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worst chocolate in the world!


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worst chocolate in the world!

dparallax | | Sep 1, 2009 09:19 AM

i never post- but wow, i had to warn the world.
i enjoy going to different chocolate shops and tasting the wares. i am a huge chocolate fan- and i prefer the 85-100% cocoa content range. but genevieve grandbois, on st-viateur, for example, is great. but wow- i made the mistake of going to coca delices on laurier west (near esplanade)- and it was so terrible, it... there are no words. my partner and i selected a number of different ones to try- so this was no fluke. and this included the "85% cocoa truffle." they were not chocolates- they were expensive chunks of wax. we tried a variety- chocolate green tea ganache, some chili pepper tequila chocolate, plain, honey, a bunch of different ones. not a single one tasted at all like chocolate- i swear, not even one bit. wow, what a waste of... space, money, everything. like, we would take a bite and actually grimace with disgust.
i don't want anyone still innocent taken unawares. this place is not a chocolate shop. there is no chocolate. put it this way- it left us craving a mars bar or coffee crisp or something super duper comparatively chocolate-tasting.
please don't go there just to see how bad it really is.
go somewhere better. anywhere, i'd assume, is better than this place.
consider yourself warned.