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Wedding Beer

fvineis | Aug 6, 2010 07:09 AM

We need three beers for our wedding. We are getting married next weekend and really wanted a summer beer but not Sam Adams. I was able to locate after much work the Blue Moon Summer Ale so that will be one.

I want to get a "light" beer but don't care which the current plan is Michelob but we could also go Amstel. I don't think the Amstel is worth it and that some people may actually think they don't like it. Any other recommendations on a light beer would be appreciate but that isn't my main concern.

The final choice is between the Brooklyn Lager and the Brooklyn Pennant Ale. I really like the Ale but it is very mild and similar to the Michelob (from a novice w/ an unrefined palate). I'm also not sure that everyone will like the Brooklyn Lager as we are in PA and Yueingling is the go to around here and is a very very different lager from the Brooklyn.

Any thoughts on the overall reception of the Mich, Pennant Ale, BM Honey Ale vs. Mich, B-Lager, BM Honey Ale choice would be appreciated. I'm mostly concerned with the thoughts of the average joe. I'm fairly certain most of my guests will not be interested in a hoppy or heavy beer since it will be about 90 outside where our cocktail hour is.


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