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A visit to Montreal's Chinatown bakeries


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A visit to Montreal's Chinatown bakeries

ibbileyta | | May 3, 2011 01:37 PM

Lacking a Chinese bakery where I live, upon arrival in downtown Montreal, I went in search of a good curry beef bun (baked, not fried or puff pastry).

First stop was Jade Garden - there wasn't much selection left at this particular time of the day. Picked up some fried egg noodle squares in honey (sak keh mah), which were overly greasy. I did not try the white sugar cake myself, but was told it was meh.

Second was Harmonie Patisserie. The baked curry beef bun was ok.. dough a little chewy, and the filling tasted too much of beef and not enough of curry for my taste.

Last was La Legende Patisserie. I thought the curry beef bun here was near perfect - the top of the bun was glazed and baked to a luscious brown, the dough was soft and slightly sweet, the filling generous with a few slices of onion, the curry flavour strong and with a lingering aroma.

Clear winner: La Legende Patisserie. I returned and bought three more curry beef buns for the trip home. Pineapple bun and taro bun were also quite enjoyed. My companion found the blueberry butter cake a bit dry, but I liked the pound cake flavour.

We also tried a couple of restaurants in Chinatown. Keung Kee was recommended here and we thought the fried fish and egg noodles were well done and justified the reputation on CH - there was a 30 min wait when we arrived. Ruby Rouge's fried rice and hot pot lacked wok hay, and the dining room was mostly empty.

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