Potatoe Cheese Soup


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Potatoe Cheese Soup

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Ingredients (5)

  • 8 Russett Potatoes
  • 1 whole white onion
  • Garlic Salt
  • 2 Small cans of tomatoe sauce
  • 2 cups of Longhorn cheese


This recipe is an honor for me to share. My mother in law shared this with me and I have made this soup on cold evenings, when the cupboard was bare or when I forgot to go to the grocery store. Yummy!

Que Linda!


  1. 1Peel, Rinse and slices potatoes and onions
  2. 2In a medium sauce pan and 1/4 cup of cooking oil,
  3. 3Brown onions till soft. Throw in potatoes. Add 2 cans of sauce, Add 3 cups of water. Cook on slow until potatoes are soft, approx 50 minutes. Add salt for flavor. Top with cheese. Serve with corn tortillas, avocados,cilantro
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