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YIKES-Another thread on tipping in france


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YIKES-Another thread on tipping in france

Delucacheesemonger | Oct 1, 2013 02:16 PM

l had thought this discussion was way overdone in the past, but maybe not.
This past weekend l was with a bunch of people in the Southwest portion of France. There were three couples all born and raised in France in different areas and now all living near Toulouse.
l noted at our first restaurant meal that as we had a competent and good waiter a decent tip (10 % ) was added to the meal. It was a good restaurant, not touristy, but by now means a starred place. l said l had been told that all that was done was to round up, unless the waiter did your laundry and then you might add 5%. They looked at me with amazement saying the salary for a waiter was about 1500 euros a month and the tips made the difference in living to them.
l retorted that l had been told if a meal was 40 euros the waiter would get 15%, give or take a bit, and if 400 euros again 15% or so. Again they looked at me shocked.
Then at this place and the two following we asked the server whether the tips really did matter or not and whether he received a portion of our bill in his paycheck. All said tips were very important and whether we spent 12 euros or 1200 euros, they received no difference in their pay.
l am now seriously thinking of reconsidering my tipping stance in this country.
Parigi and her husband might have been right all along.

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