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Why did my yogurt turn out weird?


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Home Cooking

Why did my yogurt turn out weird?

laserbeams | | Feb 5, 2013 11:50 AM

I made yogurt yesterday. Just like I do on a regular basis, but it turned out weird. And I just cannot figure out why.

Brought 36 ounces of organic 1% milk to almost boiling. Let it cool down (maybe not enough) and whisked in a 6oz container of stoneyfield non-fat plain yogurt.

I put it in a large pyrex bowl and put it in the incubator. Bowl fits perfectly and there is no outside air getting in.

I left the yogurt to set for about 13hours. It set and had a pretty thick texture (maybe a little grainy) but it is not tart like yogurt AT ALL. It is very smooth and creamy tasting.

I like tart yogurt! It tastes like yogurt. This does not taste like yogurt, but does have the texture.

What happened? Is it safe to eat?


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