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Yoco's Frozen Yogurt Yorkville

hungryabbey | | Sep 4, 2012 02:38 PM

After a great dinner at Starfish Oyster Bar on Monday night, my SO and I checked out the semi-new Yoco's self serve frozen yogurt spot in Yorkville.
Now, this was my first experience at one of those self serve spots, so I have nothing to compare it with, but oy- I was so discouraged.
I was really excited when I saw all the toppings, which actually were really delicious (they had those bubble tea tapioca bubbles, and like this peanut butter crunch spread that was awesome, all the fruit looked and tasted good) but the yogurt.. terrible.
We tried hazelnut, butterscotch, lemon and raspberry. The hazelnut and butterscotch tasted like nothing more than chalky water. The lemon and raspberry had flavour but it was terribly artificial flavour- almost medicinal it was so bad. I didn't get any hint of creaminess, or even milkiness, or dairy-ness in any of the flavours,
The worst thing was that they cost us 10 bucks each, and after we had eaten off all the toppings, we through them in the trash. Brutal.
So, before I go out an try again with a different brand, tell me- are they all really that bad?
Has anyone else tried Yocos and disliked it? Did anyone like it? Did I get a bad batch!?

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