years ago

Hounds pardon my diatribe here. El Greco had a bad business model, those of you who have gotten a 17.00 lamb gyro o...


Liz10 commented 3 months ago

Sawyer & Co.

by klanch 4 months ago

I want to say some good things about Sawyer & Co. I went there last Thursday night and it was great in just about eve...


sarvey commented 3 months ago

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