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Wedding Menu Ideas

smarsh | | Feb 22, 2010 09:53 AM

Ok Chowhound, I need some guidance and inspiration...We're meeting with our wedding caterers next week to go over the menu and I'm feeling a little stuck.

Background: The wedding and reception will be at a baseball stadium. The caterers seem willing to do just about anything we want but most of the events held at the stadium are more of the birthday party/ corporate outing type so they don't have a lot of ideas to offer in terms of wedding menus.

Because of the setting and overall informality of the wedding, I don't think that "typical" wedding food--choice of beef chicken or fish--really makes sense in this case, but also don't want hotdogs and yellow nacho cheese.

One thing we had talked about was taking typical ballpark food to the next level--beef tenderloin and crabcake "sliders", a french fry station with various dipping sauces. Maybe a fajita station? Gourmet pizza?

Any other ideas for upscale ballpark food? Or would you do something entirely different? I'm open to any and all suggestions here.


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