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APIS restaurant and Apiary

by lixlix 5 months ago

Had a lovely dinner at APIS this Saturday and I found it to be one of the most interesting meals I've had in Austin r...


Optimista commented 9 hours ago

3 Days in Austin - Restaurant Suggestions?

by laboheme 4 days ago

Hi there- I'm surprising my husband with a quick trip to Austin in December for his birthday (arrive late Thursday 12...


suburban_mom commented 3 days ago

Seeking Fried Turkey

by hairylegshoolihan 10 days ago

Looking for a fried turkey. Tried Lee's and their only size is 20 lbs for 100 bucks. Price is comparable to smoked bu...


hairylegshoolihan commented 3 days ago

Thanksgiving in Austin for out-of-town hounds?

by ararebit 1 month ago

Hello hounds of Texas, My dad, brother and I are coming your way for Thanksgiving this year. None of us have ever ...

slowcoooked commented 4 days ago

Bitter Melon, where can I find it?

by Rptrane 3 months ago

Does anyone know of a place up North that sells this? I looked in Hanna World market and couldn't find any.


Rptrane commented 6 days ago

Where can I buy a Capon for Thanksgiving?

by johndunn2 12 days ago

I saw that Central Market has frozen Capons but WF doesn't have any. Does anyone know where I can buy a fresh one?


taggaul commented 6 days ago

Mann's BBQ is closing

by hairylegshoolihan 7 days ago

FWIW, Mann's BBQ will be closing, I believe, Nov. 25th. They have been in business for years at that location and at...


lodermulch commented 7 days ago

Do gourmet buffets exist in DFW??

by neiladammcginnis 2 months ago

I'm looking for a high quality, preferably new american influenced buffet... Yes i said high quality AND buffet becau...


neiladammcginnis commented 7 days ago

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Vox Table

by chrisdds98 8 days ago

Went to Vox table for dinner tonight. The cocktails (dany trejo, on the cuff) were fantastic and I enjoyed all of t...

Best "Home Cooking" dinner

by kkligerman 16 days ago

My husband is flying to Austin next weekend to visit with our college freshman and take her out to dinner. Although ...


Optimista commented 8 days ago

Wu Chow Dim Sum

by BTAustin 9 days ago

Saw the eater article that they were starting their dim sum service this weekend. Made a reservation right away. An 1...


ieathereforeiam commented 8 days ago

Hard Hat XII

by amysuehere 1 year ago

Other one was getting cumbersome. Two things I saw today: 1. Looks like Suzi's on Anderson will be no more. ...


Carter B. commented 11 days ago

Valentine's Day Weekend in Austin

by SobeChower 15 days ago

I will be visiting Austin in February and it will be over Valentine's Day Weekend. I need 3 dinners and 2 lunches. ...


Rptrane commented 12 days ago


by klanch 3 months ago

I figured the last RIP thread was long enough to justify starting one new... It looks like 34th Street Cafe has go...


hairylegshoolihan commented 20 days ago

Coming to Austin next week - need recommendations

by andreama 28 days ago

Howdy, I will be visiting your fine city next week for the first time. We are staying downtown. I need restau...


R.Frank commented 25 days ago

Sushi Recos - Austin this weekend

by masnole 1 month ago

Hi - Heading to Austin for parents weekend on Friday. Interested in knowing some good options near UT campus or dow...

slowcoooked commented 29 days ago

Bullfight -- best tapas in Austin?

by Carter B. 2 months ago

We went this weekend and were quite impressed. We ate a mostly vegetarian tapas meal and really enjoyed everything. F...


Carter B. commented 29 days ago

Any kofta out there?

by klanch 1 month ago

Is there any place in Austin that does kofta? I've been Jonesing for some for a while now. We used to go to Mars for ...


verily commented 1 month ago

Lunch in Austin

by gateway girl 2 months ago

We will be in Austin for a wedding and will have one free lunch. We are staying at the Four Seasons and will not hav...


hairylegshoolihan commented 1 month ago

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Hat Creek Burger Company - Bang for your Burger Buck

by blackbookali 1 month ago

There was this cool comic book series that ran back in the day called "What if?", where a major event in the comic un...

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