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World unFried

Steve D. | | Dec 20, 1998 03:02 PM

After the lifesaving Papasito lunch described in an earlier posting, I spent the evening hanging with one of my volatile friends on W.31 St. Eventually (such is the curse and the joy of this corporeal existence) I grew hungry again, and turning once more to the Eclectic Gourmet Guide as my Virgil, I discovered I was within a few blocks of Fried World, and I was definitely feeling fried. Hustling over to Eighth, I turned the corner; there was the WonderWok, but where, where was Fried World? I located the listed address, and found in place of the longed-for "juicy, crisp chicken" -- a 99-cent store. Weep, O ye chowhounds, for Fried World is no more. (Lugete, cibi canes, quia Mundus Frictus periit -- as Virgil would have said, if only he had known.)

(Anyone curious as to what I ended up having for dinner, and the heartbreak attached thereunto, will have to make their way across the East River with me to the Other Boroughs board...)

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